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9 months later

Watching as buildings passed her by Jade gazed out the window as the taxi slowed down and stopped in front of her new apartment. Sighing, she grabbed her crutches beside her and got out the car with some help from the driver. Hobbling around to the trunk she saw the delivery guys roll up behind the taxi.

“Here, let me help you.” The driver said, and she shook her head.

“It’s fine. I got it.” Leaning to one side she grabbed her bag, swinging it over her shoulder before grabbing a box. She knew she shouldn’t be putting her body under any kind of stress because of her injuries, but she will be damned if she stands by watching like a cripple.

Jade left one of her crutches in the taxi trunk knowing she would be out again and leant against the other as she carried her boxes inside her new building. She somehow made it up to a few small steps and when she entered her new building a small, but warm foyer greeted her.

It wasn’t overly huge, but large enough for a group to congregate in while waiting for everyone to arrive. The walls were a warm light orange colour and the timber floors were covered by a huge rug which made the place feel welcoming upon first entering. She looked towards the reception desk finding it empty. She was lucky she picked up her keys a week earlier, as all she wanted to do was unpack and settle into her new place. Sighing at the monstrous task ahead of her today, Jade hobbled over to the elevator only to see a no services sign taped to the front. 3

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” Pulling out the paper they assigned her to the room that was on the 4th floor. God, this would be a bitch to her leg. She looked towards the stairs knowing she had no choice and made the journey to the 4th floor with the movers already bringing in what little furniture she had.

By the time she made it to the 4th floor her leg was aching like a bitch, her lungs were sore and her back felt as if it was on fire. All a reminder of what happened only a two-and-a-half months ago. When she got to her door, she dug out her key from her back pocket and opened her new apartment. She stepped inside her 2-bedroom home and noticed it wasn’t as small as she expected for an apartment in defence housing.

She placed her boxes in the middle of her lounge room floor and looked over to the kitchen to see it was a decent size. The only downfall to this apartment was not the size, but the hideous colour painted on all the walls. Jade knew within the next few days she would paint the whole apartment to get rid of the vomit green colour that plastered on every wall.

As the movers bought in more of her furniture and boxes, she went back downstairs to grab the final boxes of her breakable items. Jade slowly made her way downstairs on her own knowing she shouldn’t have left the crutch up in the apartment.

Too late to go back and get it she limped outside knowing when she saw the physio soon he would not be happy. By the time she made it back inside, which took a lot longer than she thought, it surprised her to see the movers had moved everything in. However, she was beyond pissed when she labelled and requested everything to be put into the labelled rooms.

“I thought you were meant to put everything in the right rooms.” She said turning to the removalist who just shrugged.

“We only do what we get paid for.” Cursing her mother who planned the move for her, she knew she did this out of spite because she went away on the tour so quickly after she moved back in with her mother for a couple of weeks. 10

“Don’t worry I will move everything myself.” The movers gave her a look, but shrugged it off and left having been paid already. Grunting, Jade sat down on her bed that was in the middle of the fucking room. Rubbing her leg which was aching with a burning passion she sighed knowing she better get moving or nothing would get done.


She heaved herself off the bed with great effort and quickly swallowed 2 painkillers hoping to get a bit of moving before her leg completely gave out. She first started moving boxes around so she could drag her bed into her room despite the sharp pains in her stomach every time she picked up a heavy box.

Knowing her crutches would be no use, she started to drag the bed from the lounge room into her bedroom, trying her best to ignore the amount of pain she was in. Grunting and swearing she dragged the bed to the door of the room before her leg gave out and she collapsed into a pile of limbs on the floor. 4

“Fuck.” She yelled slamming her fist on the floor. Jade was accustomed to the pain now, but she hated being helpless. She hated not being able to move a simple bed from one room to another without it causing so much trouble. She hated the fact that for the next few months she would be on medical leave and not be out in the field working.

“Knock, knock.” A masculine voice said from the door and Jade could hear that they walked in. 5

“Hello, anyone home.” Pushing herself up onto the wall Jade tried to stand up, but her leg gave out again.

“Just a second.” Jade willed her legs to cooperate as she pushed herself off the wall. Without her crutches, she found it difficult to walk so used the wall as a guide to walk towards the front door, as she all but hopped.

