Episode 1

“Charlie, come down this minute”

I decided to ignore my brother’s call for me. Hearing his voice automatically gave me a headache.

He called for me again, and I knew that if I didn’t want a bigger headache it would be better for me to just go and do what he wanted me to do now rather than later.

Usually when he calls for me, it’s because he wants me to do something for him. There are times, I’m emotionally exhausted and ignore his calls. He doesn’t really come to my room to check if I’m ignoring him or not. He would usually just does it himself but then would make a mess which I have to clean after.

I rolled my eyes and sigh for the 100th time today. I was tired of going downstairs to do his bidding. And I had to do it if I didn’t want to hear his yelling. I rolled off the floor and struggle to get up. By the time I was up on my feet, I was out of breath.

I had a bed and I broke it couple months ago. I apparently overgrew my bed. I didn’t bother asking my brother for another because I already knew the answer to that. I didn’t ask anything from him anymore, he quickly taught me that I couldn’t depend on him much.

I slowly made my way downstairs and as soon as I made it down to the living room, I felt the familiar eerily feeling travel through my soul when my brother gives me his usual cold glare. I couldn’t dare to look up at his eyes. Couldn’t bare seeing his dark blue eyes filled with hatred and anger. Hatred and anger towards me.

How it changed. So much from what it use to be. There was once a time that my brother eyes were filled with joy and much love. Now the brightness is overshadowed by the darkness. He used to smile more, laugh more, and joke around more. Now he’s ruthless, almost emotionless and cold. Especially towards me.

Tom Jones was my best friend even with the four years age difference between us. He was the best brother anyone could ask for, would give me piggy back rides if I got to tired of walking, buy ice cream with his pocket money even though I finished mine with sweets that I only brought for myself.

I never liked thunders and those days, he would make a fort in the living room and tell me funny stories to distract me from the booming sound coming from outside.

There were times he would want to be alone with his friends but wouldn’t say anything when I followed him. Sometimes he would beg me to stay home and would promise to take me next time but I would always cry and he would end up taking me anyways.

Of course there were times we argued. We were loud and childish but he would always apologise. He would never hold grudges. My brother was a lot like my father but all of that changed when I was twelve.

I was having a bad day. It started in the morning, I just felt a bit off and I couldn’t understand why. I just didn’t have a good feeling. I asked my father if I could stay at home but since I wasn’t ill and couldn’t really explain what was going on with me, my father said no.

So I went to school, but I was late so I had detention at lunch. Then I forgot to do one of my homework which meant another detention after school. Amy my best friend completed her homework but when she saw that I didn’t have mine, she just gave it to some kid that never did his homework for some reason making the kid’s day.

After detention, Amy and I had to walk home. The weather wasn’t the best. It was raining and I was getting wet and my hair was starting to fizz out.

Amy was talking to me about some boy that asked her out. When she wasn’t talking she was singing. Unlike me, Amy loved the rain. She started to grab me to whirl me around, trying to cheer me up.

I tried to get with the mood so I let her. It wasn’t working but I laughed at the right time and smiled to please her. Then Amy just froze mid step making everything come to a halt. She stood frozen in her step and at first I thought she realised that I was faking my happiness for her but she wasn’t even looking at me.

No, her eyes were fixed on something behind me. I frowned and waved my hands in front of her to gain her attention. Amy slapped my hand away but didn’t look away from what she was looking at.

Frustrated I tried to turn to see what she was looking at but she held my shoulders stopping me and keeping me at place.

I looked at my best friend with confusion written on my face.

“What?”I ask annoyed.

I tried to move but Amy has always been stronger than me. It didn’t help that she was also much taller than me.

Her brown eyes snapped to mine and her mouth was gaped open.

“I don’t think you should see this Char”she said.

My frown deepened and I tried to turn around again but Amy held me firmly.

I pushed her using all my strength. I took her by surprise as I managed to get her off me. Unfortunately I underestimated my strength because my best friend landed on her butt.

I muttered an apology and turned to see what got her so shocked.

At what I saw changed my whole life. I wished I didn’t fight to see what Amy saw. I should have just let her hold me and never saw what I saw.

I felt the earth shift beneath me as everything I thought I knew changed.

The coldness I felt just a second ago disappeared. I couldn’t feel anything other than the sudden burn that rushed to my heart as my brain felt cold. I was mortified. The palms of my hands became sweaty as my throat became dry. I could hear my heart beat rising each second.

There. Just couple feet away from me stood a couple. A man and a woman. If I were anyone else, I would see a beautiful couple in love. The woman had her arms wrapped around the guy’s waist and she was laughing at something he was saying. She was looking up at him whilst he was staring down at her with so much love it blinded me. She didn’t have the same look in her eyes because I didn’t think she was ever capable of feeling such emotion. He was taller than her so he had to bend slightly to kiss her and she had to be on her tiptoes to reach his mouth.

