Episode 1

The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other and think the other deserves the world. A strong friendship doesn’t need only conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in heart, true friends never apart.
Diana and Amy had been friends since high school. They attended the same school and both passed with good grades. Most people even thought that these two were twins. Amy’s sister, Patricia envied their relationship and that she would give anything just to have one like that in her life. Amy supported Diana in everything. She even paid for her school fees.
“You the best thing that ever happened to me, Amy. A true friend indeed,” said Diana as she gave Amy a hug.
They promised to stay friends forever and had developed a kind of sisterly affection for each other.

“I love you Diana and I promise we will see each other very soon. It’s just a matter of time,” said Amy.
“Make sure to communicate with me. I will be here waiting for you until you come back. I wish we were going together abroad. I will work very hard Amy as I promised you,” said Diana.
Amy’s father, a Mayor had decided for his daughter that she should go and study abroad. She didn’t like the idea just so because they had been friends with Diana for so long. It was not easy to just leave her all alone and not knowing who would help her.
“No tears, Amy,” said Diana wiping Amy’s tears.
“I never thought it could be so hard to say goodbye to you. You like a sister I ever had. How I wish dad would have agreed that I stay here and attend same University with you. Leaving you here feels like losing you forever, D,” she said tears streaming down on her cheeks.
“I will be here and you will never lose me. You my only friend and sister. I think your plane is about to take off,” she went on. “Take good care of yourself. I will always love you, Amy,” said Diana.
“Mummy and Daddy!” said Amy holding both of her parents’s hand. “Take good care of Diana. Help her with tuition fee and everything. You both know that she is like a sister to me.”
“I will my princess,” said the Mayor. “I will take good care of her.”
“Yes, we will. She is also like my daughter. It’s time to say goodbye now. I am going to miss you, my princess,” said Sarah, Mayor’s wife. “Study hard and make mummy proud,” she kissed her on the cheek.
“I will mummy,” said Amy
The two girls couldn’t let go. After spending so many years together it was hard to say goodbye to each other. Amy kept turning and waved her hand to say goodbye to her best friend. Diana on the other side couldn’t stop the tears from falling. She was going to miss her friend, her sister.

“Daniel!” called out the Mayor
“Sir!” responded Daniel, the driver.
“Drive the young lady at her house. Make sure she arrives safe.”
“I will sir. Miss, this way,” said Daniel leading the way to where they had parked their car.
“Thank you, sir!” said Diana.
She had woken up early in the morning and left the house uncleaned . She didn’t want to miss the chance of saying goodbye to her friend. She took a taxi to the airport.
Daniel opened the car door for her. She sat at the back of the car remembering the good times that they shared together with Amy at high school. They were known as the brightest students at high school. She already missed her friend and wiped the tears that had escaped. She dragged in a deep breath.
The limo pulled up to Diana’s gated 3 roomed house.
“Thank you very much, sir,” said Diana stepping out of the limo.
“You welcome young lady. Take good care of yourself,” said Daniel with a smile on his face.
“I will sir!” she responded.
She walked to her house which had no gate. If it was not for Amy who begged her father to pay for her tuition fee at University. She was not going to attend. She opened the door. Her mother was not around. She had woken up early in the morning to go at the market. There was nothing to eat and her two brothers we still sleeping. She sat down on the floor and the house looked empty. No television, no electricity, no sofa just a gas stove. She took the pot and lightened the gas stove to start cooking porridge for her brothers. She hoped that one day they will have a big house like Amy’s, a mansion. She wondered a lot why their father chose to leave them. After few minutes later her mother walked in looking tired and with tears in her eyes.
“Mum! What happened?”
She helped her sit down and she started crying.
“Mum! You scaring me. What is it?” she said patting her back.

“My money is gone, everything. The shade was burnt down today. I lost everything. What are we going to eat today?. When will this suffering end. I am tired of being poor. I hate seeing my children suffer like this. I have failed you all. I am a bad mother,” she said in between sobs.
“Mum. Don’t say that. It’s going to be alright. I will find something to do. I will take care of you mum,” she said embracing her.

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