Adventure With The Slay Queen’s

Episode 1

There once a time, when true beauty used to be on the inside, but the arrival of the slay Queen’s propanded a new theory. The magic behind real beauty.

My name is Ayo, and these are my experience with the slay queen’s. During my university days, I was neither a good, non a bad dude. I will say, am both, but I enjoyed being the bad boy. I have a good heart, but that doesn’t make me good. Its make me the baddest person you could ever think of.

My first year at school, make me understand how life really is. At that very point, I began making plans for my future. Everyone is born with a talent. I got so many, but I have a very unique one that’s not always common. I have two eye. The right sees the real things everyone else see. But the left see things which could be very scary. Things beyond the spirits world.

When I was ten, my parent took me to a church. But Before I was ten, I do see things with my both eyes . it came to some time, my parent were afraid of me,so I was taken to a church. Some prayers were made and I lost the vision. Everything became normal. I began seeing things as normal people does.

On my 20th birthday, the vision returned, but only the left eye, the right sees normal. I was in my 2nd year when this happened. No one believes me, even when I show them what I see, they still don’t. They say seeing is believing, how can they believe what they didn’t see? So I live my crazy life all alone.

I have friends, close friends, friends with benefit and best friend. Everyone needs a friend, its part of life.

Agatha was my best friend, a female, as crazy as I am, but she’s good. My male friends are the craziest. Mayor an accounting student, Ben a political scientists and Ope, a phycologists , he claims to have a master mind. Claiming he read minds . who is deceiving who?
Am not a book worm, neither am I a guru. But I understand things, I was not the best in my department, let me say,I do leave 2 or 3 marks behind for the best student. Who cares about the 2nd best anyway. And besides I hate popularity, when you are the first, everyone get to know you. And I love it being silent.

Her name is joy, the best in my department, you should know the battalion of dudes that will be after her, not only in my department but in others too.

My department was dominated with slay queen’s, if you Google search for the biggest girls in campus,its will redirect you to my department. Beautiful creatures with extra ordinary beauty, you can’t say who is ugly, No one is, unless you take them on a swimming.
I lived in a self-contained apartment in school. Mostly on Saturday, my friends will come over to my place to play PS, its always interesting spelling each others name with the numbers of score . we don’t have girlfriends, we are all play boys,specialized on p—y f—–g . its a burden having a girlfriend, we have fu-Ckers not girlfriend. Non of us is ready to Fall in love. We are all in the same tariff, f–k boys.
” ay, you gonna rape me one day with the way you are bleeping girls up and down” my best friend Agatha will say sometimes. Well that’s the least thing I would do, rape a lady ,let alone my best friend. Have seen her naked countless of time, and my mamber never trigger. Its because of the way I put her, nothing in her can arouse my kongi . its all a matter of the mind.
Every play dudes know how important clubbing is, its hardly a time that, I won’t be found clubbing, and there is where I get to meet the 21st century slay Queen’s. They called themselves the slay queen’s, some are called the slay mama’s. They are characterized with a lot of attribute, heavy makes up, extraordinary packages, mountainous a-s and boobs, non stop everlasting chin gum, latest mobile, lastet cloth,latest shoes and designers, that’s what they are made of. They deals with high class dudes, not low keys.

My major aim,at every clubs is just to have fun and drink, and if am opportune to come across any girl, then the night will be great .
We were clubbing at a popular club house on a Friday night, I,Ben,mayor and Ope were all having some drinks when this ‘buttacious’ girl rode pass beside us , she fixed her gaze on me,but mine was on her reverberating butt.
” what the hell?, could this butt be real on something is being added” I soliloquizes loudly.
I later caught her starring at me non stop, she will give me a sexy inviting smile whenever my eye came in contact with hers .
” I think she’s into you” Mayor said. ” I would suggest you go meet her” Ope added. Very well then, I stand up and head towards her.
” hello pretty, I caught you starring at me” I said will a s£duceive tune.
” no I wasn’t looking at you, I’m looking at the guy behind you, he is so cute ” she said without even looking at me.

I was speechless, I didn’t see it coming, I followed her gaze and I see that she was looking at the monkey-like creature who was sitting at the next table from the one, my guys are .

When I saw him,I couldn’t help myself from laughing.

” you mean that monkey ? ” I said pointing my fingers at his direction .

” you called that handsome dude a monkey, don’t be daft , you are no match for him” she retorted.

That got me amused as I take another look at him, that was when I realized something, looking at him with my left eye. He is more like a monkey, but with my right eyes, he is a very handsome person.

” hey look at me, he is not good for you ” I said trying to draw her attention.
” really? Watch me ” she said,then she head to him. I watched as she speak silently into his ear and they both walked hand to hand away from the club. I returned back to my friends, and they were all like ” ay, how far, wetin happened ” .
” someone will get f–k by a monkey tonight ” I said. They didn’t understand me cos I sound weird.

The drinking continues, we were at the edge of getting drunk when a slim girl clad on a tight gown erupted from no where and dragged me up.