Her blonde hair was long, curled to her back and shiny as ever. Of course it was beautiful, she spent a lot of money on it to ensure it did. Money that wasn’t hers.

I felt the anger growing inside of me as I watched him pull away from her, walk to the passenger side of the car they stood and kissed beside and open the door for her. She laughed and pulled him down for another kiss before entering the car. He went to the driver side of the car and drove off.

You see if it was any other couple, I would have smiled warmly at that but it wasn’t. I had no idea who that guy was. I can tell you who it wasn’t and that was my father because that woman that drove off with that stranger was my mother.

A woman who was married to my father.

I could hear Amy’s breathing beside me. She must have gotten up and stood next to me to comfort me but I wasn’t paying much attention.

All I could focus on was how my life changed before my eyes.

I didn’t know what to do with all the anger I have building up thinking about my mother who was married to a good man. A man who loved and supported her. I didn’t know what to do. I felt overwhelmed.

So I did all I could do at that moment of time. I cried. It was loud. It was messy and it was painful.

Amy. Amy just pulled me into her arms and tried to comfort me the best she could. I couldn’t stop crying. Not when she started walking. Not when we reached her house. Not when she took of my clothes and put them in the dryer and wrapping me in a blanket.


Not even when she made me tea. I cried and cried and she done what she could. She let me cry.

Because she knew.

She knew that this would destroy my father and my brother who loved my mother so much.

After calming down, I made a decision. A decision that would ruin my life. I knew it then but I didn’t know it would be this much.

I decided that I was going to keep it to myself. Expect that didn’t go to plan when I arrived home. Late.

By the time I arrived at home, my face red, as well as being sticky because of my tears. Every time I managed to stop crying, the image of my mother and that man would flash in my head and I would start once again.

I could feel the heat rushing to my ears, I tried to take deep breath as I got closer and closer to my front door.

I knew my father would be worried, who wouldn’t be? I came home five hours later than normal. Tom would usually hang out with friends after school but I always came home early.

I felt guilty for making him worry about me.

My father must have seen my figure through the glass part of my front door because I didn’t even need to pick up my hands to knock. I thought I would have longer to straighten myself up and act like nothing happened.

Like it was just a normal day and I just decided to spend time with my best friend.

I underestimated how worried he was about me because I didn’t even enter the house before I was in his arms. I couldn’t help but hug him back tightly. I willed myself in when I felt my eyes starting to burn with tears.

Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry again.

I couldn’t help it. I cried. I cried still in my father’s arm and when he wanted to pull away I refused.

I cried for my innocent father who didn’t know that his wife was cheating on him. I cried for my brother who loved her dearly. I cried for myself because I knew there was no more happy family. I cried because I knew someone was going to leave. I just didn’t know it was gonna be him leaving us.

“What’s wrong?”I knew he was concerned about me.

Who wouldn’t be? I just came home five hours late, and bursted into tears. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be concerned?

“Is it a boy?”he asked.

I forced myself to pull away but I avoided his gaze. I couldn’t look at him because I felt guilty even knowing what she had done. I felt guilty for thinking I could hide the truth from him.

I shook my head and bowed my head. I was afraid of telling the truth. I felt his hands on my back as he softly pushed me inside the house. He closed the front door and gave me a hug again. I didn’t hold him as tight as before but I held him.

“When you calmed down you can tell me what’s up”he says whilst hugging me tightly.

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t.

“I’m wondering who hurt my princess”he whispers.

It’s not who hurt me. It’s what’s gonna hurt you when you find out.

“Find out what?”my father asked pulling me away and forcing me to look up as he placed his finger on my chin.

Everything freezes in me when I realise that I have said it out loud.

“Find out what Chars”he repeats this time using one of my nicknames.

“Nothing”I whispered pulling away from him.


“Don’t lie to me Charlotte. Just tell me what it is” he said rasing his voice.

I knew he was starting to get frustrated but he was also concerned about me.

“I can’t dad! I can’t”I cried out pushing him away from me. 3

“What’s wrong Charlie. Just tell me. I’m your father, I have the right to know”he says more quieter.

It’s true. He did have the right know. To know that beloved wife was fucking cheating on him with a stupid human. 3

“Oh dad. I really can’t “I whispered so quietly almost to myself but he managed to hear.

“I will get your brother down”he says” I’m sure you can tell him”

“No dad!”I shouted.

The concern on his face aged him. He was frustrated by now.

“For the love of god, Chars are you going to tell me what you’re hiding”he says as he put his hand through his dark brown hair.

“I saw mum kissing a man”I said before I could stop myself.

I slapped my hands over my mouth. I watched as my father face changed, replacing the concern look with a blank one. It was like he wanted to his his pain from me. I wanted to cry for him. He didn’t succeed too much, I could see some of the pain in his eyes as he looked deep into my brown eyes. He was making sure I was telling the truth.