“You ok?” Jade looked up from where she was and saw the most attractive man in her life. Standing before her was a man, a man with well-defined muscle straining against his white shirt, while basketball shorts hung loosely on his waist showing off his well-defined legs. His sharp jaw covered in a few days’ worths of stubble which lead to his never-ending brown eyes and brown hair that sat on his head giving him the just got out of bed look. 5

It took Jade a second to remember that he asked her a question as she was lost in this exquisite man before her.

“Yeah, I am fine, it’s nothing really.” She brushed it off and grabbed her crutches as she hopped over to the man in her apartment.

“Doesn’t look like nothing, it sounded like someone was dying in here.” Jade laughed and shook her head. 8

“Not dying, just trying to move my bed.” Jade held out her hand for the man to shake.

“Corporal Jade Jennings.” The man took Jade’s hand smirking. It surprised her at how soft his hands were despite his size a build. She would have thought his hands would be hard full of calluses judging by the size and build of the man.

“Pleasure to meet you, Corporal. Sergeant Marco Blackwood at your service.” Jade shook his hand having heard of the Blackwood brother from others in her unit. The men talked about the Blackwood brothers as if they were a god among us and expected to be worshipped for their heroic acts. 4

“Ah Sergeant Blackwood, where is your partner in crime,” Jade smirked and Marco returned it. 1

“Drop the Sergeant, Corporal and just call me Marco. So, you know about my brother and me.” Jade rolled her eyes. Who hasn’t heard of the Blackwood brother?

“Ah, I have heard of you, there is a difference from hearing about you and knowing you.” Marco laughed shaking his head. His new neighbour would be interesting. 1

“Well, it looks like you could use some help, so I am here to help.” He smiled brightly at her and Jade shook her head.

“I am fine.” Marco shook his head.

“It is clear you have an injury and you shouldn’t be moving too much from the way you are limping.” Jade knew Marco was right, but she hated not being able to do anything, but she knew she needed help.


“Fine, but only this once.” Marco smile at Jade before walking over to where the bed was. 1

“So, who is older, you or your brother?” Jade asked as she started to unpack her clothes while Marco got the bed into her room.

“Well, Marcus by like a minute, twins though if you ask anyone I am the better looking one.” Jade laughed as she hung up her uniform in the back of the closet knowing she wouldn’t be needed it for a while. 11

“Corporal I think you should sit down.” Jade shook her head as she moved around her new room putting everything in the right place.

“No, it is fine and stop calling me Corporal, I have a name.” Marco smiled knowing this, but he did it to annoy Jade.

“There, all done.” Jade look around the room to notice not only did he move the bed, but the bedside table and her chest of draws

“So, what is the price of your service?” Marco grinned wickedly as a plan formulated inside that wicked head of his.

“Come over and have lunch with my brother and me, he should be home by now with food.” Macro grinned placing his hands on his hips. 14

“I guess I could, but I can’t stay long, I have a lot to unpack.” Marco walked over to Jade wrapping his arm around her, guiding her out her apartment with her crutches.

“So, just to let you know don’t let my brother scare you or anything. He is a bit rough around the edges.” Sighing Jade got this all the time. Her looks where feminine, her heart-shaped face and hazel eyes made her look innocent and many would never guess she was in the defence let alone in the special forces. 3

Saying nothing, Jade followed as Marco led himself to the door that was literally right next door.

“Oh, brother dearest I am home, and I bought company.” He sang out and another grunting sound echoed through their apartment. 4

“Please tell me you didn’t bring one of your twinks around. I am sick of hearing them scream ‘oh Marco harder, please Marco fuck me'” A whining voice said as the owner of the voice froze when they saw her.

Jade felt all her breath leave her body. If she thought Marco was hot, he had nothing on his twin brother. He was taller, but not by much with a much more bronzed complexion. His features were highlighted by his strong sharp jaw and like his brother a days’ worth of stubble. His eyes were darker and hair was long and god he had muscles leaking out of his shirt. His tight black shirt was doing nothing to conceal what lay hidden underneath. He was a mountain of pure masculinity and Jade felt she would let him use her body in any way he deemed fit all he had to do was ask. He oozed sex appeal and was a walking temptation that Jade would give into at any given moment. 44