” can I have this dance” she said while trying to drag me to the dance floor, I looked at my friends and they all gave me go ahead look. Before I knew it, am already on the dance fall, she dance so well, she began rocking her a-s on my d–k, which slowly gain momentum by every twists.

” can I buy you a drink ” I said when I realized the visibility of my d–k.

“Sure you can” she said.

I brought her a drink and we get talking.
” you dance so well” I said focusing my eye on her.

“Yeah thanks, you dance quite good too just that, you lost control of your d–k ” she said with a naughty smile. I laughed cos she got me.
“I’m Ayo” I said stretching my hand forward.
“Sera” she replied, receiving the hand shake.
” its quite noisey here,you don’t mind if we go to some quite place, perhaps my place ” I said. She look at me for a moment, then she nodded.
” sure, whatever you say” she said.
I know the night is going to be an interesting one for me, no for us both. I signalled to my friends showing that am leaving and the signalled back saying that they are still fishing, well my own net as caught a fish already.

We arrived at my place in less than 5 minutes. I offered her a cold drinks from my mini freezer and she collected it . I head to the bathroom to have a cool shower ,leaving her behind in the room, no sooner had I stepped in the shower that she joined in with me. I wasn’t expecting to see her, but its seems the battle has began.
I quickly take a quick survey of her naked body . her b—–s are quite okay for her stature, and her butt were moderately big. She grabbed my d–k interrupting the eyes survey am doing . and slowly like a wounded Bear, she knelt before me and entwined my d–k into her mouth. I let out a gasp, she was so f—–g good at it . perhaps she attended a special class for blow job.
After sU-Cking my erected for some time, she swallowed my two balls in her mouth. Licking it up and down like a lolly pop. I admitted she’s talented. I removed my d–k from her mouth before she drain me dead while standing. I carried her up and balanced my mouth on her b—-t. I reciprocated the damages she done on my two balls on her b—–s. I press, sq££ze, fumble, bite and sU-Ck the hell out of her b—-t . she directed my head underneath after she realized the harms have impacted on her boobs. I guess we have advanced into another section. I gave her the head she had ever receive from a guy. I placed my tongue in between her p—y lips and began doing what I know Best. At this point, she began screaming uncontrollable.
( guys wey dey lick p—y dey try ooo)
Her screaming refused to ceased, and I also refused to stop what am doing. Suddenly, just like a super woman ,she pushed me on the floor and climbed swiftly on my erected rod. The feeling was great, I felt my d–k in her warm tonton. “Wao” I said as she began riding me like a horse. She was taking in my long 11 inches d–k all at a time. I wonder how deep her p—y will be . i wouldn’t want my hand to be idle, so I engaged them both on her b—–s.
“Let go into the room” I said to her after I realized her potentials . I carried her up and la!d her on the bed, spreading her leg as wide as it can. Then I penetrated slowly into her tonton, I engulfed all my d–k into her honey pot,them I began rotating my hips like the nine planets. And swiftly without notice, I gain momentum. My f—–g rate will be equivalent to 240 km of a speeding car speedometer. She hung tightly on me and began shouting “sweet Jesus!, oh my God!!” . I wonder what Jesus and God have to do with what we are having.

I turned her over and positioned her for the unbeatable doggy style. And once again I entered her tonton from behind. Her a-s and my laps began making some pleasant laps sounds . that’s one thing I love about doggy. Its always making the laps sound. I f–k her till p—y run dry, why will her p—y be dry,when am just getting started. I applied olive oil on her p—y and the f—–g continues.

( abeg no apply greez oil ooo abi na engine oil. Abeg Na p—y no be engine or machine)
After a lot of hard b@nged I cummed . but that was just the first half, am still going for the 2nd half , extra time and even penalty, cos it’s a knockout match .

Monday the following week, immediately after the day lecture, I was in the relaxation center relaxing my brain, when I Agatha my best friend punched me playfully from behind.
” hi friend, how was your weekend? ” she said as she sit on my legs .

” awesome, how was yours?” I asked.
” I went on a date, but it was a washout ” she said throwing her eyes off me.

” what happened? He didn’t show up or what goes wrong? I asked curiously.
” I paid the godamn bills!!! The son of a b—h ran away” she shouted .

I was laughing controllably, when Ope arrived with the university magazine.
” hey lover birds. ” he said, trowing the magazine at me.

” any latest news?” I asked, feeling too lazy to read the magazine.
” check for yourself ” he said while helping himself with a coca-cola drinks.
I took a look at the magazine front page and a news was written there saying
I checked the picture countless of time,to be sure of what am thinking. But Ope interrupted my thought along the way.
” don’t stare too much dude, its her. The ‘buttacious’ girl you met at the club on Friday night . thank your star she choose to follow the handsome dude, you would have been in the police station answering some questions by now”.

