Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I was seated outside my room and fell into a very big thought.

ME: How can I cope been jobless. I’ve spent 5years in the higher institution and also spent one year in NYSC,

making it six years but yet no job. I’ve supplied my CV to many companies but none of them have call me.

Am now man enough to take care of my mum since my dad is late but I just don’t understand my life.

Am totally confused,

i don’t know what to do. I’ve even searched for mini -job yet I still didn’t succeed.

End of the month is fast approaching and I haven’t gather money for my house fee .

chai!! igwe,

when will this end? I promised myself that am not gonna bother my mum again

about anything that concerns me.

** as I was still meditating,

my phone rang and it was my friend Val.

I ignored his call because I wasn’t in the mood to answer call that moment.

He called me the second time and I still ignored him.

Val was my roommate when we’re still in the university.

He got a job after our service. He is such a kind person that

every body can be happy to be his friend but there is something about him which I hate.

Val can give you any amount of fish you wish to have but

he can never teach you how to fish.

He’d invite me to his house and when I want to go,

he’d give me some cash.

He had told me to park in to his house but am an independent someone so I refused.

I stood up from where I was and went inside my room.

I went to the bathroom and took my bath. I wore my cloth

and went out to look for something to cool my head off.

For some of you who has been judging some men who takes alcohol when

they’re upset or have a huge problem that they didn’t know how to go about.

We took alcohol in that situation because it bring our emotion down.

I do likely took alcohol only when am upset because it makes me to sleep,

then when I wake up,

I can be able to fine a solution to that matter but if I didn’t,

I may do undo. Alcohol isnt a solution to a problem but it makes us think after and know how to tackle the problem in an amicable way.

Am not talking about those that abuse alcohol.

I drank one bottle of ompa (hero) and I started feeling dizzy,

I went home and slept off.

I woke up around 4:30am.

I sat on my bed.

I thought for a while,

and then come in conclusion to join some of this guys that are working in a building site.

That day was Sunday so I did my morning chores

like, tidying up my room and doing some press up and other exercises done inside the room.

I got prepared and went to church.

Thereafter, I

prepared my Sunday meal,

after eating ,I laid on the floor and was playing game and in the same time

playing music.

As I was doing that,

I slept off and wake up by a knock on my door.

I stood up and opened my door,

it was Val and his girl friend Yvonne.

I ushered them. **

YVONNE :Igwe good afternoon.

ME : good afternoon my dear, you look so beautiful today,

wow !!! I can see my friend Val is really trying for where you’re.

VAL: both of them laughed igwe you can never stop amusing me. why are you not picking up your calls yesterday?

ME: forgive me jareh, i wasn’t with my phone when you called.

VAL: dress up, let’s go out.

**I entered inside and took my bath, wore my cloth and we dashed out.

Val came with his car,

he told Yvonne to sit at the back and I sat at the front.

we drove to one restaurant,

we all placed our orders and it was brought to our table.

We started discussing,

i made them to laugh away their sorrow with the way

am talking.

We were there till evening ,Val and Yvonne were kissing each other so I became jealous and I told Val that I’ll be going home.

He told Yvonne that he want to drop me in my house.

He dropped me at the junction and drove back.

There was a lady that parked her car beside the road and was trying to lose the tyre,

I pitied her and went closer to her. **

ME : hello sister, good evening.

LADY: Evening, how may I help?

ME : am so sorry for interrupting you. It seems you’ve a flat tyre….

LADY: yes,,,,,,, I couldn’t see any vulcanizer around so I decided to do it myself.

ME : Eyaa! so sorry for that. but you would’ve ask someone to help you and do it instead of stressing yourself…… please stop stressing this your beautiful skin with this spanner. she laughed

LADY: Can you help me and look for any vulcanizer?

ME : don’t worry, give me the spanner**

she handed it to me.

I losed the tyre and changed it for her.

She thanked me.

“are you living around here? “she asked. **

ME :yes.

LADY: I’m jummy by name……..

ME: And am Igwe.

JUMMY :Wow!!! nice meeting you..

ME : nice meeting you too. she brought out her handbag from the car and gave me her card.

JUMMY : call me when you’ve chance. bye….. she entered her car and drove off

Now igwe’s journey begins!!!

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