Episode 1

“…From this moment..

Life has begun

From this moment…

You are the one……” I sang along as my phone played me my favourite of Shania twain songs.

It was a saturday morning and as usual, i had loaded my dirty clothes to the back yard, which were more of the clothes i wore to work through out the week and had proceeded to wash them.

I continued my washing as i sang along. Music had always been my companion whenever i’m working and it helped me alot to finish my work in time without feeling tired and bored.

“…i give my hand to you from my heart,
I can’t wait to live my life with you,
I can’t wait to start…..

You and i will nev….” But my phone began ringing, interrupting me.

I picked it up and seeing the caller’s name, i sighed. Lady B.

“Lady B and her wahala this early morning” I groaned.

Lady B is the woman i had borrowed money from and gave to Jonny my boyfriend, to travel to lagos on a business he told me about.

He said, he needed the money to invest into the business, with the promise that it would yield bigger money.

I borrowed Lady B three hundred thousand naira and handed to Jonny,

But for ten months now, Jonny keep on giving me excuses. And even ask me for money and i’ll send him.

am i not a fool?

Anyway, i will have to pick the call or i’ll simply watch my battery run down by Lady B’s unending calls.

Cos i don’t want to switch off my phone either.
I’ve only managed to pay fifty thousand and it was five months ago.

“Hello Rose!” Lady B spoke immediately i picked the call.

“Goodmorning Lady B” i said.

“Ah, goodmorning keh? What is good about this morning when my two hundred and fifty thousand still dey your hand? Rose wetin i do you ehn? Pay me my money na. You be winch?” Lady B spoke.

I sighed sadly.

Me witch, because of money.

“Lady B, cool down, i go pay you abeg. It’s just that, i’ve not been paid. Na small small, abeg. Cool your temper.” I said.

“Chai! See wetin my kindness don do me.. Na so you wan use evil pay me back eh?” She asked.

“Lady B, i go pay you your money please. I’m trying. Before this month go end. I will.” I said. I knew they would be no way i will be able to pay her two hundred and fifty thousand naira in the next five months!

“Infact, you see that your yeye boyfriend wey you carry my money give ehn? Make that kind thunder wey don do twenty-four hour press up, strike you and him for me!” She cursed.

“Ah, i jump and pass. Lady B, no talk like that na.” I said.

“See if i call you again for my money, the next thing wey you go see na police.”

“Jesus! Lady B, no na, e never reach this level, abeg ju… ” The call dropped.

“God i’m dead.

Lady B!

God who will i go to? How will i survive lady B and her troubles?”

I kept asking myself as fear gripped me.

“When i borrowed the money, i thought by now, Jonny would have made it big and i’ll pay her back. and even add more.

God, what have i put myself into?

Since Jonny went to Lagos to make money in two days like he claimed, He hadn’t sent me a dime.

I’ve been the one still sending him money.
Who does that?

God im dead If Lady B looses her temper. That woman is dangerous.

Because of her unending calls, i have changed sim cards three good times but what baffles me is how she gets my new number and start calling again.

I wonder if i am the only one oweing her.
I have to find money, even if it’s just twenty thousand to shut her up for at least two weeks!
But how?

From who?”

Then i remembered Aunty Caro. She is my mother’s step sister. But it’s been seven months since we last spoke.

I ran to my room and got my small contact book and dialed her number which i saw and hoped she hadn’t changed it.

Yes. Let me try.

I dialed Aunty caro’s number and it rang. She picked up at the third ring.

“Rose the Rose! Long time. What happened to your lines!?” Aunty Caro spoke first.

“It got lost.” I lied. I actually broke them into two simply because of Lady B.

“Oh, so whatsup now? ”

“Aunty Caro im dead!” i said. There was no time for greeting.

“Ehn! dead keh?” She asked.


“You drink poison? Is it rat own?”

“Jesus, God forbid!” I shouted.

“Okay na. What is it?”

“It’s money o. I need money to pay back to Lady B. I borrowed her some money ten months ago and she have not allowed me rest. She’s even threatening to call the police on me.” I poured out.

“Ehn! Lady B? That ashawo-don-old? Na ashawo money you go collect. You wan catch gonorrhea?”

“Aunty Caro. I no be man na. Na only money i borrow from her. Besides she’s a business woman. A big lady and isn’t any ashawo.”I said, defending the woman sef.

