Episode 1

I opened my eyes,I could still feel that it seems have closed my eyes for a while now,I looked around trying to figure where I am,my eyes captured a man standing beside me, with my instinct I knew he is doctor because of his attire, he stood beside me,smiling at me,I was confused, I closed my eyes trying hard to recall what happened to me.

My name is keji,am 19yr old ,i was given the name keji by my parent because I was the only girl in the house, i had 2 elder brothers ,my parent are very well to do,my dad was a great business man,mum on the other side was a very enterprising woman she had a big saloon,my elder brother is a graduate, he works in an oil company, my immediate elder brother was in his finals, me on my side just finished my1st semester 100lvl in unilag,we lived a comfortable life in lekki,we were one happy family until something terrible happened, I could remember vividly it was dad and mum 24th anniversary, it was a great joy for us,dad had promised us before that we would go to obudu water fall,cattle ranch in cross river state,because I and my brothers have always long to be there,on that faithful day we set out for the journey ,we prayed as one happy family, we all rode in dads latest Ford jeep, we had alot of merriment in the jeep singing and dancing to d music.on getting to Ogun state dad started complaining that the brake is failing,at first we thought he was joking cus dad is good at cracking jokes, not until the jeep started moving recklessly from left to right, dad was loosing control of the steering, I was scared to death, we started shouting the last thing I had was Jesus which came from mums mouth

Doctor:my dear are you ok now?

Me:hmmm…yes but am having a slight headache, and how did I get here?

Doc:my dear just relax ok.

Me:what about my family my mum,dad,and my brothers

Doc:am so sorry but we lost them in the accident you are the only one that survived my dear.

I could not believe my ears…..I screamed

Me:This must be a lie,it can’t happen.

I tried getting out of the bed,I was in tears,but the doctor pushed me back in the sick bed I struggled hard but suddenly I felt something like a niddle pierced into my skin and off I went…..


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