Episode 1

Until late 2009, I was still a virgin. I used to think it was cool to be a virgin (talk about my religious upbringing) until I realized everybody around me was growing up and losing their innocence, leaving me behind.

My story started several years ago, when I was still 10 years old. At that tender age, everything I knew about sex was from tiny bits of information from much older boys, and preaching from elders and religious leaders that sex is evil and we should keep away from it. Trust children, they only succeeded in making us very curious. We were living in a storey building of four flats then in the suburbs of one of Nigeria’s fastest cities. Each family lived in a flat. My family occupied the flat upstairs on the left, adjacent to the landlady’s flat. The family living directly below us downstairs had a girl called Tola, who was almost my age. We have something in common; while I was the last born of my parents, she was also the last born of her parents.

There were many children and young people in the house then as all the four families in the compound had kids. We usually played together in the compound. She was a pretty girl. Now I could remember that she was fair in complexion. She had dimpled cheeks and long hair which her parents made into ponytails. She was my best-friend. Sometimes, Tola and I would lock ourselves in a room and play doctor and patient. I would be the doctor and she would be the patient. She would off her clothes and lay on the bed, then I would examine her. I could see the two tiny pink buds that would later blossom into unmentionables. Then I would see that narrow canal in between her legs with that little protrusion which would later be that wet, come-dripping, juicy pleasure filled well, called p—sy(the protrusion is the cl–t).

Then we would change position. She would become doctor and I would become patient. I would remove my clothes and lie on the bed. Then she would examine my body, including that tiny, pointed stick that would later become the ultimate instrument of pleasure, the d—-k. Actually that was my first close examination of a p—sy. It was a child’s p—sy and it was tiny. In our innocence, we would play on without understanding the functions of those organs we were playing with. Well, somebody soon taught me what the p—-sy was.

One of the older girls in our compound was Tosin. We used to call her aunty Tosin because at that time, she would be about 19 years old. She was the landlady’s niece and she lived with her family. She was dark, of average height with a voluptuous body. She had chubby cheeks and nice teeth. Oh, I forgot to mention those two big unmentionables. They were damn big. She had an average a—s but the unmentionables were huge. The usually knock against each other when we were playing. I didn’t know how to place those s£nsat!ons I felt whenever I saw her smiling at me and those unmentionable pointing like twin oranges. I just knew my instrument used to stand at attention whenever I saw her. Now I know it was arousal.

Then it happened one day. I came back from school and met the door of our apartment locked. My parents had locked the door and gone out. So I went to the landlady’s house to play as usual—

Innocent me couldn’t really place the s£nsat!ons I was feeling whenever I sighted those heavy unmentionables bouncing and her—shaking. Now I know it was arousal. Well, I just knew I would just feel my blood rising and my J man standing erect whenever she smiled at me. She liked me a lot. I never knew she had plans for me until one day when I came back from school and met nobody in our house. My parents had gone out and locked the door to our apartment. I had to go and chill at the landlady’s apartment adjacent to our own as usual. Well, aunty Tosin was the only person at home that day. She had just finished writing her WAEC and was just chilling at home. I quickly settled down and started watching TV, knowing I was in safe hands. She was having a bath, I could hear the sound of splashing water from the bathroom as I watched tv. After some time I heard my name.

It was her calling me. But now I was hearing her voice from the bedroom. Apparently, she was through with bathing. I walked into the bedroom and saw her. I was shocked by what I saw. Initially, I just stared at her. I’d never seen an adult like that before. I was confused. She was Unclad, except for her p@anties. She stood, facing me, her twin oranges with their dark, rosy tips pointing at me. I felt an aching in my groin . she smiled softly, and motioned me with a finger. Then she commanded in a soft voice.
‘come here’

Panting, I walked slowly towards her.

“touch my unmentionables’ she commanded. I did as I was told. She bent down a little bit and let my young hands roam over those succulent oranges, interminently brushing over those dark tubes. Then she removed my clothes, slowly one after the other until I was Unclad. I felt somehow embarrassed at seeing my kini exposed in front of a girl like that. I covered it shyly. She promptly smiled at the sight of my tiny instrument.

“Lie on the bed”

Again, I did as I was told. I got on the bed and lay down on my back. She touched my kini with her right hand and started stroking. I felt s£nsat!ons that no word could describe. She rubbed the head and then the s£nsat!ons increased. My J-man became very stiff. She removed her p@anties and climbed on the bed with me. I saw the kitty. It looked like a red-hot valley of molten lava, nestled between two dark, swollen peaks. There was also pubic hair, a lot of it. She asked me to touch her kitty. I obliged. It felt soft and slippery, I started rubbing it. I rubbed on the cl!t. It felt like a moist, swollen rose bud in my hand. All the time I was having pleasant s£nsat!ons and she was given low, soft m0ans and commanding me to touch here and there or stick my finger here and there. I coulsn’t really understand the meaning of what was happening. All I knew was that I was enjoying it as she was also stroking my kin continuously. Suddenly, I heard a deep, serious, elderly feminine voice.

“Ki le n se nibi?” meaning what are you doing here.

I raised my head and looked up. I saw the landlady, Tosin’s aunt standing at the door, looking at us with blazing anger in her eyes—–


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