Episode 1

The Principal beams with pride as he calls out the
University’s best graduating students, amongst them was Sean O’Conner, best in his department.

The crowd of people, family, friends and well wishers cheered, clapped and whistled as they all filed out, gown
and cap, shaking the Principal and Teachers as they were handed their award, turning to take pictures and waving their hands to their fellow graduating students.

“We are privileged to present to you, the best class of 2014 as they graduate, give it up for them please” the Principal beams even brightly as they cheered

“Thank you all for making your parents and us proud, we hope as you leave this place to begin another chapter in your future, may your soar higher, go to greater heights and continue to make your family, us and even yourself proud. And to the rest of our graduating students, the sky is your starting point, soar
higher, be great and have a great life everyone, thank you all for coming family and friends… may God bless you all”

All the graduating students stood up, and after they sang their anthem for the school they all threw away their graduating caps to the cheers and clapping of everyone screaming for joy.

“Sean! Sean??’’ Zackary calls out within the crowd

“Dude, over here… over here” Sean waves to his friend,

who comes pushing through the crowd of people
coming towards him… “Aw give me a hug man, we graduated” Sean hugs his best friend
“And you, a bloody first class bloke, proud of you son,

knew you were going to make me proud” Zachary hugs him back

“Knew I was going to make me proud too, but hey, for what it’s worth, glad to be done, now off to greater things in life”

“You mean the great big city of Angels with the lights, a great office overlooking the ocean, fat check and your name embroiled in gold on your door…of course it’s a
great life. They scouted you in school, with your degree, you can work anywhere, six companies are already fighting over you… you hawt stuff”

“Yeah, what reading too much and making great grades would get you, so what’s next for you?” Sean asks his friend as they leave

“Well, I got a offer here so, guess I would do me, not so bad, mama is super proud I won’t be waiting for them to give me pocket money anymore, you know,
guess it’s a good thing?”

‘It’s a great thing!”
“So… when do you leave?’’
“In a month’s time”
“I’ll miss you man, come visit?”
“I’ll do one better, when I get settled in, would find a way to bring you out there, what do you say?”

“I’ll say you are the best best-friend in the world”

“Nice” they leave the field walking to their family

“so… how about one last hurrah then, its graduation baby, I’ll get the guys so we hit the club. You know after today everyone gets to embark on their new lives,
tonight might be the only time we all get to spend
together before we leave… you game?”

“You kidding? Sure I am”
“Aww… booze, music, babes… pretty sexy things, and of course some juice to knock you out and make you feel like flying, you know” Zackary nudges him and laughs

“So 7-pm, don’t be late, look sharp”
“You know I always look good for the ladies”

They laugh separating as they knock their knuckles together in parting.

“Hey baby” a pretty looking woman stretches out her hands to hug him

“Mum” he kisses her cheeks, as she kisses all over his face

“My beautiful boy, so proud of you” they hug
“Son, glad you finally finished; to greater things!’’

“To greater things!! Thank you dad” he shakes his father, his father pulls him into a hug laughing
“Let’s go home, everyone is coming around, we are going have a great party tonight’’

“Erm… I have to be somewhere later on with Zack and the guys mum, can’t we do it tomorrow”

“Nope, tonight you stay with us, a whole lot of family and friends are coming and I want to show off my baby who graduated with honours”

“But mum..”
“You know you can’t refuse your mother?’’

“Yes Dad, sadly I do’’
“oh marvelous, I love you son”
“You too mum” he kisses her

While everyone was busy enjoying themselves, Sean sneaks out of the house, enters into his car and heads to the party.

“It’s about time you showed up son” Zackary says

waiting for him at the door. The place was packed
with students, the music was blaring loud and it looked like they were having a party for the century

“Whose place is this?’’
“Some rich kid, doesn’t matter. We all were supposed to go to the club but we got memo that all the neighboring Universities want to hang out at a spot so some rich kid offered his crib… trying to get famous but who cares… it’s a party and we are all here to party and have us some good time… yes?’’

Zackary hands him a drink as they get into the party and everything turned up!!


“What the hell was in those drinks mehn?’’ Sean asks shaking his head, his vision seemed blurred and it felt like he was flying, he didn’t know whether he was seating, standing or really flying. He had had so many drinks he couldn’t count, danced till his feet hurts and
chatted with random girls and guys he wondered
whether he was actually taking to people, vases, stones or maybe to himself. He kept staring at his hands

“Dude, what was in that drink?’’ he slurred
“I don’t have the fxxkest of ideas son, but it feels good” Zackary says

Sean turns to his friend, stretching his hand, he places it on Zach’s nose “Why does it look like you have a large tunnel on your face… and your face is bushy” he plucks his eye brow

“The fxxk mehn, leave my face alone” he hits Sean’s hands away

Sean giggles staring at his hands “why the fxxk is my hands showing feets… D–n Zack I have happy feet…

one, two, twelve, twenty fingers… I am an alien see” he shows Zack who giggles hiccuping.

“Holy s–t, you are an alien, let’s get the Ufo’s unit down here, we have an alien from krypton, he has thirty fingers and..and” Zackary stares at Sean’s face”Oh
fxxk dude, you don’t have any face, your eyes are so big I can see through them” he grabs Sean’s face and licks

“Eww Zackary, bad dog, down dog” Sean pushes the face away, Zack falls to the ground laughing

“oh Sean, earth quake!!“ he says rolling back and forth on the floor

“grab something, run SEAN,RUN!!’’ he gets up staggering, hitting people, running and laughing.

Sean giggles looking at his hands…”Zack..?’’ he turns and sees other people seated with him, he giggles again getting up, he lands on someone “Shhh! I think my
twin brother is following me around!” he laughs getting up and walking out of the palour.

A few others were stoned as well. the party was still going on, people were standing, some making out, and a
girl was puking into a vase of flower, a couple of
others were in the pool and he could hear someone screaming and running “Roaches!! big fat roaches ahh!!!”

he giggles, it sounded like Zackary, only him would squeal like a girl when he sees flying cockroaches.

C–k-roach. Roaches got C—s.
He laughs.

He staggers holding onto the staircase climbing it.
Bathroom, he needed to find the bathroom and soak his head inside water… he giggles telling anyone he hits

“Sssshh, mum is asleep, don’t wake her up”
He reaches a door, opens it
“Hey can’t you knock?’’ a naked couple screams at him

“Oh keep it down, mum is downstairs,” he says
laughing and closing the door
“Don’t go in there, they are doing the DO, and he is dressed like a girl” he tells the people standing there

“For real?”

Someone goes to open the door, Sean could hear the couple screaming again, he laughs going further up the staircase, he reaches the last door and opens it. it was dark, he staggers in, closes and locks the door

“Ah, home sweet home!‘’ he says giggling “Mum didn’t
know I went out” he climbs the bed in the darkness after he hits it, stretching his hand he felt softness, he climbs it and lays down, going to sleep almost immediately

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