I was mute, I knew who she went with, I warned her but she wouldn’t listen.
” why so silent dude” Ope said.
” if you will ever see her again, it will be her dead ” I didn’t know when those words escaped from my mouth .
“Ayo!!” Agatha shouted. ” why being pessimistic? ”

The both of them stared at me, as if am a phyco patient.
” dude, don’t tell me you’ve been drinking today” Ope said.

I looked at them both, how I wish they could understand me, but they just can’t.
” am just saying what I feel, but let just forget about it , am going home, catch you guys later ” I said then I made to leave.
” can I ask your best friend out” Ope cried ,after me.

” of cos, just don’t let her pay the bills or else—you are a dead man” I screamed back.
Tuesday happens to be the following day, mostly on Tuesday, I do have a 6am lecture. But unfortunately, I woke up at exactly 6:15. Due to some meres I had during the night .
” am finished today, 5 units course, Aye mi” I said as I hurriedly prepare myself for the lecture.
I got to the lecture room around 6:30.
Mr’s Oni, a very strict lecturer ,that wouldn’t mind adding an extra year to your university year. If you arrived late for her lecture.
The lecture has already taken off when I entered.
” why are you just coming by this time?” She asked immediately I stepped into the lecture room. I know am in for it. I’m not very good at lying, mostly I prefer saying the truth. I was about saying rubbish when joy, the glass guru speak up for me.

” he was at the health center ma, he helped my roommate who was sick to the school health center, I left him there for this class. But he said he will only leave after he confirm that the sick girl is okay. I think that’s the reason for his lateness ma” she said.

I stood there looking at how she beautifully make up the lies. And why will she have to do that. Someone have never spoken to before.
” you can go and have your seat” Mrs oni said .
Immediately after the lecture, I was sitting silently alone , thinking of how to thank joy for what she did. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I looked back only to see joy standing behind me.
” I saved your a-s today, you owe me one” she said and she made to move.
” you should I least let me say the words” I said after her.

She looked at me with a puzzled face.
” thank you” I said.
” keep your thanks, I don’t need it”
(Aye mi)

I watched her, as she walk briskly away from me.
” why am I receiving, stuffs like this from ladies” i muttered.
” hey ! The Samaritan boy, why are you talking to my lady”
I looked at the direction the voice came from. I saw a huge guy, david, accompanied with two of his friends Franklin and tomide. Everyone knows them for their pugnacious act.
I smiled before replying to his absurd question.
” are you that daft? Can’t you just for once use that brain of yours ” I said.
I can see his friends trying to make an attack but he quickly stopped them.
” not now guys, be calm. And besides he wouldn’t pass his boundaries, let go, am not in mood for trouble today ” he said and they both disappeared from my view.
” morons ” I cursed .
Around 2pm in the afternoon, i was gisting my friends about the narrow escaped I had in the morning, when a new Toyota corolla, parked in front of us. We are went silent as we await the owner to exit from the car. The car was titled, so we couldn’t see the inside.
A fair beautiful lady,came out of the car, she was moderately tall, with perfect set of Boobs and butt.sincerely speaking she’s outstanding.
” excuse me please, can you show my the way to the science faculty ” she said in the sweetest way that could make a guy stumble over.
We all sat there admiring her beauty with our mouth wide opened.
” sure , its not far from here. Just take the first turning by the left. Then you are where you are” I said with a smile.
” oh thank you” she said and she made to move. I looked at my friends and they gave me the go ahead signal, whispering silently into my ear.

” ayo, see fresh fish. What are you waiting for, common go get her” Ben said.
She was about entering her car when I stopped her.
” sorry ,you wouldn’t mind if I quickly have some minutes with you. No problem if you are in a hurry ” I said , trying to be a gentleman.
” hope no problem ?” She asked.
” not that i know of… I’m Ayo” I said politely.
” Ayokemi ” she replied.
“Wao, now we have one thing in common ” i said trying to cast my charms on her.
” perhaps ” she blench
” I wouldn’t want to ask this,but I wouldn’t want to delay you any further ” I said looking into her eyes.
She looked at me with an expression of “What?”
” you are exceptionally beautiful, This might not be the first time you are hearing this from a dude.but believe me, you are beautiful. I–i will want to be a friend of yours. I love being seen with beauty, can I have your mobile number please? ” I asked.
” and why will I give you my number? ” she asked looking kneeling at me.
“Cos i want to see you again” I said.
” hmmm, okay then, you can have it, just don’t freak out when you see me again ” she said.
I collected her digit and she zoomed off.
” guys another p—y on the list ooo” I said happily to my friends.
” baba ooo. I trust you na” mayor said.
” guys we go see later na, I get lecture for 2:30 later things na” I said, then I departed from then.
I entered the lecture room minding my own business, I wouldn’t want to be late again. Have heard enough of the Samaritan name.
I waited patiently for the lecturer to come in ,but the unexpected happened. Ayokemi came in instead.

” hello students, my name is Miss Akindele Ayokemi, and I will be taking you , this course from now on. Your formal lecturer is out of country, so I will be your new lecturer, can you introduce yourself to me one by one ” she said .
” what the hell? She’s a lecturer? ”

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