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My phone rings loudly as I grumbled within myself.. With my eyes closed I stretched my hand seeking for my phone..

“Yeap”I sighed triumphantly after grabbing my phone..

Opening my eyes lazily as I shut them back due to the heavy brightness from my phone screen..

The phone stopped ringing and I sighed happily but my joy was short-lived when my phone began to ring again..

I lightened up my room at I sat down straight..

Why would Jayden be calling me so early in the morning??

I angrily rejects his calls as I toss my phone carefully on the dressing table..


It’s 5.00am…

I climbed off my bed as I entered into my bathroom doing my usual morning thing..

I glance at my phone briefly as I saw 10missed calls from Jayden..

I hissed as I shoved my phone inside my bag before I spraying perfume on myself..

“I won’t forget to get a new line today”I spoke to myself..

Sitting down on my dressing chair, I began to apply make up on my face..

Fully satisfied with my make-up I grab my bag and a matching heels..

“Good morning Mom, Good morning Dad”I greeted my parent..

“Good morning to you too”My parent answered chorusly..

“Good morning Paul”I greeted my brother embracing him

“Yoku nemuretara īnoni?? (Hope you slept well??)” My brother Paul asked me..

“Yes I did”I answered pecking him on his cheeks and he chuckled..

And we both sat beside each other..

Paul is my older brother but he speaks Japanese fluently..

Funny enough, my parent cannot speak Japanese as fluent as Paul does, but dad still understand it far better than mom..

“Let’s eat”mom spoke up as she sat down on her dinning chair..

“Ano baka wa kyō anata ni denwa shimashita ka? ( Did that idiot call you??) Paul asked me chewing his food hurriedly..

“Yes he did but I rejected all his calls”I answered

“You need to buy a new line, apple”my dad said to me and I nodded my head in agreement..

“I will dad”I added

“Nisei what do you..”mom paused as I glared at her..

“Nisei???”I questioned holding my spoon tightly

“I’m sorry I totally forgot”mom quickly pleaded..

I inhale and exhale a deep breath..

“It’s okay ma.. Nisei is my childhood nickname.. I shouldn’t let my past ruin my future isn’t it dad???”

“Exactly”Dad answered

“That is why I’ve decided to go hunting today and forge ahead with my life”

“That’s the spirit baby girl”Paul chipped in clapping his hands

“What will you be hunting child??”mom asked curiously

“Job hunting..”I replied as I chewed my toasted bread slowly

“And I’ll also personally get you a new line”Paul said

“You’re the best brother in the whole wide world” I blew him a kiss

“I can’t trade you for anything baby girl”Paul added

“I’m happy for you” mom said

“Thanks Mom”

“What caused this sudden change of heart???”Dad asked

“I don’t know but I’m glad to be back”I answered shyly

“I think is that mysterious dude you hang out with..”Paul blurted out

“Paul???”I glared at him

“It just came out..”

“Whatever the reason may be, I don’t really care.. All I want is for my Apple to be happy”Dad spoke up

“Thanks Dad.. I’m working on it.. I promise”

“That’s good”mom added

“Thanks for breakfast”I spoke to Mom and she nodded drinking her coffee

“Em.. I’m also gonna be seeking for an apartment too as soon as I find a job.. I’ll be moving out”

“Don’t sound like that”mom said looking sad

“This is your home Apple..”dad added

“I know.. But you know I like being independent.. I promise to visit as possible as I can..”

“I hope you do.. You’ve changed alot..”Dad pointed out

“I think I did”I said with uncertaintity

“We all know you did.. But it’s a good kind of change”Paul added and I smacked his back..

I start on my car engine.. immediately my phone began to ring..

I glance at the caller’s ID and it’s Fabian

“Good morning”his deep husky voice greeted

“Morning, hope you slept well??”

“Of course I did.. What’s your plan for today??”he asked me

“Job hunting”I replied smartly

“Good start.. I can help”

“Thanks but I don’t need connections to get a job..”

