Episode 1

It was still about 40 (or so days) to the year’s August Business Retreat but the staff-coverage and verbal attention the event was already getting was just incredibly exhilarating! The entire office had understandably gone crazy with most people endlessly asking me what plans were in place for the up-coming soirée. They just wanted to know everything; from what venue had been chosen, to what activities had been mapped out. Of course, judging from previous experience, we already knew it was always going to be a four-day event and would definitely come in August. We also knew that every branch of the firm will be attending with their own crew just as it has always been. So there were little or no uncertainties surrounding those rather fixed situations. But there were still many unknowns with regards to other associated factors, which invariably kept thrilling most member of staff as the month of August gradually approached. As a female and the Staff Officer at my branch, the heightened enthusiasm only made my position a lot more wearisome. Every other member of staff had the notion that I knew much about the planning and staging of the up-coming retreat and found me the most available source for news and gossip from the management. What they didn’t really know nor accepted was that I wasn’t deeply involved in the planning within the branch any longer; as I had always done in the past. In fact, the new Secretary, Binta (who suddenly doubled as the Branch Manager’s PA upon her arrival) quite easily pushed me to the side!

She took up every single management function I ever had in the branch amid rumours that she was brazenly screwing the Branch Manager inside-out! As this particular August Retreat approached, I was easily displaced with her. She became the one in charge of the branch’s staff-arrangements for the event ahead of myself, and was always beside the executive at every trip that concerned the office’s preparations. While most of my colleagues, out of obvious oblivion, occupied themselves with seeking for more details from me (to which I never had any to give), I was more bothered about my own slimming chances of attending at all! I was already fearing the worst – after all, the ‘list’ was going to be released in just a few days from then!
Our office, Octopus Analytics Ltd, is basically a data mining and analytics Company. Although we do other not-so-related things, like arranging sample models for corporate clients when they ain’t willing to allow us conduct surveys ourselves, we are much more into the actual mining of figures more than anything else. The office history revolves around the story of two gentlemen who are basically friends and after securing degrees in the UK, chose to float a company. Today, we have our Head Office in Abuja with three (3) other (branch) offices – Lagos, Port Harcourt and Onitsha, across the country. Lagos is my branch and we have about 15 members of staff. I have always quite easily thought that the entire outfit wasn’t the biggest it could be yet, but then had a way of appearing big to punters. Clients always feel we are just a few naira digits away from going multi-national but the staff within know the truth about the actual size of the organization. We all know that the brand and its effective packaging are the very force driving the firm. The caliber of staff was also another as well as the company’s vision for staff incentive. In fact, this combination was what eventually gave birth to the organization’s Annual Business Retreat. I was once told it was initially, the idea of one of the Branch Heads at our Port Harcourt office and the aim was to create a few days of interaction among staff and Management. Such days were also meant to create an avenue for the Management to illuminate staff on what the current vision and future of the organization looked like, while staff communicate the challenges they face and would face in the pursuit of the new goal(s). Fair enough, the idea was bought but instead of making it just a branch thing, the CEO insisted it be made a collective event – all branches would come together annually to hold the said retreat! Thankfully, it worked from the start and has been an annual fixture within the coy for nearly 5 years now. With the meeting usually awash with chats, presentations, staff activities/games and a concluding banquet, it looked like something nobody would ever love to miss!
Unfortunately though, not everyone was invited to the Annual Retreat. The executive instruction (usually served via a memo) from the Head Office has always been that while the Head Office would attend the retreat with a group of 10, every other branch would come with no higher than 8 members of their branch staff. No restrictions were placed over the exact ranking of staff who could make up the 8-man crew but then, most branches have always opted for the most senior of their staff. And whenever a rather low-ranking officer were to be included at all, it was usually the personal secretary to the branch head in question or an aide that made the cut. Our case in Lagos was equally no different. For the five years we’ve been attending the symposium, we have maintained the 8-man crew. The Branch head and his vice, were usually the first two on the list. To be followed by the Heads of Statistics and Operations. Then myself (who was the staff-officer) and three other members of staff – usually senior officers. And finally, the BH’s personal aide. That was our eight! Never was there any room for our office secretary who used to be a guy despite the random manner with which the three senior staff members were often picked to make up the list. But this was certainly changing because of Binta. From what was playing this time around, it was becoming clearer and clearer that she was an absolute shoo-in for the ‘list’. Then given that our 8-man crew has always been a combination of three ladies and five men, I was already finding it hard to think that one of the men would be dropped ahead of myself. It didn’t just feel right. It only just looked like Binta was the actual person who displaced my position on the list and it only felt terrible as the release date for the ‘list’ kept approaching. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to bear the disappointment if as suspected, I eventually didn’t make the crew!
Anyways, the exact thing nobody (including myself) was willing to openly speak or discuss yet within the office, about the up-coming retreat was the high expectation that it would only just be a rather debauched continuation of that of the previous year; which was basically top-drawer for everyone of us! That was simply the dirty truth nobody was keen to openly admit yet, given the depraved implication in admitting such. But from the desperate unforgiving interest the event had uncommonly generated so far, it was a lot clearer what the real motivation was for our in-house staff! In other words, under that veil of ‘the-retreat-helps-staff-and-management’, a careful look reveals a rather sinful impetus driving the thrill among staff and management; myself included! To say it in plain language, the Retreat of the previous year was simply mind-blowing and the ‘best’ so far! There were lots of activities and reasons to interact with staff from other branches with relative ease. However, just like what anybody would expect when you have full grown and vibrant men and women put together in a place, it soon became a breeding ground for lustful rustlings and attractions! We openly began pairing with fellow staff signaling the consuming s£nsu@l connections that were already beginning to tie us all up!

Spectacularly, our bosses were also so involved in it; right from the CEO and his assistant down to the branch heads! They soon eagerly and shamelessly began running after the classy psychedelic girls that were part of the crews from other branches! While it seemed rather odd at the initial stages, it soon appeared commonplace as the event wore on! Ordinary staff members were more or less being given green light to catch their own fun as we all kept clinging to anyone that showed any interests at all! In fact by the time we were set to have the concluding dinner, which usually marked the end of the event, the s£nsu@l height was already so much that people were now brazenly pecking and cuddling their crushes in the open!

The ladies equally didn’t make it easy for the guys too as we simply dressed to kill that very night! Skirts of virtually all sizes in minis, and tops of all pluggable depths in neck-lines adorned our flagrant curves as we entered the banquet hall to a group of drooling men! Thighs jiggled, booties bounced, hips swayed and b0s0m heaved! It was just a night of immense sexuality and had it not been the final day of the program, an extra hour would have turned the Retreat into a much more s*x-filled raunchy outing – just like we desperately desired! We all left the following day accordingly, with our sexual cravings still very much intact!

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