Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I love my twin sister so much, we were like best friends, she told me all her secrets and I told her mine.

My name is Juliet Benson, my twin sister’s name is Julia Benson, but suddenly she changed the way she acted towards me because of my dad’s love for me.

My dad’s name is Peter Benson, he loved me and my sister equally, but he loved my character the most.

My twin sister always flaunts gold chains, Gucci bags and expensive wrist watches so she spends a lot of money and above that she is very rude.

My mom also loved Julia the most but I didn’t care. Her name is Susan Benson,

We are very wealthy in our family because basically our dad was a millionaire, he earned his money freshly and put in energy to his work.

One day, the hatred from my mum and my sister got worse than I could ever imagine. Mum, here is your food, Juliet said. So since morning that I asked for food, you are just bringing it now, Susan said. I am very sorry mum but please accept it, Juliet said.

(Coughs), what type of food is this now, do you want to kill me, Susan said. Mum, sorry, you this Juliet of a girl, ignorant idiot, take your food away, take water mum, sorry, I will bring you spaghetti and vegetable sauce okay, Julia said.

Thank you my dear, what are you still doing here, come on get out, Susan said. Sorry mum, I am very sorry, Juliet said and goes.

I really don’t know why my own sister and mother are doing this to me, Juliet said as she cries. Juliet, what’s wrong why are you crying, Peter said.

Nothing dad, its nothing, Juliet replied. How would you say that it’s nothing, you are the crying now, Peter said.

Well mum asked me to bring food for her and she tasted it and after that she started coughing and I tasted the food, It didn’t cause any harm to me, Juliet said.\

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