Episode 1

Richy Richy Wake Up It Time For Our Morning Training Ok Am Comming Just Let Me Take A Bath Bt Wait Did I Tell U Guys That That Was Seyi My Best Friend Ever Since D Death Of My Parent He Has Been A Good Friend To Me. After My Parent Death I Was Force To Live With My Mothers Parent Who Happen To Be A Retired Soilder And Have A Secret Acadmy For Training Young Boys And Girls Who Are Oppressed And Maltreated To Defend Themselves. Also My Grandparent Own A Secret Investigating Company That Operate To Find Out The Dirty Secret Of The Politician And Our Corrupt Leaders And It Is One Of The Most Successful Organisation. Before I Continue My Story Let Me Introduce Myself My Name Is Richard Smith My Father Owns 5 Famous Industry In D Country Also Am Nt The Only Child I Have A Kid Sister She Is Nw 19 While I Am 21. My Mother Was A Manager Of One Of The Branch Of Skye Bank In Lagos My Father Is A Peaceful Man nd Hate Courrption nd Bribery Maybe Dat Is Y They Came To Kill Anyway Dat Is A Story 4 Another Day

Although I War Born With Sliver Spoon My Paremt Never Treated Me Like Such. I Attended D Best School But My Dad Never Allow Me And My Sis To Go To School With A Car. My Father Was Strict And My Mother Was A Diciplinarian So There Is No Chance Of Being Idle We Have No Cook No Cleaner We All Do The House Chores Ourselves. When I Was In School I Was A Genius And Smart To D Extent Dat I Won 5 Medals While In Jss 3 And All Security System Of My House Was Controlled By Me Because My Dad Believe In Creating New Things And Sponsor Me With Everything I Need To Use 4 My Experiment Making Me Good In All My Inovation Although I Wanted To Become An Engineer And My Dad Has Promise To Take Me Abroad To Boost My Intelligence Before My Dream Was Cut Short By D Death Of My Parent While I Was In Sss 3. I Manage To Finish My Waec Before My Fathers Relative Came To Take Over My Dads Property That Was When I Decided To Take Revenge On Them

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