Episode 1

“You are the best friends I have had in my
twenty seven years of life. The day Stanley
introduced me to you all; I had no clue as
to how much blessing friendships with
you all would become to me. I want to say
once again, thank you.” Eve began to sob;
Stanley and all his friends applauded her
and stood to their feet to give her a hug.

When the hugging was over, Stanley took
her into his hands and kissed away the
tears on her face. The next day was her
wedding with Stanley, a guy she had dated
four years. The meeting was a private one.

Stanley’s six friends had hosted the two of
them to bid them farewell into blissful
marital union. It was their tradition to do
so each time one of them was to tie the
nuptial cord. Stanley and his six friends
had known each other for years before Eve
got know Stanley, and subsequently his
group of friends. Stanley had made it clear
to all of the guys in the group that Eve was
not to be touched. His intentions were
clear from the first day; he was going to
marry her. The group of friends was made
of Mayo, Chucks, Clara, Stanley, Bimpe, Steve
and Stella – four guys and three girls in all.
Bimpe and Stella were married while Clara
was still single. Amongst the guys, the last
single guy was Stanley who was getting
married the next day. The group of friends
was so knit together that they made
shocking sacrifices for each other and
would go to war for one another.

The first day Eve hung out with them, she
was put off by some of their crass and
vulgar jokes. From the impression they
made on her, she concluded they were not
the likes of people she would like to mingle
with. She loved Stanley and could tell he
was a good guy, but what she could not
figure out was what he was doing with
the farouche group he called friends. They
were not orderly, gentlemanly and ladylike.

They talked rough and swore a lot. From
her upbringing she learnt people should
not behave that way. However as Stanley
kept spending time with his friends and
Eve sometimes tagged along, she began to
see Stanley’s friends differently. They were
selfless; the sort of group who put their
friends first in all they did. With time Eve
came to realize she had judged them
rather too quickly. As years rolled by, the
respect Eve had for Stanley and his friends
grew. However there were things she
didn’t know about them. Had she
uncovered the litany of secrets which lay
amongst them, perhaps that would have
changed the sad events which unfolded


Eve was a deftly shaped pretty lady with a
piquant mind. For Stanley Eve was his
world. He often boasted that God looked
upon his soul, found his peculiar needs
and then went to work to produce Eve for
him. Those who knew Eve could not agree
more. She was a bundle of beauty sealed in
a package of gentle and quiet spirit. She
was graceful and had a natural charm
which made her easily calm even the most
stubborn men. In trying moments, she
would cut the figure of a lily pushing
through a storm, surprising her friends
with her veiled staying power. “I have
always had a dream about what my
wedding will look like. It is going to turn
out just the way I have dreamt it,” she said
to Stanley who was standing by the
kitchen door watching her ravishingly. “I
don’t care how the wedding turns out; all I
want is to get married to you Eve.” Stanley
stepped away from the door and put his
hands around her lithe, seductively
sculptured body. “I don’t mind getting
wedded to you right here,” Stanley
continued. “You have held on for about
four years, there is no need to rush in now
baby. Our wedding is a week away, after
which you will know much a bad girl I
have prepared myself to be to you.” She
winked at him, held him tightly and
continued, “We will have the whole of our
lives to love each other, and we will never
stop loving each other. I have a vow with
God to keep. The moment I say ‘I do’ on
the altar, that vow will be broken and I will
be yours forever.” Eve said, her voice
sounding like a songbird.


Their church service was straight to the
point; there was not much tales told by the
preacher. Eve had a word with the
preacher earlier and asked he save his
sermon for Sunday and wed them without
too much homily about failed marriages
and how to save theirs from crashing.

The preacher had laughed hard when Eve said
to him, “If you decide to preach long and
delay us, the truth is you will have wasted
your time because I won’t remember a
word from whatever you preach. On that
day my mind will be on stripping down
after my wedding, and letting Stanley have
his way with my body. I have waited four
years for it. I hope you won’t delay me any
further.” “If you have kept yourself and
waited that much, which is pleasing in the
Lord’s sight, then I won’t delay you a
second on that day,” the preacher had
assured. After the exchange of vows and
rings, the newly wedded couple had
sessions of photo shots with relatives and
friends; during which their friends gave all
present a taste of the part which awaited
them at the reception. While Eve was
taking shots with several guests, she had
spotted two men in a car some distance
from their photo stand pointing at her and
saying stuff she could not make out. When
her eyes met with theirs, they turned their
faces away and drove away fast.

When Eve and Stanley left the reception,
their destination was hotel de la crème, an
upscale hotel in the city famous for its
international services. “We have dreamt
this day for long and now it is here,” Eve
said as she held Stanley closer to her body.

Stanley took her cue for what it was and
kissed her passionately. Eve relished every
bit of his invading kiss. She m0aned,
twisted herself and sat on his laps. Their
driver had to wind up the glass between
him and the couple he was taking to hotel
de la crème. Eve giggled and said to the
driver, “Thanks for your understanding,”
even though she knew he wasn’t going to
hear her. He had wound up the glass
because the steamy passionate session
between the couple at the back seat was
getting in the way of his driving. With the
momentary privacy they had, Eve asked
Stanley, “Baby should I undress now?” She
had the look on her face which gave
Stanley the impression she wasn’t joking.
“You can’t be serious. How can you
undress in a car taking us to the hotel?
What has come over you? This is unlike
you.” “Didn’t I tell you I am a naughty girl
in a good way? I have kept my vow with
God, now that I am married, please don’t
deny me.”

Stanley looked at her curiously and began
to laugh. Eve made a face, pretending she
had some super power; she tried to pull
off Stanley’s head from his neck. Stanley fell
back on the seat, tilted his head and played
dead. Eve put her hand under his armpit
and tickled him. He laughed hard, sprang
up and raising his hands high like a bear
about to claw its prey to death, he came
after her. Eve raised her hands in similar
fashion and growling like a bear, she
attacked him. Both of them held each other
in their hands and kissed until their car
pulled up in hotel de la crème. Normally Eve
should have waited for Stanley to get
down first and open the door for her, but
she sprang out of the car first. Holding her
wedding gown with one arm she ran to
the other side of the car and grabbed
Stanley who had just stepped out of the
car and led him into the hotel lobby,
hurrying to their room.

In the room, both of them peeled their
clothes off in a hurry. Just then there was a
knock on the door. “Oh God, who is that?
Babe, ignore the knock,” Eve said with
desperation. When the knock persisted
Stanley slipped away from Eve, got in his
clothe and went to check who was at the
door. Eve took the moment to use the
restroom. While she was in the restroom,
she heard a husky male voice ask Stanley,
“Where is she?” The question was
followed by a scream from Stanley.

The man had hurt him. Eve flew out of the
restroom and met Stanley in a pool of
blood on the floor. She was terrified and
screamed, “Help! Help! Somebody Help!”
The man raised his hand, revealing a pistol
with a silencer device on it barrel. Eve
raised her hands in the air and pleaded,
“Please don’t shoot me! Don’t please!”

The man fired shots at her, dropping her to the floor. In seconds the spot where she lay
was stained with blood. Certain he had
done his job, the man quietly closed the
door and left.

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