Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

(Somewhere in Chicago)

In a hotel room, a man stood at the window, looking out at the buzzing street.

A lady entered the room, putting on a Mini gown. She walked to him, hugged him from the back and rubbed his chest in a seductive way.

“I heard that you are traveling soon and you might not come back” the lady said.

“Yes” he answered still looking outside the window.

“Why do you have to go?” the lady said, it clearly showed she was sad.

“I found her, I found that lady” he said.

“Too bad, I won’t get to see you again” the lady said.

“I guess” the guy said emotionless but the lady is not surprised this is not their night together.

“Why don’t we make this our last night the best” she said.

The guy turned to her.

“What are we waiting for” he said and the lady got on her knees.

She removed his d**k from his short, brought it to her lips and took into mouth and start svcking on it while the guy moaned in pleasure.

She was svcking him slowly teasing the guy.

“Oh Anabel” he said.

Dave Alfred is a young multi billionaire, he owns a big company with branches all over the world, shopping malls, apartment complexes and lots of other assets.

He is the only male child in his family accompanied by his two younger sisters.

He is in his early 30’s, has a broad chest, lean, not really a muscle lover, he is of average height about 5’10, won’t say he is the most handsome guy in the room but, he is definitely handsome.

And one more thing.

He is very popular, especially among girls.

(In Nigeria, Lagos)

A lady was shown about to cross the street.

From her appearance, it’s showed she is probably an average lady.

Putting on a pink short gown, her dressing showed she was going to work.

She crossed the street, and entered a big company.

“Good morning miss Debbie” the security man greeted.

“Morning” she replied and entered.

“Good morning” people greets her as they walked pass her.

“Morning” she said.

She got to her office.

“Good morning Debbie,” rose one of co worker said.

“Morning” she said and put her bag down.

“Is he in” Debbie asked.

“Yes” rose said.

She entered her boss office.

“Good morning” she greeted.

“Why are u late?” Her boss asked rudely.

“Come on Marcus, I already told u my car broke down” she explained.

“And I also told u not to call me Marcus when we are at work” he spat.

“Oh! am sorry sir” Debbie apologized.

“Whatever” he said.

“What’s my schedule for the day?” He asked.

She brings out her tablet.

“You have a meeting with Mr John at 2 pm after that u have no more meetings” she said.

“Good, u can leave” he said.

“Uhn Marcus” she called while he glared at her.

“Am sorry, I meant sir, can I go see my mom today. She is not feeling fine” she said.

“Why are you asking me?” He asked.

“Well you told me you have a party with your friends tonight, so am telling u I might miss it” she said.

“Oh I almost forgot, you can’t go, you can go after the party but you can’t go today” he said.

“But my mom” she said.

“You can’t go” he said.

“Ok” she said and slammed the door angry at him.

She has been dating him for a year now and they are getting married soon.

Debbie is a very beautiful lady, she is smart and intelligent, a type of woman any guy will wish for.

And she is well mannered, she first met Marcus when she went for an interview in another company but was not given the job.

Marcus decided to help her and offered her a job and that led to them dating.

She is not really into Marcus, but she needs him because of her job, in order to take care of her parents.

So in other ways, she is only dating Marcus because she needs him.

“Are u alright?” Rose asked seeing that Debbie was not in a good mood.

“Am fine” she said and faked a smile.

(Nigeria airport)

Dave was shown in the airport waiting for someone.

“Sir!” a guy called waving. He is tall, not really dat handsome he was dressed in a suit.

Dave walked to him, the other guy, faith opens his arm widely thinking Dave was going to hug him, but he was surprised when Dave moved away from him.

Faith used his hand to cover himself to avoid the embarrassment.

“You are still emotionless” he said to Dave who walked ahead not even bothering to talk him.

He ran to Dave bcos he was moving fast.

“Did u find out what I asked u to?” Dave asked.

“Yes, it is just as he said” faith said while Dave stopped.

He look angry and at the same time excited.

“Ok, I hope u didn’t tell my parent am here?” He asked.

“Not at all” he said.

“Ok what about the house?” Dave asked.

“Yes, just the way u asked” faith said.

“Good” Dave said.

“What are u going to do” faith asked.

“Have her back” he said.

“What if she doesn’t like u anymore, I meant she is with another man” faith said.

“That is none of ur problem” Dave said rudely.

“Where is the car key?” Dave asked.

“Here” he said and hands over the key to him.

“Am going alone” Dave said.

“How? Am supposed to drive u” faith argued.

“Well am going alone” he said and pressed the car key.

He entered and drove off.

“But I have no cash with me” faith shouted.

Lagos lekki estate

( in Marcus house)

Debbi was preparing for the party, some of Marcus friends has arrived. But she seem not happy bcoz she didn’t get to see her mom.

“You look beautiful” Marcus said to Debbie who was all prepared.

He kissed her on the neck and Debbie moved away.

“We have some guest, we should go entertain them” Debbie said.

“Are u angry because of what I did in the morning”? he asked.

“No” Debbie said and left the room.

Marcus is a man who like to differentiate between work and relationship.

“Debbie!” cynitha her friend called.

“Hi” Debbie said and hugged her.

“You look beautiful tonight” cynitha said checking Debbie out.

“Thanks babe” she said.

The door bell rings.

“Debbie plz attend to the person” Marcus who was talking with his friends said to Debbie.

“Whatever” she said and rolled her eyes.

“Coming” she said to cynitha.

She opened and her reaction shows she was shocked by what she saw.

“You!” she said surprised while the person outside smirked.

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