Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I looked at her closely, she was neither smiling or frowning.

She suddenly bent down to pick up a leaf from the ground, she was obviously trying to hide her shyness.

I was making her uncomfortable

“… you haven’t answered my question Oby? Tell me what you think of me…? I repeated

She managed to raise her head up but did not look into my eyes like I was looking into hers

“I think you are handsome…” She managed to say

“You think? You are not sure… tell me more? I said trying not to laugh with her shy attitude

“You’re a good looking man and also…well, I don’t really know. We just met last two months and this is the third time we will be talking by the road side. You’re not from this village only your friend chuka is. I can only say what I saw… I don’t know your attitude or if you are a womanizer or even a…

I couldn’t wait for her to finish I started laughing.

“I may not be from this village but because of you this place has also become part of me. I traveled all the way from the city to see you. That should be enough prove that I’m serious. I know almost everything about you. Oby, you’re the daughter one of the village teachers … Mazi Azuka is your father’s name. I have made my enquires and atleast know you enough. asides your dashingly beauty you’re also a dancer. It was your erotic dance moves that got me searching for you. I traveled all the way down here for my best friend, Chuka’s traditional wedding. I never had the intention of getting carried away by a beautiful damsel. It was during the dance performance at Chuka’s wedding that I saw your outstanding dance moves. I was glued to you Oby from that moment. I want you to be mine…I will go and meet your father if you don’t mind…

She looked up at me and said

“No oo. My father will be angry with me. Please don’t put me in trouble. I’m just 18years I don’t have any intention of having a boyfriend yet. I want to go to the university…my father is looking for people that will buy his plots of land so that he can send me to school. Instead of staying idle, I decided to learn tailoring until father gets a buyer. As the first child, my family believe if I go to school, finish well and get a good job I will be able to train my younger siblings.

I admire her smart talk and all I saw was a potential wife material in Oby.

She was 18, never had a boyfriend, not wild like the City girls and she was very beautiful and had a perfect body shape. I will be able to mould her to my perfect taste. Oby will be mine forever.

“Do you like me…or love me…? Don’t be shy, please answer me… is very important..” I asked

“I like you too but I can’t be your girlfriend. My parents won’t approve of it and I really want to go to school first. Some of my friends have gotten admission and traveled out of the village to the big City for that. I will be finishing my tailoring training next year. I’m still hoping that by then my father might have sold his land so that I can leave this village too…

I thought of what to do because I really want this girl.

Ever since I set my eyes on her she captured my mind, I have not been able to think straight ever since

I want her, I traveled all the way from Abuja to this village just because of her.

She does not have a phone to reach out, she usually hide and use the father’s phone but that is on a rare occasion.

She told me that she can’t afford a phone and her father says is not time for her to get one.

If there is any important thing that she needs to be reached for then she will give her father’s phone number out because he is the only one that has phone in their family.

“Can I come and see your father… please? I asked trying to take her hands into mine.

“No… no. My father is very strict…if you come what will you tell him? She said withdrawing her hand from me the moment she saw a woman on bicycle passing by.

“Don’t be scared, leave whatever I’m going to say to me. I Know how to go about it. But my only problem is do you want me as I also want you…

She nodded shyly with her head bent.

I felt like kissing her at that moment but that will make me look like I’m rushing all over the poor girl.

Anything it takes for me to have her I will.

She later told me she needs to go before her people starts looking for her.

She turned and ran off.

With all my observation, Oby was homely and respectful.

She knew that my name was Austin yet she will hardly call me by name.

Maybe because I’m twenty eight and she is eighteen that’s ten years different.

The gap in our age means nothing to me, my heart beat for Oby and I will do anything possible to have her and make her my wife.

But first, I need to go see her father after then I will know what next for me.

My journey all the way from Abuja to this village will not be in vain.

I silently prayed.

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