Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I always loved everyone, I treated people equally and with love so why do people not treat me the same way I treat them.

My name is Sandra, I live as a maid in Abuja with my boss, she always come to me when I haven’t woken up and pour hot water on me.

But still, I never hated her, I still loved her a lot but as I continued to love and worship my boss, she continued to make me suffer the more, her name is Trina.

Her husband always tries as much as possible to control her but she still beats me despite all her husband’s warnings.

She had just given birth to a bouncing baby boy called Kelvin. She loved Kelvin a lot but she didn’t have time for Kelvin because of her job.

One day, Kelvin fell seriously ill so I took him directly to the hospital alone because his father was at work and I tried his number but it was not reachable so I called his mom

You this stupid girl, you couldn’t take care of my son, mad idiot, I will kill you today, stupid girl, Trina said.

Ma please, stop beating me, I am sorry ma, Sandra replied. Why, why should I stop beating you, answer now, Trina said. Ma, stop beating her it will not solve the matter, a person said.

And how is that your business ma, please don’t forget that this is our matter not yours, so mind your business, Trina replied.

Sorry oo, the person replied. Foolish idiot, if anything were to happen to my son, I will kill you my self, Trina said.

Please who is the mother of the boy that was brought here, the doctor said. Here i am sir, Trina replied. You can go and see him now, the doctor said.

Thank you doctor, God saved you today or else, Trina replied. Thank God he is okay, madam hit me very hard, Sandra said.

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