Episode 1

A story written by Missy Erotica

The day was hot, the harmattan was over and the heat came out with a vengeance. Not a breeze was blowing and the sun beat down mercilessly to bring the temperature up well over bearing point.

I am Bukky DaSilva, thirty years old and married to Shola DaSilva an engineer with one of the multinational oil firms in the country. I am what you would call a ‘’Trophy Wife’’. I am well endowed with a body statistics of 44-32-44. Large b0s0m and large hips and a beautiful face. I had always liked sx and began having my fill of it in my teens. Being married to Shola was icing on the cake as it meant I had no need to work and all the means to enjoy my lusts and fantasies. ?I lay, Unclad on the couch, on the verandah of my luxurious apartment in Ikoyi, with only a small rechargeable fan blowing warm air over me as there was no electricity and I was too languid to put on the generating set. I longed for coolness, but because I was rubbing my hands over my sxy** body, I was only making myself hotter.

I wished that Shola, my husband, would walk in and catch me at my solitary game and get horny enough to want to F**K me right there in the living room with the curtains opened and the neighbours watching. I wasn’t just horny — I was a bit of an exhibitionist too.
The longer I thought of Shola and how he looked with no clothing on and a hard on that he needed to stick up inside of me, the worse I wanted to Pour.
The only problem was that Shola had been transferred to an overseas position and he wouldn’t be available to scratch that itch way up inside of me for several months.

I sighed in longing for him — or for any guy who wanted to F**K. My whole body seemed inflamed and I needed release but realized that I would have to adjust to not getting la!d whenever I wanted.
I sat on the side of the couch and caught a view of myself in the big mirror. The reflection that I saw was one of a tall woman, big boned but slender with legs that were long; sitting with them spread apart I looked at my own cunt and felt myself getting hotter.
I appraised my b0s0m and thought to myself that for a woman of thirty I was in pretty damn good shape. My full b0s0m stood straight out from my well-toned body and the Tips were large and dark with the taut Tips sticking upward. As I thrust my back forward, my tits pointed straight up and I was pleased with the picture of myself in the mirror.

I scooted forward to sit right at the edge of the couch and then I spread my legs as far apart as I could get them. Sitting there, in the most revealing position I could get in and still look at myself, I knew that I would have to relieve myself.
I needed a FK desperately but since one was not available to me, i felt I would go crazy if I didn’t finger FK myself. I hadn’t played with myself since i was a girl because I’d had plenty boyfriends along the way who took care of my needs. And then Shola was the answer to my prayers as he was not only wealthy, he was handsome, well -endowed and as horny as me. It was a match made in lust heaven.

I sat and thought for a moment about Shola and his big J0yst!ck. The image that came to my mind was not of Shola and me but of him alone. I saw in my mental image my husband lying Unclad by the pool jacking off, the way we had met, and the image served only to make my need for relief even more.
?My lust had gotten the better of me at just thinking of my husband’s massive J0yst!ck jacking off to the sight of me fingering myself and I began to slide my hands up and down my Unclad body as I automatically began to squirm and respond to the touch of my own hand.

When I brought one hand to play with my already erect Tips, the other one went naturally to my dripping cunt. While I manipulated the Tips with one hand, I began to slide my finger in and out of my wet K!ttyC@t. Immediately the heat in me increased and I began to ooze the magic fluid in abundance.
As hot juices were seeping from my s*x hungry cunt, I changed the finger fu-Cking from a single finger to two, then three and finally all four fingers were bunched together and I was sliding most of their entire length in and out with full strength.

The hand that was working over my tits was hot and dry and even though it stimulated me, I remembered to lick her fingers and leave them slimy with my own spit, then when I began to sq££ze and knead that sensitive tissue, the hot wetness from my own mouth added to the wonderful feelings. My need for J0yst!ck was so great that I splashed cunt juices all over the couch as I came loudly.
The combination of my own fantasy, that of my Unclad husband jacking himself off by the pool, the fact that I was watching my solo performance in the mirror and my true physical need to come all combined to rush me into a powerful climax.

To Be Continued…

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