Episode 1

” Good morning! Good morning!!! ”. That sounded like my mother’s voice. Madam strict,it is not
even 6:30 AM yet…and yet,my mother is waking me up to get ready for school. Who would want to
get out of this large and soft fluffy bed like mine,then go to school to sit on a hard desk in school?

But I must get ready for daddy to take me to school, least he gets late for work.
” Get up now Angelina. Wake up sleepy head,am done with breakfast, be fast and come
downstairs to eat,your dad is waiting for you ”. She said.

” Okay mum. But will you please shut the door on your way out? ”. I said,yawning.
She laughed. ” Okay miss privacy ”. She said and walked out,shutting the door from behind.

” Oh God! ”. I said as I layed back on by bed and swung my arms and legs in bed like I was

Anyway, my name is Angelina Jordan. And this is the story of my life. I am 26 years old now. But
at a very young age of 13 years old,the experience and trouble I faced in life was more like an
adult. And I guess you all would love to know what I mean. My dad was a rich doctor, who
accomplished his riches in life before marrying my mum. And they gave birth to only me.

My mum was a house wife and she took very good care of dad and I. At the age of 14,my body
had developed so quick and no one believed I was I was 13. I had already started mensturating,
my hips were broad,my b—-t were heavy and I was tall with a dark skin colour. As mummy had
woken up,I immediately took my bath and got to school. I was quiet intelligent in school so I was
always promoted. My body had grown but my brains had not. I was still childish. And I thought I
had it all in life. I couldn’t ask for more. Life had granted me everything… Loving parents, beautiful
me,beautiful school, beautiful mansion, great friends and teachers. I was cheerful, thinking all this
until that same faithful day,the atomic news hit me like a bomb. We closed from school when my
mother’s sister,aunty Okereke and her husband Uncle Tom arrived in the school and I was called
for by my teachers.

I took my school bag and majestically walked out of class thinking my dad had arrived to pick me
up. I got to the entrance, only to find my aunt and uncle in black with gloomy faces. Not that I was
any surprised because aunty Okereke is always frowning. I had never seen her smile.
” Where are my parents? Did they ask you to pick me up? ”. I asked worried.

” Oh my daughter Angelina! ”. Aunt Okereke said in tears.

” Tell her what has happened ”. My teacher said.

I took a deep breath. ” Tell me what? ”.
” Angelina, your parents have just died in a car crush ”.

I totally froze at that moment. ” What?! ”.
” Yes my child,they were on their way here to pick you up when a VIP bus crossed their path and crushed them,leading them to loose their lives ”. She said,wiping her are.
At that moment, I didn’t see or hear anything again. When I opened my eyes,,I was back in my
bedroom. Wow! Was I dreaming? I asked myself. I smiled and thought it was all a dream. Then I
realised I wa in my school uniform. I was alarmed, and heard a knock on my door.
” Come in! ”. I shouted.

Danby entered. He was my eldest cousin. Aunty Okereke’s first son. He got closer and sat besides
me. I realised he was wearing black. Then the memory came rushing back to me.

” Are you okay now? ”. He asked in a low tone.

” Danny,don’t tell !e that my parents are dead,please ”. I cried.

” I..I am..soo..so sorry Angy ”. He said in tears.

I wept my heart out at that moment. I couldn’t believe I just turned into am orphan. But I woke up
that same day and my parents were completely healthy and alive,and now,they are dead. I’m left
alone in the world now. My parents used to teach me to always have faith in God. So how come
God did this to them? And to me? From that very second,a part of me loosed hope in God. A
month after the funeral,my father’s house was now empty,quiet and lonely. I was alone,weeping
their death,it seemed like a never ending torture to me.

A day after being alone, my ain’t,uncle and my father’s lawyer arrived in the mansion with some
ddocuments in hand. They refused to be offered water or anything but rather gave me a news. A
shocking news I wasn’t expecting.

The lawyer got closer to me in a cunning manner and held my shoulders.

” Angelina, when your parents were alive, they both went on an agreement that your aunt over
here,and your uncle would be your guardians when they are no longer alive. And you will be under
their care with any other belongings of your father,until you are 25 years of age. And when you are
25,all your father’s properties will be handed over to you. You will then have your freedom to do
what you want ”.

” What?! No way! That’s impossible! ”. I said in shock.

” My turned shut up there! ”. Aunt Okereke snapped angrily. ” Who are you to reject your parents
wishes? ”.

” This can never be the wishes of my parents. Aunty,I know my father never liked you. You two
never went eye to eye,so how come he left me in your care? ”.

Suddenly, the expression on aunt Okereke’s face changed. That is when I suspected that,there
was something fishy going on.

” And you this lawyer,how much have you being paid to fordge this le? ”. I asked boldly ” What?! How can a s!all girl like you,insult me like that? I am a respectable person,and
besides,this were your parent wishes! ”. He replied.

” Mr lawyer, please don’t waste your time explaining things to her,wether she likes it or not,she will
be in our hands now ”. Aunt Okereke said evilly.

” You may take your leave now lawyer,thanks for everything ”. Uncle Tom accompanied him to the

” I am not going to accept this fake wishes…..
I didn’t finish my sentence when aunt Okereke landed a hot slap on my face,making me fall to the
cold floor. I raised my head up,looking at her in shock.

” You spoilt brat! Do you think I am here to pamper you? No way! I am now the owner of this
mansion and all your father’s properties, so now,you better respect me. Because from today,I
control your destiny,and because of what your stupid mother,did to me many years ago,I will make
you suffer for that ”. She spitted out with a monstrous face.

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