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Author’s p.o.v.

Kim paced around her office,she forgot the flash she was meant to bring for today’s presentation. She knew her boss would rant about her being irresponsible in the presence of everyone there.

“what to do,what to do?” She said searching her brain for the most possible solution.

“Oh Kim, what have you done this time” Brenda entered unannounced.

“You startled me” Kim told her.

“I know I did,you are making me worried. What’s wrong? Is it the boss?”.

Kim nodded her head.

“What have you done this time?” Brenda asked again.

“I forgot the flash for the presentation at home” Kim said

“What presentation? Don’t tell me it is today’s own”.

“It is”.

“Oh Kim, you shouldn’t forget something as important as that. This presentation means a lot to the boss and I can’t imagine how annoyed he is going to be”. Brenda sighing.

“You are making matters worst. You should motivate me not to crush the remaining courage I have”.

“You know the boss has anger issues and this is all your fault. You shouldn’t have taken the flash home in the first place”. Brenda said.

Kim sighed before saying “I was working on it yesternite and I didn’t know when I fell asleep”.

“The meeting is in 10 minutes time and you know how far your house is from here”. Brenda said.

“I know,that is why I feel so bad right now. I can’t imagine the embarrassment” Kim said placing her head on the table.

“Isn’t there a hard copy or something?” Brenda asked.

“There is, but the boss specifically requested we used the projector for the presentation because the information on the flash explains everything” Kim said.

“You knew all this and you still forgot it?”.

“I woke up ten minutes after the alarm rang so I had to rush so I would not miss the bus”.

“Oh Kim,what to do? What to do”

“I would find a way even if our jerk of a boss would find every reason to scold me. I wonder why he hates me so much” Kim lamented.

“I don’t think he hates you”. Brenda said.

“why do you say that?”Kim asked.

“his personal assistant never lasts for a month, he either sacks them over little mistakes or they resign themselves when they can’t endure any longer. But look at you, you have been here for close to three months already”.. Brenda said.

“that’s because I need the money badly and who told you i am not enduring, he is like a lady in her period. Always complaining”.

“what are you gonna do then?”.

“bear the insults but incase if I eventually get sacked.

Recommend me to another company like you recommended me here”. Kim said.

Brenda frowned before saying “I don’t know any company that pays better than this at this time. Many companies just recruited.”

“I finally lost with my silly mistakes. I am going to be jobless again”. Kim lamented.

“you won’t get sacked as long as you keep your month shut whenever he is talking but looking at you it would be quite hard because you will talk back “. Brenda said.

“I won’t this time, it is all my fault”. Kim said.

Brenda was about to reply when the intercom rang.

“Kim come over now. Do I have to remind you that it is time for the presentation? ” her boss said over the phone.

“I am sorry sir”. She said before dropping the telecom.

“was that the boss?” Brenda asked as Kim stood up.


“I wish you the best Kim and if you get out of this mess I would treat you to lunch “. Brenda said.

“I am nervous as hell”. Kim said.

“you have no idea how scared I am for you “. Brenda Said.

“I have to go now bren, excuse me”. She said before leaving the office.

ALL the best Kim.

ALL the best.

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