Episode 1

1 year ago.

I step into the club after the bouncer patted me down, stupid fool doesn’t even know how to do his job, standing there and ogling all the girls,
I have a Glock in my waistband and the guy couldn’t even tell.

I glance around, am a man on a mission.
After justice, my brother told me to come after my newest sister in-law, I just had to.
Justice kind of calls all the shots.
I look around and I see her sitting at the bar.

I walk to her, and just in time because she seems to be trying to dissuade an over enthusiastic clubber.
“I told you am with someone”
She is saying.
“I can’t see nobody, girl, I just wanna buy you a drink, and show you a good time”
The a-hole slurs.

I place my hand on the small of her back and she startles but relaxes when she sees it’s me.
“She’s with me man, bugger off”
I growl and the guy takes the hint.
“I didn’t need you to step in, I had it all under control”
I just raise an eyebrow.

“It was so obvious you had it under control”
I say sarcastically.
She growls..

She always tries to act tough but I can see past all that, she’s a softie under it all.
I signal to the bartender and he steps for.
“Cognac, neat”
I say and he steps away to get me my drink.
“What are you doing here?”
She asks.

“Justice and Sage sent me to play babysitter”
I say.
She winces in anger.

Am a man of few words, I see no reason in sugarcoating the truth, I give it to you just as it is.
“Well, you can go back and enjoy the wedding reception, am fine right here”

Ha, did I forget to mention it’s the wedding reception of my brother and his best friend today.
I would have been enjoying my self if not for the spoilt brat I have to attend to.

“They left for the hotel anyway, am sure I can spare a few hours with you”
I say.

“Oh, how generous of you, oh great Justin Maxwells”
“I try”
I say with mock benevolence and she cracks a smile.
She is beautiful, am sure some idiot out there would appreciate her beauty, soon.
I smile as the bartender steps forward with my drink, I take a long swig after paying.
“So what do you want to do?”.
I ask.
“I gave up a night of partying for you Sandy, so tell me, what do you want to do? I can’t be bored”
I say this as I check my wristwatch, it’s way too dark inside the club, i can’t see a thing.
“You can just leave, seems you are in a sort of hurry”
She says and I detect a slight hint of bitterness in her tone.

I instantly feel guilty and for the life of me I don’t know why.

I turn to her fully on my stool and i really look at her.

She looks miserable.
Why am I just seeing this now?
“Sandy? What’s wrong?”
I ask.
She shrugs.
“Tell me.”
I say.
“You will think am stupid”.
She replies.
“Well, you can be stupid with me squirrel”
I say, she hates that name.

I always called her squirrel since forever, after the squirrel in SpongeBob, Sandy.

She scoffs, not getting annoyed as I predicted.
I let it go, I signal to the bartender again…
“Open a tab, for the both of us, keep the drinks coming”
I say and he nods.
She turns to me.
“You plan on getting drunk ?”
I smile as I take another swig of my drink.
“We are getting drunk”
She breaks a smile and I think for the second time how lucky her boyfriend will be.

We drink for a while, well she drinks I just listen to her prattle.

She’s cute, when she’s drunk, I will give her that.

“So I said, why didn’t you just give her the camera, simple”
She says and I nod.

She has been regaling with stories of the media house she works in.

I listen to every single thing with concentration.
“So tell me JM, what happens in your line of work”

“It’s confidential baby girl, can’t say one thing”
She blushes.
“I like it when you call me baby girl”
She says.

“You do know I have had a massive crush on you since forever right?”
I did know, I just ignore it.

“Why don’t you see me like that?, am a woman JM”
I know, Christ, do I know?
“I will be everything you want, J, just…..”
She’s drunk, I can tell.
When did we get to this point?
“Ok, time to go home”
She frowns and rests her head on the bar counter.
“I don’t wanna….”
She slurs, adorable.

I pay for our drinks and I lead her to the door.
I drive home, to my home, she can spend the night here.

When we get there I lead her to her room, the one she uses when she is here and I help her off her shoes.
“Justin, Justin….”

She giggles, I just smile.
“Sandra Justin Maxwells, umm, sounds nice”
I shake my head, she is so drunk.

“Will you be able to get ready for bed? ”
I ask.
She nods absently.

“Good, call me if you need anything”
She nods again and I exit.

I make my way to my room and I drop my Glock on the night stand as I prepare for bed, I bath and I fall in bed with my boxer.

About two hours later I hear my door open and i freeze, I was asleep but years of training has made me a light sleeper.

I pretend to be asleep and I feel my covers slide down and a warm body press to mine.
I open my eyes and sit up.

“Please JM, just for tonight”
She says as she leans up to me.
“Sandra…. you’re drunk”
“Not anymore”

She says as she gently kisses her way from my cheek to my chest.
I close my eyes.
Feels so good .
Christ, it has been so long.
Too long.

I pull away and she instantly flinches.
“Please Justin, just tonight”
She says as she reaches for my hand on her thigh.

I give up.

What can it hurt? Just one night, just one night.
I pull her to me and I kiss her, bringing her body closer.
Yes, just one night.

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