Episode 1

The subsequent weeks were filled with crazy stunts between us.On one of such stunts,I was headed for the ICU (Intensive care unit) where i had 4gotten my stethoscope,hoping one of the nurses would have helped kept it in place;

There i met Ebere at the doorway of an empty ward.She had just finished her duty in there.She looked into my eyes like a confessor,dimming hers like the seductress she was.Without second thoughts i pushed her back in, closing the door with my leg as my hands grabbed those chubby b00bs.

She now had her back against the wall giving me access, kissing me with wet passion.

I fondled her giant bossom savagely, causing soft m0ans escape her slightly parted lips, “ooooh” she m0aned on.That was the encouragement I needed as my hand rummaged lower to find her crotch with my middle finger.She gave a slight jerk.She was already soaking wet through her [email protected] this babe is a sport,I thought within.I had to expand my MINISTRY…so with my fingers, i massaged the top of her moist caucus feeling the puffiness of her swollen pusse lips through the thin layer of her undies.The thought of what those pusse lips looked like overtook me as I squatted and raised the hem of her pinafor…..And Yes!! I could see those fleshly succulent thighs.As if to overwhelm me further,she turned her backside to me,pressing her balloons to the wall while she jutted up her powerful Bakassi in my face, “Blood of god”,I exclaimed vulgarly.Heavy was an understatement.Her massive ikebe could swallow a G-String.So full,round and apple shaped.Clothed by a pure white translucent lacy underwear (she had a thing for lace or rather I do).

Before you could say ‘Jack’ I pulled down her p@anties and buried my face between the crack of her honey well, savouring the taste of her womanhood. ”Hmmmm…..naughty guy”, she m0aned aloud,her a-s on my face.Without mercy I ate her out.Devouring her labials and lapping up at her c–t.

As if to fuel her passion,I s—-d hard on her and the response was as I expected as she m0aned “Uheeeew….hmmm” arching her back further,pressing her whole butt in my face and her left hand (behind my head) pressing my face into her crack.I was almost suffocated by her a-s cheeks .I pulled out gasping for air. ”Oh nooo baby….eat me more”, she purred as i took a gulp of air and resumed my assault on her velvet.Her m0ans were getting rasp with each t—-t of my tongue into her.

She kept m0an!ng “Mmmmh…sssss…..ooh…ahh…oh yeahhh”, rotating her hips in different angles.

By now she had pushed her hips further backward,supporting herself with her palms on the wall while I f**cked her persistently with my tongue (mind you am that kind of guy that will sU-Ck and eat out a woman adequately b4 entering her).

I could guess that the slurping sounds her pusse was making (thanks to my tongue winks) was the only sound within the vicinity.Honestly I had thrown away all fear of being caught and I just wanted to smash this babe.Throwing caution to the wind, I got up and bared my member.It was already throbbing,with massive veins running along it.As I was about doing away with my ward coat,she lamented “Common naww, no time.” I obeyed instantly and plunged my man meat into her,my ward coat hanging from my right hand.I plunged deeper and she threw her head backwards. ”Ohh…fck”, was her reply, ”You fill me so good baby.Pound that fcking snatch,Goodheart”.

That was all it took to get down to work.I began to deep t—-t, pounding all the way in and being absorbed from this world.

What fascinated me was the velvety nature of Ebere’s snatch.It snuggled me tightly that i felt it was gonna milk me off instantly.Her snatch was worth it.It felt like Nirvana.Owing to my onslaught,her Bakassi was quivering and vibrating with each t—-t,their size enhanced by her d—-e position.Her m0ans were now cries of ecstacy producing sweet music.It was only the fear of attracting someone that prevented me from spanking those wobbling booty of hers.But trust me naa.

I no go carry last.I sq££zed and kneaded her a-s while I continued fcking her….Then,more like to adjust her position,she went on all fours.I mean the deadly ‘touch your toe’ style.And this time her ynash was splattering in the air,lifted by her high heel shoes (or rather fck me shoes as i prefer calling them now)…this one na die.With Ebere in that position there were no inhibitions and her pinafor was almost off and down to her back.I kept on pummeling her,making her pusse juice leak and run down her stomach and she kept urging me on, ”yessss…oooh…harder….harder…harder…fck me…harder!!! She was now in cloud 9 as she produced musical notes below me.”ummm….hmmm…hm…hm..um..,orchestrated by her incessant m0ans.I guessed she was about to come and I plunged my meat in an angle and b@nged her harder for some more minutes and that did it,”ffffck youuuuu……oh noooo”,she spurted melodiously in her o—-m as she came,wetting her inner thighs with glistening juice.

But I was far from coming.I wished it would never end,the moment,the ecstasy,the pleasure,when suddenly there were voices and footsteps coming along the corridors and Ebere jerked upright; my rod slipped out of her to my disappointment .

To avoid the danger of being caught she pulled up her p@anties,adjusted her clothes and hair,then stopped abruptly to look at me. ”Won’t you dress up? she asked and i hissed.

She picked my handkie and wiped her thighs.I guess she noticed my disappointment cos she caressed my chin and spoke sweetly, ”you wan enta gbege?” Which kind gbege? i thought,as if I give a d–n. ” you of all should know the consequences if we are caught”, she said.At that point I pulled up my troussers and rummaged my gala back in place still looking downcast.Then she said to me, ”Don’t worry I will make it up to you,I promise”.

By now the voices were closer and I recognized them as those of Nurses Lilian and Vicky. ” I’ll distract them to buy you enof time to leave”,Ebere suggested. ”Just get yourself in order”,she pecked me and swayed through the door leaving me with a thought of those hips. ”Nurse Ebere” one of the nurses called. ”Been searching for you”.

Nurse Ebere engaged them in a chat and was now taking them down the way they came.Soon their voices faded away. ”Bad girl” I thought aloud.With the coast clear,I stepped into the lonely corridor walking l’ike nothing ever happened.

Hoping this buxom beauty would fulfil her promise of making it up to me.

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