Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Bryan’s POV

Another roll of tears went down my cheeks again and I felt my heart pained so badly…

It was really terrible and shocking..

I had never believed it would turn this way,

How would she do that to me?

How would she left me shattered after knowing how much I love her, how much I really cherished her..

I am feeling so drained and had been in tears for some hours right here in my private room which I had made for my self and her alone,

This is a place we both come and spend time together singing

Today, I am here alone because she had dumped me for another guy..

Right now, I am hating ladies and everything about them, this building is near the school and is restricted for anyone else to get in,

Since she left me, this is where I comes to cry anytime I comes to school and sees her making out a great time with Austin her new boyfriend..

Do you know how it feels to be jilted by someone you loved so much only for her to start up another relationship with a guy who is your rival in music..

You can’t know how it pains because you may not have experienced it..

It is very much painful than anything you can think of…

Sophia had been my one and only girl since childhood and our life together had always been great and perfect,

She is a great singer like me and we are both making waves.. we had always been the talk of the town and a centre of attraction, ladies wishes and pray to be like her, men who was her dying crush wishes they were me..

We were like god to many due to our great voice and stunning beauty..

but..that night shattered everything..

It was a night I would never forget,

Just like every other day, I had decided to give Sophia a surprise visit..

Remembering that night makes my heart bleed every second..

I had got to her house and was welcomed with the sound of moan and groan..

I creep into her room and for the third time again, Sophia was having a hot round with Austin..

This Is the the third time I would be catching them in the act, I had always forgiven her when ever she asked for forgiveness each time I catches them..

I was really furious and screamed her name, I was ready to show my anger by shouting while she begs for forgiveness not knowing I was in for the worst..

I really loved Sophia and was ready to forgive her again if she would plead for forgiveness but the unexpected happened..

She yelled at me and sent me out of her house, the next day, she sent me a breakup letter..

How can I bear this?

She is my first love and to be sincere, I can’t love any other lady if it’s not her..

She is my match and I still loves her so much..

I sniffed and walked over to my piano..

With a sorrowful heart, I started a song, a song of heartbreak, an emotional song that really made me broke down in tears..

I don’t want to believe she is gone for real, I need to go and beg her again..

Who knows she may accept me back, she may accept me.. I need her in my life, I don’t mind pleading till dawn.

Singing with her on the stage is always the best thing that always happen to me,

Our voice is the real match for any song, we had always topped every other singer, how would I cope right now when she is gone,

I can’t love any other lady, not even for a single minute of my life..

I stood up and more tears rolled down,

I am the emotional type so i feel too hurt to even talk…I am going to beg her for forgiveness..I am going to plead for her to accept me back..

I had did this some days ago and had received painful words from her, she had called me many awful names which really shattered my heart..

I had told myself that I am not gonna beg again but right now I can’t hold on anymore,

I need to go out there and plead again, she is the most important person in my life, I need her like I needed my breath..

I got out of the room after drying my eyes..

I pray she accepts me back because I may break down if she snubs me again..

My name is Bryan,

The name that is always on the lips of everyone especially ladies both in school and in the town..


I got millions of fans around the world, people who couldn’t do without my songs,

I had already rose to fame at the age of 20, right now I am a billionaire on his own, also my parent are stinking rich..

Many people sees me as a demi god or some kind of Greek god reincarnated because I was very handsome..

Ladies drool and faints in emotion whenever I pass by, they all wish and dream of me, everyone wants to stare at my face,

I had been a calm and nice person some years ago but at this moment after Sophia had hurt me, I am very cold and wouldn’t hesitate to frustrate the life of any lady who crossed my path and got to my nerves..

I really hates ladies now because they are heart breaker..I want to frustrate their life so badly..

I detest their sight and wouldn’t have anything to do with them, I wish I can also hate Sophia this way..

Walking to my car, I felt a rush of anxiety in me,

What would Sophia really do when I comes back begging knowing I had seethed at her to go to hell the last time she ignored my plea..

I wish I can stay back and let her be but it is very hard, impossible!!

I needs her beside me,

I hate Austin so much for taking her away from me, why??

I drove back to school feeling restless..

Finally, I reached, parked my car and walked out..


“Look at him!!”

“The Greek god!”

“So cute!”

“I love you!!”

“Please look at me!!”

“Is that his real eyes??”


My face was grim as I head to the class ignoring those swoons and drools if the student, I could see their eyes wet as they day dream of having me..


I got to the class and an uproar occurred, the students especially the ladies kept murmuring with their gaze fixed on me..

Just as my gaze fell on Sophia and Austin, I felt my heart grow heavy..

My legs became weak and I was really close to tears..

They were holding each other passionately..

“Sophia can we talk?” I spoke out dryly trying hard to hide my emotion..

“Me and you??..I don’t understand?” She gawped and I sighed.

Austin was also staring at me..

“Let’s talk somewhere!!..” I blurted and grabbed her hand leading her to the school garden where there were no or few people..

“Why are you doing this for real??” My voice cracked in emotion..

“Do what?” She asked with a sneer..

“What is my crime?..please tell me and I’ll kneel down and ask for forgiveness..” I spoke out with a wet eyes

“Bryan, so you came begging again??” She laughed sarcastically

I couldn’t talk, my lips were just shaking..

“I never liked you, was just playing with you, how could you even think I was in love.. No..I am not and you can’t even be my boyfriend, Austin is more better than you, so stop all can join other student to crush on me, stop acting like I am your girlfriend, everyone already knew we had broke up…” She smirked and left..

I felt empty, it was for real..

She is gone..

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