Episode 1

After many years of searching for job without finding any,i decided to go into pastor work,as it as tamed one of the most lucrative job at of that time.

the only problem i will be having for the main time was to be dedicated and also stop being a flirt. if award are to be given,i believed i will be given the “best flirt of the year”.

seriously,i was a long time and professional flirt. if i have not seen what is under us skirt, sis am not letting go of u. well let me live these for the main time.

since i knew i wasn’t good enough to be a pastor i decided to start from somewhere. the first option that came into my mine was really good and i embrace it at once.

i decided to first of all become and usher in the church,so i could learn more things from the pastors in my church.

that was my first plan. after maybe learning enough i will them go to the bank and collect loan. maybe when i become a pastor then i will think of the next step to take which was to stop being a womanizer.

on Wednesday morning,i went to our pastor to request for permition of being an usher and also my decession of becoming a pastor.

i when to his direct and luckily he was in his office
me: kon kon kon

I knocked on the door.

pastor musty:(from inside)yes sister Mary come in.

me:from outsidepastor it is me Daniel o.
pastor musty:oh sorry come in the door is open.
wait o e be like say these pastor too na big time flirt. anyway make i just pretend as if i no hear wetin him talk.

me: enter insidegood day pastorI bow a little with my hands in my back
pastor mustywithout looking at megood day my boy pls take ur sit.

me:for my mindsir u mean say make i carry the chair go my house.

me:thank u sir

pastor musty:ulwc.

the man continue what he was doing without looking at me. they was a grave silence btw us and even a pin drop could be heard.

after about seven minute of silent there was a knock outside.

pastor mustyraise his head for the first time since i came insis Mary come in.

come no be the second time i dey hear sister Mary?

what happened next?

find out in the next exciting n thrilling episode of pastor Dan.

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