Episode 1

Bisi , Faith and Sophia were best of friends. They attended the same school and the same church as well. They like staying and sitting together any where they found themselves. Bisi the Yeruba girl was slightly taller than the other two but but they were all in the same young age Twelve (12) and also in the same class


one particular Sunday , the three of them were coming back from church together discussing on certain issues as they used to , suddenly one of them asked
“did you remember the sermon(preaching) of the pastor today?” that’s Sophia asking. The others were just looking at her blankly trying to figure out where she was driving at with her question.

“what happened to his sermon?” Faith asked

“he said, he who finds a wife finds a goodthing and obtains favour from God. I believe the same thing is applicable to the lady who has find a Husband” Sophia explained

“what did you mean by that?” bisi asked
“i have found my husband ” Sophia replied smiling at them
“and who is he?” Faith queried looking confused

“there he is” Sophia said pointing at a direction .

Bisi and Faith followed the direction her right hand went and to their surprise , all they could see was a young boy on Tartard cloths who was hawking groundnut
“is that #orukoyour Husband?” Bisi asked jestfully
“yes” Sophia sang
immediately, Bisi and Faith busted into laughter . Sophia was just staring at them in confusion
“how is it funny nah?” she asked
“this girl oooo , you will not kill me ooo” Bisi screamed while she was still laughing
“okay, you may laugh at me now, but don’t forget , you will soon have to get jealous.” Sophia said to her two friends
“God forbid i do that!” Faith exclaimed
“two of you are irritating me, just keep laughing let me go and patronize my future husband”

Sophia said moving away from them
“this girl has gone nuts oh” faith said
“o Ko mo nkan Kan” bisi said in yeruba as they took steps following her behind
“hey groundnut! Groundnut!!” Sophia screamed calling for the attention of the young boy and when he heard her, he instantly raced toward her
“how much ?” Sophia asked
“these are N20 and the rest are N50” he replied calmly
“okay, i need this one” she said searching her little pink bag for money
“Sophia , did you take a good look at the dirty street boy you called a future husband?” Bisi asked once they are near enough

“will you stop that nonsense!” Sophia screamed looking up set
“there’s nothing to be upset about, we are trying to wake you up from your sleep, may be you are still dreaming” Bisi said to her again

“i am not dreaming, infact leave me alone” Sophia said angrily and then gave the boy the money
“your husband is putting on patch patch short, you should be ashamed of that” Bisi said further mocking the boy who felt like crying at what she said

“Easy Bisi, you are talking too much and perhaps embarrassing them.” faith said
“its better i do that than to allow my friend destroy her future ” said Bisi in respect to what Faith said
the Boy shyly walked away from them after giving Sophia the groundnut she had requested for. Sophia felt so bad at what Bisi had said so with that, she attacked her immediately

“what is even wrong with you bisi? You like insulting and embarrassing people!”
“i did not insult you neither did i embarrass you. I am just doing you a favour which you ought to appreciate . Abeg give me groundnut joor” Bisi said

“come and eat let me see that mouth!” Sophia said

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