Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

This continued and it was really frustrating.

So one day,I boiled a rice and made a delicious stew. I didn’t add much salt neither did I add much water.

I was elated when I finished cooking because it was really tasty.

I was sure my mother in-law will enjoy it.

Lo and behold,this woman tasted the delicious delicacy I cooked and Jabbered that it was nauseating.

I was dumbstruck and stunned.

Ah! Mama this food is delicious, taste it once more “I muttered stunningly”

No! take this thing away from here “she replied wrathfully”

My husband came back and asked his mother what was the problem as he heard her thunderous voice.

Your wife doesn’t know how to cook “His mother gibbered”

Ah! Mama,no nah, darling, you can taste the food yourself,it is very delicious. ‘I uttered thoughtfully’

My husband did not say a word to me, he went into our room and came out.

He said “Mama let’s go somewhere”

I was full of fury and I tried to obstruct them but my husband gave me a hot slap that made me dash to the ground and I fainted.

Luckily,my house help came around and took me to the hospital.

To be continued

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