Episode 1


The wind blowing past my ears made me increased my pace, the dark clouds are moving very fast. I close my eyes slightly as the strong wind blew sand in my eyes.

How come it suddenly wants to rain? I grumbled within me.

People are running to either take shelter before it rains or get to their destination in time before it rains.

The boss station is still far from where I am now, if I decide to rush there, I bet I’ll be drenched in the rain.

Looking around, I saw a dark alley, I bite my lower lip as I meditate whether to take shelter there or not.

Many bad things always happens in a dark alley I thought.

Suddenly, a very strong wind blew past me and I shiver, I feel my hands shaking in cold.

I don’t have a choice… Since it’s about to rain, I don’t think I’ll meet any evil in the alley with that little courage, I dashed into the alley.

I loose my sweater from around my waist and wore it, I rub my hand together and smile in satisfaction.

Much better! I’m a little warmer now.

Soon, it’s raining heavily. I sighed softly and close my eyes to enjoy the sound of the rain hitting the roof.

You can say I love rainy days, because it’s the only day I can lazy about.

I flinch back in fright as I hear a loud thud, my eyes grew wide in fear.

Please don’t tell me the bad guys are here! I panicked.

Then I heard a groan, a weak groan as if someone is in pain. I quickly open my backpack and reach for my pepper spray and torch lighter.

It’s raining cats and dogs outside, I can get in the rain and get sick. And I can’t just wait quietly for my death, I should find out if I’m safe or not.

I take slow steps towards the direction I heard the groan, I turn on my torch. With each step I take, the groaning becomes louder.

My torch fell off my hand just as I released a frightened gasp, I quickly picked up my torch and point out my pepper spray as my weapon. I take slow steps forward and take a closer look…. There’s a man.

I crunched and look at him closely he’s covered in blood and breathing weakly.

Oh my goodness! Heavens! What happened to this man? I wonder.

I’m suddenly in a tight grip and my torch was snatched from me, I close my eyes as my torch was pointed back at my face.

“Who the f**k are you?!” A male voice growled in my ear.

I tried to free myself but he wouldn’t let go, his grip is too tight.

I thought he’s injured? How come he’s still this strong?

“Who the f**k are you?! Speak before I send you to your bloody maker!!” I feel something cold touch my head and I gulp.

It shouldn’t be what I’m thinking…. I shouldn’t have come here….. I should have entered the rain.


“I.. I.. I’m Catherine and I only came for shelter…. I promise I’ll leave after the rain…. A.. and I didn’t see anything… I didn’t see you… I didn’t see you are bleeding…. I didn’t see any bleeding man… I…. ”

“Shut up!!”

I nod and shut my mouth instantly. He lets go of me and pushed me away, he begin to cough and spat out some blood.

He grunts as he crawl back and rest against the wall.

I cling on my bag tightly, I bite my tongue and hesitate. I want to help him but I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t.

“What are you still doing here?! Go somewhere else!!” He sneered.

“Erm…. ” I point at him. “You…. Injured… I… Tre… Treatment”

I can’t see his face but I can tell he’s staring or glaring at me in confusion since what I just said made no sense.

“Speak clearly!”

I cleared my throat, I’m just offering help, he can’t kill me for that, right?

“You are injured, let me treat you!”


“But you are bleeding so much, if I don’t clean your wounds now it’s gonna get infected later”


“Come on, I’m not gonna charge you. After all, I’m not a nurse or doctor, I only know the basics”

He didn’t say another but I heard him sigh. I took that as his approval and drop my bag, picked up my torch and search my bag. I took out the equipment I’d use, I always carry them along because I’m clumsy… I use them everytime I’m hurt.

I unbutton his shirt and saw a hole on his chest, blood gushing out.

“Baby Jesus! How did you get hurt like this?”

“Don’t ask!!”


I sigh and look at the hole, the blood is pouring non-stop.

“Don’t just stare at it!!”

“Yeah, yeah!”

“There’s a bullet, pull it out slowly!!”

I freezed. Did I hear him wrong?

“Bu… Bu… Bu…”

“F**king pull it out!!”

I nod quickly and reach for a scissors in my bag, my hands are shaking. Like seriously, I’m hardly holding the scissors, how can I pull the bullet out?

“What are you still waiting for!!”

In fright I stab the scissors in his chest and he hissed loudly.

“Bloody hell!!”

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… Oh my God… I…”

“Bloody pull it out!!” He growled out.

I nod frantically and pulled the scissors out, I don’t know what happened. The bullet was supposed to go in more, but it surprisingly fell out.

“I’m sorry… Please forgive me….”

“Clean it up and wrap my wound!!”

“Yes, yes, yes”

I quickly clean up the wound and manage to stop the bleeding anyhow, I wrap him up and quickly packed up my stuff.

He grab my hand before I could run off.

“If anyone knows about this…. I’ll hunt you down and kill you!!!”

I raised my fingers up with my thumb crossed.

“I swear, nobody will ever know… I didn’t see you… I didn’t treat any injured man”

“Get lost!!”

Well, you don’t need to tell me twice. I ran off immediately, thankfully it has stopped raining.

I ran and ran until I got to the bus station. I stopped and try to catch my breath…. that was scary.