Marco grinned as he watched his brother’s reaction to their beautiful new neighbour. He tried not to stifle a laugh at the way they both were eye raping each other and Marco was sure if his brother asked the lovely miss Jade to strip she would do without hesitation. 13

“You are definitely not one of his twinks now are you, you sweet thing.” Marco chuckled as his brother glared at the women, taunting her in a sweet sickling voice that most women hated. 1

“Seriously? Sweet thing, I am most defiantly not a sweet thing.” She commented eyeing him up and down not sure if she wanted to hit him or fuck him. 8

“You most defiantly are. Look at you, such beautiful round hazel eyes and soft curves, so many soft curves. So yes, I will call you sweet thing because that’s what you are.” He took a step closer to Jade, and she flushed under his intense gaze. 21

“I-I-I.” She cleared her throat trying to formulate coherent words. “I am not a sweet thing you big-headed, egotistical bastard.” Jade snapped out my harshly than intended as she tried to snap out of her lust fuelled daze he had put her in. This caused Marcus’s eyebrows to raise into his hairline as he crossed his arms giving Jade an inquisitive look.

“Marcus cut the crap and leave her be. This brother is our new neighbour. Marcus met Corporal Jade Jennings. Jade meet, my weird and deranged twin brother.” Marcus glared at his brother before looking back at the Corporal. He would never have guessed that she was in the defence much less a Corporal, it seems Miss Jennings is full of wonderful surprises. 13

After Marco introduced them, Marcus gave Jade a hard glare that would frighten away most people, but then again, she wasn’t like most people. 9

“Whatever, I just finished getting lunch, lucky I bought more than enough.” Grinning Marco guided Jade into their kitchen even though she insisted she was fine. 2

“Here, sit before you hurt yourself again.” Marco flustered over her like a mother hen and it didn’t escape her what Marcus said. She could tell the brother were like chalk and cheese in both their personality and their sexuality, not that Jade cared about such things. 11

“Jesus Christ, I am not crippled ok,” Jade said as she finally sat down placing her crutches against the table. Marcus said nothing as he grabbed his food and sat at the table waiting for his brother.

“So, you’re in the defence, let me guess Navy,” Marcus said pleased with himself, most women joined the navy because it was in other terms it was the easiest of the three. Jade cringed. Navy god she would die before she ever went into the navy. She hated boats and got claustrophobic in small tight spaces. 11

“No, I am in the army thank, you, very, much.” Everyone heard Marco sigh as he placed tacos in front of Jade. 3

“Army. You work in administration?” Jade said nothing and Marco sometimes wished his brother wasn’t so harsh on everyone or such a dick to everyone he met.

“I am guessing I am right by the no comment.” Marcus sat back smugly as Jade said nothing.

“No, I am not in administration Sergeant. It doesn’t concern you what I do or where I am placed. You are not in my unit, so I don’t have to sit here and listen to your bullshit.” Jade said as calmly trying not to let her temper get the best of her. Her mother said it was always her downfall her quick wit and her flaring temper.

“Well Corporal, if you forgot. I am higher than you, so you have to listen to what I have to say.” Jade looked at that cocky smile on his face and shook her head.

“You may be a Sergeant, but fuck if I have to listen to you. I am on medical leave and the only person I listen to is my commanding officers so don’t you dare go pulling ranks like the god you think you are.” Marco groaned as he watched his brother’s face turn red and the vein pulsing in his head. 16

“You better learn your place quickly Corporal or you will not last long.” Jade starred Marcus down not willing to move or bow down to submission.

“I will last longer than you expect Sergeant. I never back down from a challenge.” She sneered his rank and watched as he grew angrier.

“I doubt it considering you are already on medical leave, what did you do? Break a nail, fall in your high heels.” Jade had, had enough. Marcus can mock her all he wants, but she draws the line at mocking her injuries and her service to their country. 9

“I am not going to sit here and listen to you patronise me. You don’t know me so don’t go assuming you do. I have been nothing, but respectful towards you and in return, you mock me like I am the lowest of the low. I don’t need to explain anything to you, but for your rude and arrogant self. I am on medical leave due to injuries I sustained in the field. You’re not the only one who has had to risk everything out to save your team and country.” With that Jade stood up, yanked her crutches and with as much pride as one can when hopping around on crutches, left the apartment slamming the door on the way out cursing out the arrogant, rude, pig-headed attractive Sergeant.

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