“This can’t be happening!” cried Purity. She stared into space with disbelief and shock written all over her face.
“No, no,” she mumbled, looking around her office.

This man had carried out his threat. Who could have thought he would actually do it? Aaron Theodore was full of surprises and behaved like the Devil himself. She was a grown woman, old enough to make her decisions and do whatever she pleases. Now, this man – her papa, had chosen a husband for her. How could he?

Aaron Theodore had indeed surprised her. This man promised not to meddle in her private life anymore. Right from when she was a child to being an adult, she had never lived a life of her own- all she had done was to please her papa, doing things the way he wanted. Now, she grew up. She’s no more the baby of the home, she can make her decisions and do whatever please her. Damn this man! She wasn’t living for him. And he couldn’t dictate whom she’d marry, she’d show him.

The door opened, a young woman of about twenty-six popped her head in, then walked in. She was dressed in a grey suit. The skirt was mini- above her kneels which revealed straight beautiful legs, they were longer than their actual length ’cause she wore a four inches stilleto. Her hair was tied in a ponytail. Her lips shone, painted with a colourless lip gloss. Her lashes were tick. She smiled brightly and looked Purity in the eye. Her eyes were stunning.

“Heather!” Purity snapped as she caught sight of her secretary. “You can’t knock or you forgot your manners?” she was now sounding like a bitch.

“I…I did …knock.” Heather stammered. “There…was…no…no response.”

“Are you saying I’m deaf?” Purity glared at her.

“No! I came to give you the files you’ve been asking for.” she was embarrassed.

“I’m in no mood for such! Get that file and your walking stick body out of my office!” Purity ordered.

In a flash, Heather was out of her office. She ran out with tears welled up in her eyes.

Purity, what the hell is wrong with you! You just made your secretary cry. You’re a witch. A voice in her head scolded her.

She didn’t care. Her father got her into this. She’d beat him to his game.

She stared at her cherry desk, her fingers wandered on it. She took a pen from the pen holder and scribbled something on a notepad. Grabbing hold of the telephone on her desk, she called her secretary.
“Heather,” she called out when the call was answered. “I’m sorry. Please cancel all my appointments today. I’ve got something to do.” she hung up.

Purity felt guilty talking to Heather that way. She must have knocked but Purity failed to hear it ’cause she was too busy with her thoughts. It wasn’t the poor girl’s fault. It was hers.

Purity groaned, carried her purse and left the office room. She did not look at anyone’s face, she just walked out of Theodore’s enterprises- the third richest business company in the world. She was the CEO, no one would dare question her.

Her usual smile wasn’t there, a frown replaced it. She didn’t bother about it, didn’t care. All that was on her mind now was to face Aaron Theodore and let him know she was no more a child, but a full grown woman who decides what to do with her life. No one was going to mess with her life. No on, not even her parents.

She slid into the driver’s seat of her silver volvo XC60 wheels, flung her purse in the front passenger’s seat. She put the key in the ignition hole and started car. Slowly, she joined the highway.
“You must be joking father,” Jeremy laughed and shook his head.
His father- Edwin Broderick gave him a grave look. “I’m being serious here. Purity Theodore is to be your wife. You will see her tomorrow, court her and marry her.”

“Father! Why should I marry her?” Jeremy threw at his father, sarcastically.

“She’s my choice. Besides, her father and me are close pals. They once lived in our neighbourhood, remember?” he raised a brow.

Jeremy scratched his head, trying to remember. Then it came! The little girl who lived in his neighborhood when he was a kid. He’d liked her a certain time and tried to be nice to her, be friends with her but she was very rude to him. She felt she was a princess, she was the last and only daughter of the Theodore’s. Dam! He was rich too and more powerful then she. He began despising her since then, she must be a beautiful woman now. He had forgotten all about her, till this moment.

“Purity? No father, I can’t marry her. Dammit! I can’t even have her as my friend or dare, you’d now expect me to have her as my wife? Holy shit! NO!”

Edwin Broderick laughed at his son’s outburst. “I know she used to tease you back then. I assure you, she has changed. You’d get to like her.”

“Father, I can’t.” Jeremy pleaded.

“Its final. You two should be married for a year, then you can divorce if you want to. My word is final. Think about it, son.”

Edwin patted his son’s shoulder and left him all by himself.

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