He let out a sigh and shook his head. He muttered something under his breath but didn’t look back at me.

He looked down at his foot then walked to his coat. At that moment, my brother Tom decides to walk in the intense room.

He looked back and forth between my father and I, before setting his gaze to me. I panicked. I knew very well I would have to explain this to him too. I just didn’t know how he would have taken it.

“Go to sleep Chars. Tom make sure she goes to sleep and take care of her.”my father says but his back was turn to us.

“Where are you going dad?”I questioned.

“I’m just going for a walk”he says before slamming the door shut.

My room was quiet for a second before my brother spoke.

“You heard what he said. Off to bed, and as soon as you wake up, you have to explain all of this”he says waving his arms around.

“Ok”I managed to say.

Ok I will tell you but my shoulder is small for you to cry on. But you can try.

“Come on. Give me a hug. If this is a boy trouble, you let me know now so I can bring you his head”he said jokingly, I hoped, before pulling me into a tight hug which I returned.

If only I knew what’s gonna happen in few hours back then, I would have hugged him tighter and told him then that we have a whore as a mother, maybe then he would have believed me. 1

He kissed my temple and sent me to bed.

Couple hours later.


Someone shouts startled me from the short sleep I had gotten. The shouting took me by surprise, my body reacted in a way that was ready to fight but instead I fell of my princess bed and on the floor on my back.

The sudden pain that rushed to my back made me moan out loud.

“What the hell Tom?”I asked barely whispering.

“What the fuck have you told dad? What the fuck did you do?” 4

“What do you mean?”I was confused at his anger and his words.

My brother barely swore so by now I knew he was angry. Extremely angry. My brother recently shifted and now has a wolf. He is still learning to control his wolf.

“I swear Charlotte stop playing with me. I don’t want to hurt you”he pushed himself to the wall and punches it leaving a huge hole.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I yelled. Well tried.

My voice broke and I noticed how dry my throat was.

“What did you tell dad?”he repeated his question closing his eyes, trying to control his wolf.

I knew his wolf and him were at war, his wolf wanting control. It made me nervous. I knew my brother loved me and wouldn’t do anything to physically hurt me but the flash of red in his eyes indicating that he was pissed made me nervous.

“Couldn’t this wait until tomorrow? I told you I will tell you at the morning”I tried to calm him down.


His dark blue eyes, the same eyes he shared with my father turned into dark cold purple. Hatred was written in his eyes. I have never seen that colour in my life and it scared the hell out of me. It completely changed his face and made me even more nervous. I didn’t even know what hurt me the most, the fact that he yelled at me or that fact he called me a stupid girl.

Then what he said registered in my head. Then everything in me went numb. My lung felt like they were compressed, quickly losing oxygen. My mouth opened but no words came out. I looked at him, almost begging him to tell him he was joking. I even pinched myself making sure all of this wasn’t a dream.

“What?”I asked barely speaking.

“I can’t feel him no more. He’s not in the territory. Alpha said there are some rogues around.”he cries.

I have never seen my brother cry. I sat there staring at him. Shocked. Confused.

“So I’m going to ask you one more time Charlotte.. What did you tell dad?”he asks shooting me one hard ugly glare.

“He can’t be dead. No no. He’s probably out of town. He will be here tomorrow morning. Yeah….”I was rumbling not believing one second that he was gone.

He got hold of my shoulders and shook me. Hard. He’s nails dug into my skin. Although I didn’t want to, I screamed out of pain.

“DAD IS DEAD. He would have been here by now Charlotte. It’s past midnight.”

I was so afraid of him at the moment. His eyes held some much anger that made my heart ache of sadness.

My father is gone because of me. I told him. It’s my fault. I let him walk out of that door. He was gone. All because of me. I told him about mum. So what will happen if I told Tom about mum? Would he walk out too? Will he die and leave me? I can’t tell him. No.

“I said…I told him…..”

I couldn’t tell him. He looked so hurt. This would only hurt him more.

He looked at me. Tears in his eyes. He was waiting for me to say something. I just didn’t know what to tell him yet.

“I can’t tell you. I can’t tell you” I repeated myself again and again. Each time I said it quieter and quieter.

The hurt and pitiful look disappeared and was replaced by something so strange on my brother’s usual friendly face. One second he looked like my brother, the next he turned to someone I didn’t know. He’s eyes went cold and his lips formed a sneer.

“Fine! Keep your bloody secret. But I will tell you something, I hate you and from this day. You’re no longer my sister”he spat.

My vision became blurred. I couldn’t see much but I watched him walk away. The thin blonde headed figure walking opposite my direct. Not even a glance back. My heart felt like a mirror. Once a beauty now shuttered into different pieces. I blinked the tears making them roll down my face slowly.

The taste of my tear. The pain in my heart. The loss of my father. The memory of my mother. The anger from my brother. That day happen to be the worst day of my life.

And because of that day… The present was hell.

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