Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Part One

Lagos: Nigeria

Sarah’s POV
Life is a beautiful thing when you have the ones you love around you..Sometimes you may think money makes everything alright but you got it all wrong..when there’s love there’s peace and togetherness..I heard and read alot of things on what love makes us makes us do crazy things..When you’re in love you actually don’t know what you can do.. you’ll be capable of doing anything..even to the extent of killing….All these won’t be on my mind if they had listened to me..if only they had at least showed a bit of concern for me..they never cared or have time for me..they thought money is all that really matters but they don’t know what makes a real family is love.. unity and trust..I’m 17 years old Sarah Badmus and this is my story……>>>>

”hey mom so you know today’s our parents teacher association day..”I say carrying my bag pack…my mom’s eyes glued on her phone.

“and so what does that got to do with me..?”She asked eyes still fixed on her phone.

“mom!c’mon..”I yelled.

” Sarah don’t start now..can’t you see I have lot of things to do.. there’s a new project coming up in my office and I’m working on I don’t ve time for that..”My mom replied..her answers didn’t bring any shock to me since that’s what she does everytime I tell her about things that concerns me.

“mom that’s not fair..“i replied.

“whats not fair is you disturbing my peace..gosh..go meet your father and let me be..“My mom yelled at me.

Just then I heard the footsteps of my father before finally sighting him..he is all dressed up in his suits attire..holding his briefcase.

“hey dad..”i greeted.

”hey dear my are you doing”He asked .

“ I..”He did not allow me to finish up with my sentence before interrupting.

”if it’s about the PTA meeting you don’t ve to worry..uncle Adams will be there for you..I and your mom are running late..Tina..time to go..”My father says already heading towards the door step.

”you heard don’t ve anything to worry about smile and be you so much..”My mom says pecking me on the forehead before leaving with my father.

I waved at both of them till the car vanishes from the compound..I cannot believe this..was I really expecting my parents to change their attitude..I’m not surprised that they don’t care about me..what surprises me most is they don’t even wanna be there in anything that has to do with my education…so annoying.

Just then Desi a young guy maybe three years older than I chauffeur walks up to me.

“good morning miss Badmus..”Desi says and I know he is doing that to spite me..have always told him not to refer to me as miss.

”im not in the mood for that Desi..just take me to my school..”i say.

”oh..who angered the princess this morning..”Desi says.

”its not funny..Desi..let’s just go..I’m already late..”i say.

Even though I know my lateness means that school..I can go to school when ever I want..>>>

Adam’s POV
”how do I look..?”i asked my beautiful wife Mary.

”you look’re running late and so are the guys need to get going..”Mary says..

”yes my love..where’s my keys..”I asked.

”here”mary says handing the car keys over to me.

”thanks my love..”i say as Mary calls our children..

” guys come down right now..”

Few minutes after Mary packed our lunch bags Larry my first child and Elizabeth the apple of my eyes joins us downstairs.

”good morning mom and dad..”Elizabeth says running up to me as I spread my arms widely hugging my little girl .

”hows the most beautiful girl in the world doing?”i say.

”great dad..”she replies.

” greetings anymore..”i say.

”does that even know what..I’m out of here..”Larry says grabbing his bag pack.

”larry..that’s no way to talk to your must show respect to us..”Mary says.

”whatever..are we going now or what..?”Larry asked as he walks out of the apartment.

” is going through a tough see..his girlfriend broke up with him and he’s not in a good mood.. excuse me..”lizzie says carrying her bag as she goes outside.

”do you think Larry is ever going to change Adams..I really do not like his attitude towards us..we are his parents..he needs to treat us with respect..”Mary says giving me their lunch bag.

“Mary..he is just a kid..and besides you know how teenagers of these days are..I’m sure he’ll change..don’t stress too much now my love..”I say.

”you’re an angel.. you’re the best man in the world..I love you..”Mary says.

”i love you go get some rest..bye..”I say.

”call me when you get there..”Mary adds as I make my way to the door.

”yeah sure..”I answered before exiting the apartment….

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