The twitching sound of the radio waves died with the bristled voice of the last caller. Her voice shrivelled. She couldn’t hear it ricochet from the microphone as loud as it was. The light in the room went out. The room fell into darkness. She heard a howling alarm and indistinct voices of people downstairs, running for safety. She swiftly relieved her head from her headphones and faltered into the darkness. She fell down on the studio floor .
Her head b@nged hard on it. She fell unconscious for a moment. When she woke, she wished she’d died. She felt so faint and enfeeble . She la!d flat on the ground with her head bent. The reeling fogs rising in the room ran into her nostrils. She felt nauseous like she was about fainting again. In no time, the lights were on again. The microphones picked the light sound in the room and it reverberated in the speakers. She felt alive once. She moved herself to the door frame. It pushed her back.
Next, she felt was a water spray over her.

The last she heard was, masculine voices raised, “Get up….”

Weeks after the studio of the popular Lagos radio station ~Raven~ Fm almost got engulfed in flames. Angie was thinking of getting a new job in another radio statio before the owners of ~Raven~ Fm contacted her. She was to fill in for another broadcaster who departed the station. She did her internship there, so working there wasn’t going to be strange to her. It was a Monday morning. She pulled from her bed. She wore a translucent skimpy night gown. She raced to the bathroom. Off her night gown onto the railings. Revealing her virgin brea-st and her unabashed ti-ts. She put the shower on. Waters flowed from one end on her. She felt the coldness of the water like ice.
It made her shudder at first however she enjoyed the coldness later. She scrubbed her skin like she was about removing a stubborn stain. Her hand ran down to her hollow.
Invading her enclosure. Down to her cli-toris.
She m0aned as she felt the sweetness of it.
She continued, down. Her finger serving as a man’s rod. She snapped out of it the sec her phone beeped. She stretched her hands to reach it. Just a finger tip away it fell down. “Oh…” She cried. She picked it up and blew air at it. Like it would erase the moist off it. The phone still vibrated. She tapped the screen. “Hello …” A voice rose. “Hi…who is it?” She said. It was silent. “Hello,” She repeated. “Hey, Angie, where are you?” The voice echoed. “Home. Sophie?” Angie said. “Yes. Hurry. We have work for you.” The phone line cut.

Angie moved from her bathroom. With her towel slightly covering her beautiful na-ked body. She was dressed in no time and she headed out. The morning sun was virgin. She climbed a cab. The cab got lost in no time in Lagos choking traffic. She arrived ~Raven~ Fm 2 hours later. She went into the studio.
Memories from the fire incident replayed in her head. The studio appeared like it hadn’t been affected by fire. She stood adrift from the recording room. She watched as the presenter talked. That minute she’d become sceptical if really she wanted to become an OAP.


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