“Abeg leave dat thing. Lady B na correct Ashawo, na that time na when e dey hot, no be now wey she don wohwoh finish.”

“Aunty Caro, please help me i beg you.” i said.

“Why you borrow her money?” She asked me.

“I gave it to Jonny, He wanted to travel to lagos for a business and he needed some money to invest in the business, with hope that it will yield bigger money.” I explained.

“Eh! Who be Jonny? The name no dey sweet for my ear.”

“Ah Aunty, you don’t know Jonny that i introduced to you last year? He’s tall, very fair, handsome.” I descriped.

“What? that bleached skin goat? So you no see all the fine fine rich guys wey full Delta state, na that monkey no fine you see, ehn Rose?. Common swag, he no even get. That guy wey dey smell!”

My aunty’s voice rang, provoking me.

“Abeg Aunty,All those things no be wetin dey bother me naw. My problem now na the money.”

“How much you even collect from Lady B?” She asked.

“Three hundred thousand”

“What??” She screamed.

“But i’ve managed and paid fifty thousand.” I said. Hoping she will see that i didn’t just relax for a miracle to happen.

“Jesus, Rose, you carry three hundred thousand naira, carry am like mumu give a boy to travel to ordinary Lagos wey dey my backyard? No be say he dey travel outside Niger.”
I hissed in frustration.

“Shey the guy do you juju? Shey he blow powder for your face?

Abi na his d**k wey sweet you finish, you carry money go give am. Lady B money! Shey he strong well well for bed.. Shey he sabi all the styles? Does he know how to go down there really well?” My Aunty asked, giggling and i shut my eyes in total embarrasement.

I knew Aunty Caro was a free minded woman. Very Naughty and doesn’t pretend. She do tell me naughty things when we talk. About her new boyfriend. She is a big lady and prefers to date small guys.

Sugar mummy, like they call it. That is what she preferred to be.

She loved sx and would not fail to tell me how her new boy, had given her the best f*k of her life, or how another had given her the best o—-m.

It’s been seven months we’ve spoke because i was fed up with her sex talks all the time and didn’t even bother to call her when i got my first new line. But now i needed her help.

“Hello Rose? talk naw, abi na network?” Her words brought my senses back.

“Aunty i really love him. I really do. That was why.” I said

“But he’ve f**cked you na, abi?” She asked.

God! did i made a mistake by calling this woman?

Is there no other thing that bothers her more except sex?

I didn’t answer

“Ah Rose talk na.”

“Okay, yes.yes. but please don’t ask me how many times oh.” I said, knowing that would be her next question.

She laughed.

“Nawa o.. But Rose i think say you get sense oh.” She said.

I was shocked by her outburst.

“How?” I asked and sweared to end the call if she make me loose my temper.

“I think say you get sense. I think say na everybody wey go university dey get common sense, but you my niece, you no get any at all.” She laughed.

I had endured enough of her rubbish and was about to cut the call when i heard her clearly say,

“Okay, i go wire you fifty thousand. Go and find the rest.”

God i instantly saw myself in a private jet, flying high in the sky.

“Oh my God! Oh Jesus! thank you so much Aunty Caro. God bless you. I promise to pay you back once i get.” I said and screamed with joy.

“Really? Pay me back when you never pay Lady B own finish?” She said and laughed.

“Ah, Aunty, thank you so much… you need to see how happy i am right now.”

“I want to give you an advice Rose.” She said unexpectedly

“Go on” I was too excited.

I wonder what a sugar mummy would want to advice a young girl like me.

“You should go pay that bleached goat a visit. Do you hear me?”

“Huh? should i?” I asked.

I’ve never thought of that.

“Yes you should. It’s a simple advice. You shouldn’t allow a man fool you my dear. Play wise.” She said.

I smiled. I knew the smile wasn’t real. My Aunty is right.

I have to pay Jonny a visit.

And it has to be soon.

“Thank you so much Aunty.”


When we ended the call, I walked back to the backyard to continue with my washing and also waitin for the Alert.

And when i got there.

Guess what i saw?

My neighbour’s two cats, having their best moment of hot ten o’clock s*x.

And just no where else but on my load of dirty clothes!


What should i do?

Chase them away and stopping their moment?
or leave them to enjoy themselve while i watch?

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