Episode 1

The queue was so long and the sun was not helping matters at all. I had longed to be in the university,after 3years of seeking admission. At 19, I finally got an admission into Federal universities of technology, Minna. My Dad is not a big fan of private universities, even though he could afford it because he’s rich, if not I would have been in one of the private universities before now.

I was thankful for this admission, but the registration process was too strenuous.
Stress and hardship as ndow become a norm in this part of the country, you don’t get to do anything successfully except you are stressed and drained.

Can’t we just do the registration online and get this over with” I said in my mind.

“Excuse me” a voice interrupted my thought. Please I need to get a cold drink before I faint here, please I’m at your back, can you kindly keep this space for me, I can’t afford to start all over again when I return”
“Sure, no problem” I replied

“Thanks, by the way I’m Tinuke Oni”
“Anike Adams” I said with a smile
She asked if I needed anything and I told her to just get me water.

She came back few minutes later and handed a plastic bottled water to me. I gave her money for the bottled water but she rejected, I thanked her in return.

Finally I was through with my registration, I was giving an accommodation in the school hostel. I located room 203 and entered the room.

I was surprised when i met the same Tinuke in the room unpacking. I realized she’s my room mate and fortunately for us, we are also in the same department.

The room was nice but small, though it’s a two bedded room, we both liked it. I started unpacking too. Hoping that I’ll enjoy my stay with Tinuke.

First day of lecture was something else, we got to the lecture theater as early as possible, but to our surprise the whole place was filled up.

“Tinuke, these people did not sleep in their hostels?” I asked

“Anike, I’m as shocked as you, the lecture is to start by 8am and this is just 7:30 that means we have to be here by 7:00am if we want to get a sitting space” She replied

“God! You mean we have to be here by 7:00am for 8am lecture” I queried.

“Yes, unless you want us to stand all through for lectures like today”

Since that day, we make sure we were in the lecture theater by 7am just to secure a seat.

I was so happy it was Friday, the first week was hectic. It has been 8am- 5pm all through.

“Thank God it’s Friday” I said excitedly when we came back from lectures.

At least we can rest and eat better food for the weekend. The quickest food we had time to cook during the week was noodles, then bread.

“Which of the campus fellowship do you intend to attend?” Tinuke asked me
while making dinner.

“RCF” I replied

“RCF is OK by me too, then we can go together on Sunday”

Sunday service was awesome, it’s always refreshing to be in the presence of God. We got back to the hostel and prepared lunch.

“I hate Mondays” I said while devouring my lunch.

“Don’t tell me you are already thinking about tomorrow”

“Why won’t I, 8am-6pm lectures including practical.

“Don’t worry we’ll soon get use to the stress” she assured me.

Tinuke’s phone was rang, she checked the caller ID and smiled before picking the call.
After the call, I asked about her boyfriend and she told me about Sam. He lives and work in Abuja. He’s 3years older than Tinuke and they’ve been dating for 6months now.
Tinuke wrote JAMB thrice, all because she wanted to study medicine but she was adviced to accept the admission she was giving here in FUT MINNA for now, then she can cross later. She explained her plight to me.

“So you are still planning to study medicine?” I asked

“Yes, I’ll continue writing JAMB until I’m giving admission to study medicine”

“Doctor Tinuke I wish all your dreams come through”

“Amen, thanks”

I noticed the guy monitors her a lot, she always give him details of all her movements, and she confirmed that the guy is jealous and insecure.

“Your turn Anike, tell me about your boyfriend” she said

“Honestly I don’t have one”

“But I do hear you make calls at night and definitely the caller is a guy”

“You are right but the guy is my childhood friend, he calls everyday because we are very close”

“So what stops you guys from dating or does he has a girlfriend?”

“No he doesn’t”

“Then you guys should start something, it’s obvious you like each other. If he doesn’t like you he won’t be calling you for more than an hour everyday”

“I know we like each other but I think we are better off as friends”

“So you have friend zoned him abi?”she said and we both laughed. Na fahimta(I understand) she added

“One more thing Tinuke, you must teach me Hausa o, Abuja girl”

”Ba masala”(no problem) This is an hausa speaking state, don’t worry you’ll learn fast, Lagos girl” she said smiling.

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