“Yeah!! That’s true.. You’re a qualified and intelligent lady with brainstorming ideas.. No smart company will turn you down”he said

“I’ll take that as a compliment”

“It is a compliment. Nissi”he clarified

I love the way my name sound from his lips.. Nissi


“Can we meet up for lunch??”he asked

“Are you asking me out on a date???”I teased him

“Of course it is a date.. Or doesn’t it sound like one”he asked me

“Kind of.. I’ll text you if I’m free” I replied

“Okay.. Meanwhile I’ll make preparation should incase you’re free. We really need to discuss some things.”He said and I heart beats louder.

“There’s nothing left unsaid..”

“I need to know what happened to you. I deserve to know. You promised to tell me”he paused

“I promised to tell you if you find out my last name and my background. Which you haven’t”I answered as I chuckled softly

“Ooohhh Nissi!! I can have your background checked without any stress…

I do have contacts…

But since you personally asked for it, I’ll personally do the research..

Be ready to open up to me”he warned

“Why are you so interested in knowing my past??”I asked

“Because I feel your pain the moment I saw you drinking alone in the bar..” shared on whatsapp by Martino

“It could be because I lost someone..”

“You did loose someone.. I’m not a kid Nissi.. I know what I saw..”he paused as I tried not to remember those painful moment when he comforted me

“You don’t believe in love and I don’t either.. You don’t want a romantic relationship and I don’t.. What’s holding you back..? I just wanna protect you. I wanna be your friend” he asked

“I don’t need friends and you do..”I pointed out mockingly..

He chuckled at my comment

“Everyone needs a friend..” he replied

“Why are you so bent on becoming my friend??”I asked

“Because I know what it feels like to be betrayed. I know what it feels like to be heartbroken.. I know what it feels like to be alone especially when we desperately needs a shoulder to cry on.. I know what it feels like to be backstabbed.. It’s a rough road ahead and you are just beginning while I on the other hand I’ve been on this path for a long long time”

“I don’t want to talk about my past for now.. I want to rebuild this little piece of life one step at a time..”I explained

“Okay.. You need time.. No problem but our date stands”

“Okay!! See ya by noon”

“Okay”he hung up and i sighed..

He always have his way..

Unknowingly I’ve accepted his lunch date..

I laughed at myself..


I stepped out of my car holding my brief case as I marched majestically into my building..

As usual all eyes are all me and it just boost my ego making me feel so special.. I think highly of myself..

I waved my hands to my employees as they greeted me while i make my way to my floor…

“Good morning sir” My PA greeted standing on her feet..

“Morning Janette. Be in my office in 20 minutes with all my schedule for today and come along with the applicants forms whom are qualified for the interview”I instructed with a smile on my face

“Yes sir” She answered smiling mischievously at me..

“What???”I questioned

“You’re smiling alot this morning, Sir” She pointed out

“I have a reason to smile Janette..”I replied gesturing for her to sit down.

“I’m happy for you Sir”

“Thank you”I replied as i stride off to my office..

I heard a gentle knock as I glanced at my CCTV camera footage..

“Come in Janette”I spoke up

“Sir, here’s the applicants forms you asked for and here’s your schedule for today.. You have a lunch date with GP publishers”

“Cancel the lunch date. I have a date today”I instructed

“Yes Sir.. I’ll just put a call across to inform them about the change of plans”Janette said as she turned around and walked out of the my office closing my door gently..

Scanning through the applicants form.

I caught a glimpse of a very familiar face..

“Nissi Akiko”I read through her form carefully..

She’s one of the selected candidates for an interview scheduled tommorow

I quickly called my assistant manager to come to immediately to my office.

“Sir”Janette muttered earning my attention..

“The meeting has been scheduled for tommorow noon”Janette said

“That’s great.”

