Episode 1

Why do people—men—take so much interest in her? She is no celebrity. She has never been in a scandal.

Maybe it’s because she’s so d–n beautiful and yet, she never takes a man. Some even whisper that she’s a lesbian.

Lesbians hear this and smile. They are in luck, they think. Only to go and get slapped down by her.

No, she’s not a lesbian.

She is just…..an ice woman.






Greta Danes can’t afford to have a man in her life.

She can’t build a relationship.

She can’t get married.

She can’t love a man.

She can’t have children.

All these is because, she can’t have sex.

Yes, she can’t have sex.

It’s not that she won’t have sex. She CAN’T.

Greta Danes has a rare medical condition called Vaginismus.

This medical condition makes it impossible for her to have sex. Her body abruptly rejects any sort of penetration at all. Not by tampons, not by finger, not by penis.

Anything penetration is flat out NO, or it will result to unbearable pain.

Miriam Danes, the mother of Greta was the first to find out about this condition during her daughter’s first menstruation which Greta was fourteen.

Mariam is a good and caring mother who had taught her daughter long before that day, everything about menstruation. The things Greta didn’t understand from the teachings in school, her mother supplied at home.

That very day, Miriam had shown her daughter after shower, how to use a menstral pad.

Then, she had proceeded to teach Greta how to use a tampon, but immediately she tried to insert the tampon, Greta’s muscles had spasmed and squeezed, closing completely and preventing the invasion.

Mariam’s brows had creased in worry as she wondered the strange occurrence.

She had proceeded to try and insert the tampon but Greta started crying painfully while her mother struggled with the stubborn muscles that tried their best to remain firmly closed. No penetration.

At last, Miriam had helped her daughter with a menstral pad and consoled her. But the pain of the little attempt at penetration stayed with Greta for the whole day, and the pain was no small pain.

Immediately after her menstruation, Miriam had taken her daughter to the hospital where she underwent a very excruciating painful pelvis scam and other tests which later confirmed and led to her diagnosis.

Greta has Lifelong Vaginismus. Nothing can ever penetrate her body without causing her excruciating pain.

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