Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

When i was young i used to pray that when i grow up i will find someone who i will be certain of loving me back as i will do to her. One who will share my dreams, listens to my worries, loughs at my jokes and always has my best intrest at heart and knows my true happiness.

The one that will mean the world to me and be my one and only and enlighten my life with unconditional, honest and passionately love. One who cares my emotions, my soul and all my desires and become my integral part of me, taking me as hers and she as mine. One who will make love find my way and will always be there for me through thick and thin and be my guardian angel of my life in all ups and downs, sickness and health, through rough or smooth of my life. One of nobility and generosity. One who i will brag all round with her. One who i will be head ove heals in love with her. One who will add tune to the song of my life and one that i will freal call all sort of love names. One who i will see eye …

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