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The Nunnery

” Boris,” it was Jide. ” Those girls are very beautiful and young. I mean, you’ve got to see them. It’s like they were created specially. And the most amazing part of is they’re all virgins.”

I listened attentively as Jide told his stories of his new job in the nunnery in a nearby town a little bit further away from us. He didn’t last more than two days before he was fired.

The reason?

He was caught peeking at the young nuns while they took their early morning bath.

Jide was my best friend right from childhood. We’re like brothers. He lost his parents at an early young age and my parents took it upon themselves to support him until he was old enough to take care of himself. Now my parents are dead too, leaving me a nice inheritance to enjoy. I was one of the youngest richest youth in my locality and possibly the most handsome of them all.

” Like seriously man,” Jide continued his tale. ” Those girls are the bomb but the mother Superior is a pain in the ass. She’s very dangerous. She was the one who sacked me. If it wasn’t for her, I’d have still kept my job.”

” This your job,” I cut in. ” What do you do anyway.”

” Very simple, I feed the chickens, do the gardening, cut the firewood because at the Covent, they don’t use gas. Mobile gadgets aren’t even allowed. No WiFi, no Facebook, no electricity. They’re very old fashioned,” Jide explained.

” And you’re being paid, how much?” I asked.

” Fifteen thousand naira,” Jide said. ” It isn’t much but at least I get fed there.”

I looked away in disgust. ” What a place to live in. I wouldn’t take up such a job if it’s that terrible. Such a shame those young girls preferred going to a Covent.”

” Yeah,” Jide nodded. ” It’s quite a pity. But they asked for it. Believe me, some of these girls were born into rich families. They just wanted to dedicate themselves to God.”

I shrugged. ” Funny enough, I’m also a virgin.”

Jide laughed. ” Yeah, I remembered now. So when are you going to break it.”

” Break what?”

” Your virginity ofcourse.”

I rolled my eyes. ” I don’t know. Maybe never.”

Jide groaned. ” Boris, don’t you think it’s about time you grow up. You’re not longer a kid. Go get yourself a woman for once in your life and get some joy out of her. Or if you like, you can visit the nunnery and ask one of the young nuns, they’d love it.”

I laughed at his joke. ” Nice try, Jide but that’s not happening either.”

But then again it strucked a nerve in me.

At night, I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking deeply about what Jide said to me that afternoon. The more I thought about it, the more I felt this longing in me to go and stay with those nuns. My body tingled with excitement as I began imagining the sort of pleasure I’d achieve from the young nuns at the Covent from what Jide had told me, were virgins like me.

Yeah I was a virgin. Never got intimate with a woman before. Not like I can’t afford any woman that I wish. I was rich but I didn’t just want my virginity to be taken like that. I needed my first sexual experience to be a special memory that’d stick with me for a long time. This nuns sounds like the perfect women for the job.

But then that might be impossible. I was far too young, about twenty one years of age and after a scandal like the ones Jide pulled at the nunnery, there definitely would be much of a chance I might get rejected.

I mean, it’d be difficult to hire a young man to work in a Covent.

This was an obstacle. I saw no way around it since there wasn’t a possibility of getting into the Covent.

Then a brilliant idea strucked me. The Covent is a long way off from home into another town and there, nobody knows me. If I pretended to be a dumb begger, they’d hire me for sure.

And with that, I jumped to my feet and waited for morning. By morning, I placed all my affairs in Jide’s hands and lied that I was on going on a long business trip. Then I began my secret journey.

When I reached the town of the Covent, I took on an amazing disguise of a worn out begger. I went to a make-up artist who was another great friend of mine and had him made me a foolproof mask that’d reduce my youthful face.

After that, I bought an axe and walked to the Covent, barefooted.

The Covent was situated on a hill with high walls that looked like a castle wall. From the looks of it, I guess that building must’ve been standing for sixty years. Jide was right. No electric pole wires were seen as I climbed up the hill.

Eventually, I came to this big black gate. I knocked and an old man with a wheelbarrow of Vegetables opened the gates.

With the aid of gestures such as the dumb people use, I conveyed the impression that I was begging for something to eat, in return, I would cut his firewood for free without payment.

The old man studied me with interest. He seemed to like the idea that I would be doing the hard job while the payment would be pocketed into his wallet instead of mine. He was going to cheat me but I didn’t care. I had all the money I wanted. I just wanted to live in the Covent.

He offered me bread and some nicely prepared porridge to eat. After that, he presented to me hundreds of piles of wood that Jide must’ve been too lazy to chop.

To give him a good impression that I wasn’t a lazy schmuck, I worked hard and got the job done. I also did the gardening. It was the most beautiful and biggest garden I’ve ever seen. There were the flower sections and also the Vegetable garden.

The old man was impressed with the way I worked and seeing what a great gardener I was, he gestured to me, asking me if I’d like to stay here in the Covent.

I couldn’t believe my luck.

That was exactly what I wanted to hear and I nodded. He was glad. What delighted him the most was that I didn’t looked young. As a matter of fact, I was uglier thank goodness to the mask I was wearing. If only he knew I had a pretty face behind that ugly mask I wore.

He showed me an old horse stable that was filled with straws and Hays. I thanked him and made my bed. He brought me dinner and also brought a woman with him.

It was no other person but The Mother Superior, herself.

I stared at this woman with googled eyes. She had a pretty face that reminds me of Destiny Etikpo. From the looks on her face, she must’ve been in her late Forties. Her gown flowed with Grace and it covered her entire body.

I knew, underneath that gown was a shape to drive a man crazy.

She regarded me then nodded to the old man.

” We can keep him,” she said. She had a lovely voice but it was too holy and righteous for my liking. ” But must he stay here in the convet?”

“Please, mother Superior,” he begged her. ” He’s just a poor dumb begger. He has no home. It’d please God if you let him use the stables. He won’t bring harm to the ladies. He works very well. I trust him with my life.”

And he sounded as if he meant it.

Mother Superior rose her nose in the air and walked away. ” Alright, come to the office let’s discuss his payment.”

The old man followed her, knowing I was dumb and that he was going to be eating my wages. Well, that’s what he thinks. I ate my dinner and went to bed, hating the mother Superior and wondering whyJide called her a pain in the ass.

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