Episode 1

it was a friday evening and I was waking home, the ride from school was freer today unlike most days, sometimes its goes with luck to get a free road from traffic. I had removed my ear plugs from my pocket and my phone from my bag; I just can’t imagine what my eyes had seen while in school. I shook my head dismissing the thought and continued to fiddle with my phone searching for the right track to correct my illmood. I walked home as I usually did, ears plugged and my walk in sync with the rhythm of the beat. Sometimes I wondered if everyone was like me, I could run fast , as fast as a car at a low speed. and as a kid, I had the muscle build of an adult, muscular chest and very perky Tips, u couldn’t see it when my clothes where on, only when all were off could u see, admire or even lust over it. Sometimes while I work I would flex my muscles. By carrying heavy things so people that peered would keep peering anytime I come out to work.

There was a shop u usually go to while away time and make friends bacause I had none and these ones I could keep because I could keep them at bay , hence I regulated what they knew about men, they only knew what they know bacause I told them , that is , they never visited me or more or less friends , we were just sitting companions who loved to while away time chatting away into the night disturbing the neighbourhood (lol). So later that day when I was refreshed and ready for chit-chatting , I was on may way there and on my way there I met him. He said hello to me and I responded back. Then it occurred to me to invite him over to my place so that we could talk, and then just at that moment , my thoughts flew to wordS into his ears.

‘Hope u know that I am older than u’ he asked me.
‘Yes ‘ I replied.
‘ Who do u stay with?’ He asked me.
‘I stay with my mum but its a 4 bedroom flat and we just 2 in it’ I replied.
‘So what will we be discussing’ he demanded.
‘ I believe that when we get upstairs and sit , we will have something to discuss’ I said to him. I further urged further and he agreed.
We both stayed in the same estate and he was way older and was way older, he had siblings that were way older than I was and he was ripe for marriage and was single. I have no idea what prompted me to ask him but I just had an intuition and I based my action on this belief that I had built up. When we got upstairs, I ushered him to a sit and offered to give him some thing to eat or drink and he said no. There was no light so I lit a candle and tried to get the place as comfortable as I can , as I know that his house was way tuned than mine, he saw how uncomfortable I was and he asked me to come sit down so we could talk, right now , my heart was beating so fast and so loud that I thought that he heard it , or did he ? I felt he did so I moved away from him a bit.
‘ Why are u moving away ? He asked me .
I had nothing to say , so I just smiled. Even with the lit candle, the moonlight was still brighter.
‘Isn’t he better to put the candle out ?’ He asked.
‘ The moonlight is way brighter’ he added.
‘ Yes ‘ I said. Then I walked over to where the caNdle was and put it out.
‘ Put the curtain down also’ he added.
With this my heart beat a little faster and it got for awkward; well, I asked for this. After the curtain had been put down I. Went back to where I sat. I sat down and found my hand over to his lap. His hands felt very buttery, soft and moist, so was his lap. I then put my other hand on his hand and I felt it hairy and wet, he was sweating already. He jerked me by my shirt and drew me closer to him and he kissed me and held me by my nape. I stood up from the sofa and led us both over to the bed. He pushed me onto the bed and I bounced on it giving a yelp. He then pulled my trouser down and sU-Cked on it. I can’t explain what was happening and couldn’t believe that he could use his mouth to give a so much pleasurable experience, his head just kept moving in all directions, up and down and left and right; it was just amazing. Then we ripped out our clothes from our body with the speed of light , especially me. I was just so eager , for what I didn’t know. I was just doing what I felt to do. All our clothes had flown in different directions , uncertain. Then we started kissing, and hugging and caressing our bodies. I reached over for the olive oil and we poured it on our bodies and caressed all the more. After a while, he pulled me over to the door while wearing nothing but our Unclad bodies, he led me to the door and held the wall, I wondered what was going on and he said I should put it, I was confused and I just hugged him from the back.
‘U are as hard as a rock, do u work out ?’ Said, then he added’ Its so hard, I hope it doesn’t tear me up. We were already were oiled and he just put it and after a while it was it and he was tight and it was pleasurable and I was acting the part that I was set to do and he kept yelling and m0an!ng and moving his body to the rhythm of my movement and before I knew it, my hands were on his waist and riding all the more towards my direction all the faster.
‘ You are so straight, u are sooooo smooth … Yes…. FK me hard , FK me harder… Yes baby just like that. Come in me baby… I wanna have ur baby , baby yes.
Then after he while he led me to the bed and lay on his back with his legs on my shoulder , then I was in him again and began to ride , while playing with his body, he was so sweet, like being with a woman. fu-Cking his mangina as he began riding and riding and riding.
‘ Baby come in me baby… Pls baby come in me. I want u inside me. I want to feel your babies inside me baby. This is the best s*x ever baby. I just rode there sweating , looking over him, he was totally not here and I wondered what was I doimg to him to make him feel that way, this is what use to pee for godsake… I need to check my J0yst!ck again to see if there was something there that I maybe missed seeing over the years. And I kept riding and I was playing with his body, rubbing his Tips and all. The he pushed me out of him, sat me up and knelt down before me and said. I am going to sU-Ck u and I want u to come in my mouth, ok baby ? And I nodded innocently and he did, just as he did before just that I felt it more, my first heat, it felt like my heart was on fire , it was either that or I was having an heart attack, and shortly after, I came in his mouth and I think I saw him swallow it. Yes baby. He said. And then be rushed forward to kiss me and we hugged me and said baby I love u.

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