I won’t be around when Nissi will be interviewed.. So she won’t feel like I interfered with the results..

I heard a slight knock on the door

“I’ll check who it is Sir”Janette spoke up and I glanced at my laptop..

“There’s no need for that.. It’s Anderson, usher him in”

Janette nods her head as she opened the door ushering him inside

“Good morning Sir, I was surprised my your urgent call”Anderson spoke up

“I want to ask for a favor.”

“How may I be of help Sir??”he asked

“I want the list of the final candidates after the interview before giving them the employment letter”I requested

“Okay sir”he replied

“That’s all for now.. You can get back to now” I dismissed them..

“Janette”I called out

“Sir!!”she replied

“I need a cup of coffee”

“Okay Sir”

Finally alone, I glanced at the form in my hand.. Captivated by her smile, I stared intensively at her passport..

“I’ve never seen her smile like this before”I spoke to myself..

“I’m very curious to know who robbed her of this bright smile..”I muttered to myself..

The need to bring back this smile slowly consumed my heart..

I clicked on my laptop as I searched for her on Facebook…

Nissi Akiko..

I clicked on her profile picture. She looked extremely beautiful without makeup.. And above all she looked happy..

Curiousity gets the best of me as I viewed on her uploaded photos and tagged pictures..

Most of her high school uploaded pictures, she wore less or no make up.. But from her University till date she looked quite classic, and sexily hot.. I saw some photos of her and her friends, some where her colleagues at her work..

I also saw pictures of her and her older brother and also of her mom and dad..

Her parent looked quite different..

They look more like Chinese or Japanese..

Nissi is a combination of her parent, she has most facial resemblance from her mom.. Her brown hair with a matching brown eyes obviously from her dad and also dimples..

She looks extravagantly beautiful..

Curiously I clicked on her brother’s username from his tagged photos he uploaded Few months ago..

I viewed his profile and read carefully through it… I went back to her account and then I understood her background better..

Looking back at some of her pictures I noticed that most of her pictures and post has one particular #tag..

And I’m so loving snooping around..

I’ve gat to find out what happened to this lively lady in these photos and I promise to bring her back..

No matter the kind of scheme I have to pull on her..

I’ve never felt so protective of anyone before but Nissi Akiko had manage to break through my defensive wall without her knowledge..

What is happening to me???


The waitress directed me to my reserved table where Fabian booked for us..

I sat down as I searched through my bag for my phone as it rings loudly..


I sighed as I relunctanly accept the call..

“Hello”I spoke up

“Where the hell have you been and why aren’t you answering nor returning my calls??”he shouted and I stare around as I struggled to remain calm..

“You’ve lost every right to question me. If you have nothing important to say then goodbye”I said grinding my teeth angrily

“Wait!!!”he breathed out sounding eager.. If I don’t know better I would say he sounded worried and needy

“We need to talk.. Please hear me out”he requested and it just pissed me off the more

“You had alot of opportunities to explain and talk things through and you misused every damned opportunities you had.. I don’t wanna talk anymore”

“You can’t continue to do this to me.. I’ll find you and then I’ll make you hear me out”he threatened

“Be my guest..”

“I’ve gat your location and I’m coming for you”he threatened and I hung up on him..

I matched angrily to the restroom as I glare at myself looking at the mirror..

D–n you Jayden!!

“Your days of controlling my life are over.. Jayden!”I spoke to myself

I won’t change my number..

I won’t hide like the guilty one..

I hate you Jayden..

I hate you so much for causing me so much pain..

“I hate you!!!”I shouted and a lady who walked in looked at me like I’m crazy..

I flashed her by best innocent smile showcasing my sparkling white teeth..

She walked past me while I let out a deep calming breath..

I adjusted my make up before I stepped out of the restroom walking majestically to my reserved table….

Conveniently sitting down on my sit.. I heard a very familiar husky voice saying..

“Nisei”And I freaked out shouting..


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