Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

“Give us a sh0t each” I directed the bartender .

I’m with my buddy Francis in our special sp©t in the club, with two of our bit-ches. Mary and Maggie.

“Yah sh0ts ”Maggie screamed as the bartender brou-ght them.

We gr-ab one each and gulped in at once

“Yeah that’s the Agony ” Francis said and we all laughed.

My phone then rang, who wants to ruin this moment.

I brou-ght it out of my pocket and it was my dad calling.

“Who’s calling? ” Mary asked.

I rolled my eyes, answered it and put on speaker.

“Hello dad ” I greeted.

“How are you doing? Keith ”

“I’m fine, just watching TV with my wife” I said and the bit-ches busted into laughter.

“Shhh” I shush them.

“Yeah, sorry we couldn’t make it to your wedding ” dad said.

“Don’t worry, I’m good, do you want to talk to her? ” I asked.

“Sure!” he replied.

I covered the speaker on my che-st.

“Who’s for the run” I asked.

“I’ll do it ” Maggie said and collected the phone.

While I su-cked on Mary’sl-ips, Francis and I share these bit-ches.

By the way, I’m Keith Oliver, a billionaire thanks to my dad whom owns a lot of breweries in Brooklyn, New York.

He handed over 2 factories to me.

Anyway, I like keeping a low profile, because I don’t like fame.

So I don’t act pompous.

Francis is my childhood friend, Mary and Maggie are just crazy bit-ches.

My dad pressurized me to get Married 2 months ago.

I just wanna have fun I’m not re-ady to commit, so I hired someone to pose as my wife just for the wedding day.

But I’m glad my parents didn’t show up for the wedding because, the girl I hired couldn’t make it.

So I just tell them that, I’m married alre-ady, lol

Maggie Finished calling.

“Now you’ve talk to her ” I said pla-yfully and my dad chuckled.

“Now back to why I called ” he said being serious.

I got up and went outside, the club is too noisy.

“In 18 days, I want to transfer the ownersh!pof the brewery at Marisol Station”

“I’ll be delighted to have it”

I can’t believe I’m having my 3rd company.

While I was fantasizing, I heard

“In the next two days I’ll like your family to stay with us for 16 days”

“What? ” I asked again, is he kidding me.

“Your mom and I are dying to meet your wife, so you’ll come right ”

“Um…. Yea…yeah sure” I stuttered.

OMG, this can’t be happening, how can I find a wife in 2 days.

So annoying.

I can’t go back to the club, so I texted Francis that I’ll be going.

I got into my car and drove off , Geez, two days?

And seriously speaking, I can’t choose any of my bit-ches.

They look like p@rty doers not wife material.

Who is perfect? As I was lost in thought, I was jo-lted, when I heard.

“Help, Help”

From my windscreen, I saw how two boys were trying to drag a girl to a corner.

I rushed to the scene.

I dragged one of them by his collar to face me, giving him A repeated punches on his stomach.

Then the other one from behind yelled as he approached me and I dodged immediately.

Who yells during a sneak attack.

Causing him to hit his p@rtner, they both fell.

Then get up and run.

I turned to the girl who was feeling scared.

She looks like someone of her early 20’s.

“You shouldn’t be in the street, this late are you okay? ” I said approaching her.

Then she ran and hvgged “Thank you ” she said.

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