Episode 1

Nothing good comes after truth or dare.

so my bestie and I decided to travel down to a neighbouring town to see a guy she was catching catching feelings for. let’s call my bestie Felicia. I was in my dorm one morning when she came over to ask me to come along, it was salah break too, school was dry, everyone had gone to be with their families. Felicia didn’t need to cajole me, I was down! Im one of those who likes to move around. we packed up shortly after her arrival for a 2-day stay in her guy’s place. OK!

we got to the park and took a cab to his place, twas 2hour journey, so wasn’t so bad. He came to pick us at the park and I saw him, daaaamnnnn, he was dark just how I like my men, beard gang(back then, beard gang never reign o), lets call him Peter, he wasn’t so tall, average height, and fiiiine. she introduced us, “p, meet my friend Diana”. We shook hands and got into his car, seated in the back was a friend of his, let’s call him Bayo. Bayo was lanky and tall, dark, no facial hair, had on this geeky glasses I liked, cute face.

we chit chatted on the ride home, we got to his place and my friend and I were shown our room. cozy place. I was laying on the bed after having my bath when my bestie ran out of the shower and came to me, ” Diana, my period just came!!”

I sat up and made feigned a shocked expression. “chai, no pu.ssy for your boy”, I said and giggled.

” its not funny jor” Felicia said, smacking my head lightly.

I la!d back down while she went to finish up in the bathroom, when she got out, we got dressed and went to the living room where the boys were playing Xbox or PlayStation, dunno which.

I looked at Peter who was not wearing a shirt, just a pair of sweat pants and for some reason, I thought he was Sekxy. thank God no one has the power to read minds, else, my GF would have killed me on the spot!

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  1. WOW worst combination of poetic rubbish compilation no lesson to learn, short chapters and worst character with incomplete role. bad prologue and worst epilogue

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