Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Alexander POV:

I quickly picked up a pencil and started sketching….

She has pointed nose

She has a very long hair….

Her hips are so wide and…. Sexy

She’s really an epitome of beauty.

But where the hell is she?

Amaya… Where are you?

Thoughts kept running through my mind as I continued sketching her picture in the paper.

Though I don’t think she looks exactly the way I drew her.

Am not even sure…

I glanced at the wall clock…

It was 2pm.

I didn’t go to the office today.

I lied that I was not feeling too well but am actually feeling fine.

I quickly got up and kissed the picture I drew.

“You are not my imagination Amaya… I know you really exist” I smiled.

I got into the bathroom and took a shower

I hurriedly came out of the bathroom and wore my clothes.

And today am going to find her.

At the beach where she saved me.

I walked downstairs in my expensive attire….

And straight to the garage I hopped into my car and drove off holding the picture.

I looked straight into the sea as the strong wave kept rushing.

I watched the wave calm…

“Amaya please come back! Come back so that I can prove to everyone that am not insane” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I really love Amaya and I wish she will just come to me.

I know you are confused and you are wondering what am talking about.

This is my story….


It was summer and I thought of going on a cruise.

For fun….

I got into the boat and rowed the boat in excitement.

It was so nice as the cool breeze blow all over my body.

Suddenly, the wave became strong…

I couldn’t row the boat anymore

I couldn’t control the boat… I fell into the sea as the boat turned upside down.

I fell right inside the sea

When a soft, mild… Tender hands helped me up.

That was all I could remember.

Until I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful lady beside me.

She already helped me to the beach sand.

“Are you OK?” She asked as I stared at her pretty face.

I couldn’t see her clearly…. My vision was blurry.

“Who… are….are… you?” I managed to ask still looking at her.

“AMAYA…. I am Amaya..” She said as I heard voices from afar.

“Am Alexander….” I said as my head ached badly.

“Amaya let’s go home already… Mother won’t be happy if she hears that we’ve gone so far” A tiny voice said.

Amaya quickly got up and let go of my hands.

“I have to go Alexander…” She said and ran off.

Before I could gather strength to get up, I couldn’t see them anymore.

And it’s been six years ago but it feels like yesterday.


My cell phone rang aloud….

It was Stephanie.

I forgot to tell you…

My parents thinks am just imagining things whenever I talk about Amaya.

And Stephanie’s family happened to be a friend of my family.

So they wanted us to get married.

But I know who I want.

It’s no other person but Amaya.

I quickly hung up the call and switched my phone off.

I just wished I could see her again.

I took off my eye glasses and sat on the beach sand hoping for a miracle to happen.

Nina’s POV

“Goddammit! His phone is switched off mommy” I said as I scratched my head.

“Where could that hot headed brother of yours be? What the hell is wrong with him?” Mom said as she throw the glass of wine she was holding.

“Mommy you have to calm down! Alexander is my elder brother and he’s not a toddler” I said

“Nina it’s 11pm already… I think we should inform the police about this” Mom said as she picked up her cell phone.

“Mommy that’s too early… It’s not up to 24 hours” I said as mom burst into tears.

“That brother of yours is going to give me hypertension” Mom said as I patted her hair.

The door throw open and Alexander came in.

He reeked of alcohol.

“My goodness Alexander… What is wrong with you?” Mom screamed as Alex collapsed into her arms.

“AMAYA…” Were his last words before he passed out….




But wait oo

Does Amaya really exist?

Me am even confused

we will see…..

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