Cat! Cat! When will you stop helping strangers?

I could have died today if not for my good fortune.

Hopefully, I will never see him again.


“Finally, you’re home. I was gonna send a search party” Andy, my roommate, said as I step in our apartment.

Yeah, my roommate and bestie is a guy. We are way closer than some female besties…like he pampers me a lot.

I groan tiredly and drop my bag on the table in our living room and slumped onto a couch.

“Water!” I whispered.

He stretched out a glass of water in front of my eyes, I snatched it quickly and take large gulps.

“Slow down or you might choke!” He scolds me but I paid him no attention.

I finished the water within the twinkling of an eye and slam the glass on the table.

Andy sat next to me and stare at me silently for a few minutes before he speaks.

“What took you so long? I was beginning to get worried”

I sigh.

“It’s a long story”

“I have time”

I cleared my throat.

“Well, I was trapped by the rain and I ran into a bloody man” I gasp quietly and slapped my hand on my mouth.

I shouldn’t have told him about the bloody men, I promised him I won’t breath a word of it to someone else.

“Bloody man?!” He narrowed his eyes. “Hey, missy, don’t tell me you ran into some trouble! And why didn’t you f**king called me?!”

I hit his shoulder with a light frown.

“Don’t curse in front of me!”

“Tell me, how did you run into a bloody man?!”

I covered my mouth and shake my head.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I’m not saying nothing”


“I promised him I won’t tell anyone”

He snatched my hand away from my mouth and held it down.

“Are you being serious? What if he stalked you home? What if he sees you outside again and do something bad to you? And tell you not to tell anyone, will you still listen to him?”

“That is different”

“Different how?” He paused and glared at me. “Start talking, missy!”

Andy ain’t gonna let this go, it’s best if I tell him everything.

“I’m waiting” he raised his brows.

“I knew it was gonna rain heavily, so I ran into an alley and I met him… He was bleeding so much, I just couldn’t leave him there to bleed to death so I had to help him wrap up his wound”

“What?! you helped a wounded man….and the first thought that came in your head didn’t tell you to run for your life?”

I chewed on my lower lip and blinked innocently.

“My conscience wouldn’t let me….”

he leans forward and flicked my forehead, I hissed and glared at him.

“What’s that for?” I whined.

“I pray your kindness don’t land you in trouble one day!”

I smiled and wink at him.

“it pays to be kind”

Right on cue, my stomach growls loudly and I grab the hem of his shirt and tug it gently.

“Andy… I’m hungry” I give him my cutest puppy eyes.

He looks at me in amusement before he shakes his head and got up.

“Go to your room and freshen up, I’ll set the table”

I quickly shot up and flung my bag on my shoulder.

“See y’all in five!” I dashed into my room.

I can’t wait to eat… Andy’s cooking is the best!

Lucifer ?


I raised my head and saw my right hand man, Chris.

He helped me up and led the way to where he parked my car, I got into the backseat and he enter after me.

“Boss, are you alright? Or should we call Anika to come over to the penthouse?”

“I’m fine, someone wrapped me up!”

“Oh! have you killed him or her? do we need to take care of the corpse?”

I raised my hand and shake my head.

“It’s fine. I didn’t kill her”


“Yeah, a female” I clarified.

“And you didn’t kill her?” I can hear the surprise in his voice.

I shake my head and look ahead, I tapped the driver seat.

“Drive!” I told the driver.

“Yes, boss”

Chris held my arm to have my attention.

“Why didn’t you kill her? Aren’t you afraid we are gonna be exposed?”


“But our number one rule is: don’t let others see us wounded to avoid suspicions!”

I didn’t say a word.


“She won’t say a word”

“How do you know that?”

“Not another word!”

He nod and turn away, he knows not to disobey and speak.


I strode into my penthouse with Chris following closely behind.

“Boss!” my boys chorused when they saw me.

I ignore them and head towards to the staircase.

“Boss, the guy that ambushed you have been found” Chris reports.

“Hmm” I hummed.

“We’ve locked him up waiting for your orders”

I nod and entered my room, I head straight to my bathroom to take a shower. Standing in front of the mirror inside the bathroom, I took off my shirt and stared at my chest.

That female did a pretty good job… though I didn’t see her face clearly, but I captured her eyes and scent.. and that’s enough for me to recognize her anywhere.

After shower, I step out and head to my closet, take out a shirt and pants. I changed and step out of my room.

“Boss, Should I take you there?”

I nod and he led the way.


“That’s him” Chris points at him.

I stopped in front of the f**ker and observe him… he doesn’t seem like a Mafia, he’s more like an assassin.

“Speak! Who sent you?!” I growled.

He stays silent and stares at me… no, glared at me.

“The boss is asking you, who sent you?!” Chris asked him.

“Just kill me! I won’t say a word!”

I reach for my gun in my back pocket, since he’s asking for death why not fulfill his wish.

I don’t waste my time on people like him.

“You might wanna rethink your decision” Chris told him.

He glared at Chris. “You won’t get anything from….”

I didn’t let him finish his statement before I lost few bullets in his head.

“Have the boys clean this mess up!”

“Yes, boss”

I shove my gun back in my pocket.

“Come with me… let’s pay someone a visit!”


“You’ll know soon!” I smirk.

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