Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Life was like a living hell to my mother after the death of my father, she couldn’t cope cause she happens to be a full house wife.

With the help and advice of few relatives she was able to secure a job as nanny in an estate quite far from our house.

She’d clean the people’s house, prepare their meals, take their children to school and bring them back, she’ll also stay with the children until their parents comes back.

While she do all this she’ll leave me in the care of our neighbors who happens to be a male bachelor called Austin early in the morning, she usually comes back when I’m already asleep.

So sorry for not introducing myself to you, my name is Ifeoluwa but people usually call me Ife or Love.

Presently I’m twenty nine years old and I’ll clock thirty, I’m sharing my life story with a psychologist who is also my counselor.

He just asked me how I happened to be a p–n star.

(Flash back)

“mum I’ll not stay with uncle Austin again, I’ll be living with mummy Khalifa ” I told my mum one morning while she was dressing me to go and stay with uncle Austin cause she’ll soon leave for work.

“common shut up your dirty mouth, I know why you want to go to mummy Khalifa’s house, cause you like playing and uncle Austin doesn’t give you room for play. I don’t want you to grow with dull bran like Khalifa and his younger once, I was the one that told him to take good care of you ” she scolded

“but mum…… ”

“keep quiet” she cut me in.

Mum is just too hyperactive, she speaks much and listen less, she would have waited to hear me out before reacting.

The previous day uncle Austin was fondling my breast and I know it was wrong although I was still young at that time, I was eight years old then and primary four if I’m not mistaken.

“now go” she ordered, I left for uncle Austin’s room, it was five am that time, I knock gently until he opened the door for me.

Immediately he saw me, he carried me up in a bridal style and placed me on his bed, although I was eight but I look older than my age, my breast was fast growing with nuts inside already.

“my beautiful princess how was your night ” he greeted but I refused to answer, what happened the previous day made me to hate him.

“I know you are angry cause I’ve not s–k your boobs, I’m sorry about that so should I s–k it now? ” he requested but I still did not answer him.

He gently unbutton the button on my cream color pinned four uniform, he raised the inner one up, he s–k my left breast gently and touch the right one softly.

Although I felt pains but I like it, my body seems to be yarning for it but within me was hatred and anger for him.

He moaned gently while squeezing the left one, it send cold down my spine, I tried not to moan.

I cried gently and prayed that someone should come and see what was going on, I had no where to run to and my mother was not ready to hear any word from me.

Few minutes later the door opened, of cause it was my mum, I knew it already cause she doesn’t knock before coming in.

? how is it? Should I fire ? ? ?

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