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Am sorry sir, but I don’t think you should put in for the deal with Sash Brothers. The cooperation seems to have some very bad reputations” Michel’s PA muttered.

“I didn’t ask for your opinion, did I? just do your job, not unless you are tired” He rasped.

“Sorry sir” She whispered.

“Sorry for yourself. Tell the driver I am ready

. Now get out of my office.” He harshly dismissed her.

“Okay, sir! Am sorry sir” his PA muttered before running out.

~~Minutes Later~~~

Michel and his PA were on his black Chevrolet SUV headed for Capital City. It was a three-hour drive to one of the riches and famous cities in Alisa. The ride was quiet as he focused on reviewing his pending negotiation methods with the Sash Brothers. He knew the deal was going to be a risky one but he was going to proceed anyway. He was his own demons on earth.

After about an hour’s drive into the wood, in the middle of nowhere, the car came to hult.

“What the hell is it again”, he thundered at the driver.

“ I will have to check sir”. The driver who was an elderly man replied before getting down to check the car.

“Sir, it’s an issue with the tire sir, I can fix it in minutes”. the driver reported.

“What nonsense? Are you this foolish? What do I pay you for? Do you even have a sense in that looser brain of yours? How dare you? Don’t you know I’m running late for my appointment? Michel thundered at his driver who now seemed really frightened.

“Am sorry sir, I checked it today

. Its a minor problem and I will fix it soon”.

“Shut up and just fix my car, you old fool. How could you have been this careless? He went on ranting at the driver.

“What is that?” He asked immediately after a loud cry came from the bush.

“I do not know sir” the driver replied. “Then go and check my friend” he ordered.

At that time, the crying sound became louder. The noises from the bush were coming closer towards them.

“I think someone is crying….eh..m running” The driver stuttered.

“And you are still standing there? Common get of my sight” He thundered.

~After a few minutes~

“Sir, its a woman. She is bleeding. Hello, hey can you hear me, who are you?” the driver asked the helpless woman who seems to be struggling with her life. The PA moved closer, touched the nick of the land to check her pulse. “She is still breathing”, the PA confirmed.

“What is it? Michel screamed from the road. “It’s a wounded woman sir, no unconscious woman, no conscious sir” the driver replied.

“God damm, not now. I do not have time for this nonsense. Come and get me out of here. He replied not minding what the driver was saying. “Sir, she is still alive sir” His PA called out and Micheal went over to meet them.

“That is not my problem. What would a helpless woman be doing in the middle of nowhere? Who knows, this could be a trap. Come and get me out of here.” He ordered.

“Help me, please. I don’t wanna die, please.” the woman cried in a faint voice before she finally passed out.

“Damm, wtf!!!” Is the car done? Machel raged. Yes, sir, the driver replied. “Get her in the car” he ordered after much hesitation.

*Author’s POV

Wait, I am confused about what’s happening here.

Who is that woman and what happened to her?

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