Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

( I don’t care )

Brody’s POV

I sat at the school cafe with my friend Cooper , before us were pizza . We were eating and conversing

“How about that Naomi of a girl ?” He asked and I giggled

“The bitch fell in love with me so quick , she doesn’t know I only play with girl’s emotions ” I replied and we both laughed

“Crazy man ! But you such a bad boy, you’ve made three girls fall in love with you in just two weeks ” I said and he blushed

“I’m the game master here, many of them really flock around me because of my money ” I said

“You should know that Love doesn’t exist ” I added and ate more of my pizza

“So who’s gonna be your next target ?” He asked

“Oh! Erm… That should be the new girl ” I replied

“Oh! miss political money” Cooper said and we both laughed

“The girl is one clumsy girl , I wonder how that poor girl was able to get admitted here ” I said as I chew my pizza

“If not for the scholarships , there wouldn’t have being traces of any poor student here , so she’s the girl you wanna catch fun with now ?” Cooper asked

“Sure , and I’m sure the fool will foolishly fall in love with me since I’ve gat cash only for me to break her heart like I had done to other girls ” I said and we both laughed

Payton’s POV

It was like a dream to me when I got mailed that I had being admitted to my dream school. It’s a school of the rich not for poor people like us

My mom is so poor , and I work my ass off to take care of the family day and night .

I resumed the school last week and it’s really being fun , no one is ready to make friends with me cus many people call me political money cus I’m poor. They believe it’s the government that is paying my school fee and they mock me always for that

But I don’t allow that to move me , I just go to school, learn , mind my business and go home

But there is this popular boy I’ve heard a rumour about . They tallkof how rich and charming he is . How every lady wants to date him and how he has proudly broken many lady’s heart

I kinda have this hatred towards him cus of how he treats ladies

I was just strolling around the school before the assembly commences when two boys walked towards me

“Hey ” one of them called

“Do I know you?” I asked boldly and they looked at themselves in surprise

“It’s obvious you didn’t know us , well, I’m Brody , the richest and cutest boy in this school , the one that no one dares and have many ladies flock around and with me is my childhood friend Cooper , I guess you now know whom we are now” He said proudly with a wryly grin on his lips

“Who cares though ! I don’t give a f**k who you are , excuse me ” I said and walked away…

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