Episode 1


Author’s POV
(Nathan Robert heard a loud bang on the door he frowned when he looked at the clock next to their bed. It was 2:00am in the midnight who could be at the door? It was way too early for anyone to be here,maybe it is one of his wife’s customers that is here to collect his or her dress but it too early to come for a dress. Nathan rubbed his sleepy eyes as he made his way to the door whoever was out there will receive the insult of his or her life today for knocking at this hour
Nathan: who the hell is out there?!
(He yelled angrily)

“I am here to get my dress from Mrs Robert”
(A female voice said)

Nathan:you will get your dress in the morning Miss

“Please Mr Robert I have an interview as early as 7:00am”

Nathan:come back by 6 or 6:30 to get your dress my wife is asleep right now and I don’t wanna disturb her
(He was about walking back into the room when he heard a masculine voice)

“Open this d–n door or else I will break it down!”

(That might be her husband he sure meant business..not wanting anyone to bring down his door Nathan replied)

Nathan:okay..okay.. Just a minute lemme get my wife to give you the dress

“No…Mr Robert don’t wake her up just open up and lemme get my dress and leave”
(The female voice said)

Nathan:sure you can identify your dress?
“Yes Mr Robert”
(He walked back to the door and immediately he opened a hard blow landed on his right eye. Nathan screamed in pain which awaken his sleeping wife and blind daughter. Madison became frightened when she got to the living room she saw Four men and a lady all dressed in black outfit and mask with guns in their hands)

Nathan:who are they Maddie?…she only said she wanted her dress
(He said holding his bloodshot and swollen eyes)
“Shut the f–k up!”
(The gang leader snarled at Nathan)

Ria:dad are you there?
(Ria asked holding the walls trying to find her way to the sitting room)

“Bring the girl here”
(The leader who was in his thirties gestured to one of his guys to bring Ria)

Nathan:please what do you want from us?
(He asked shakily)

“You will find out very soon”
(Two guys dragged Ria to the centre of the room beside her mom and dad as she wrapped her hands around her mom quickly)

“Lock the door Speedy”
(One of the guys named speedy went to lock the door)

Nathan: please who are you?
(He asked fearfully)

“Mr Robert we are the Money gang”
(He laughed wickedly)

Nathan:money gang? Please…I..haven’t see your faces..before

“Well many know us in Idaho as MML”
(The Roberts gasped in fear)

“Do you know us now?”
(They all nodded fearfully and the gang laughed out loud. The leader dragged Ria away from her mom and caressed her cheeks. Ria shivered in fear)

Madison:please.. don’t..touch her..she is just a little girl
(She sobbed)

“Your daughter is a beauty Mr Robert…”
(He tried to kiss Ria on her lips but she avoided him which amaze him)

“Can your blind daughter see me?”

Nathan: she can’t but she can only feel things around her

“What’s her name?!”

“Hmm…a beauty with a nice name..Ria do you know who the MML are?”
(She nodded slowly)

Speedy:we are really famous boss..even the blind one know us
(They laughed..MML means Money Make Life they are notorious robbers and hired assassins. Every young and old souls in Idaho know the MML but no one has ever seen their faces before and all effort to apprehend them had proved abortive)

“Perhaps should we take her with us Kelly?”
(He asked the only female among them as he grabbed Ria’s Jaw)

Kelly:she is of no use Boss
(She replied out of Jealousy)

“She will be Kelly..cause she is giving me a hard on”

(He said pointing to his already protruded member down his pant which caused his team to laugh again)

Speedy:we can take her so she can serve you Boss

Nathan:no..no..please don’t take her away just tell me whatever it is you want…

(He pleaded with tears dropping down his cheeks)

Madison:please don’t take her away from us.. she is our only child

(She held on to the leader’s leg)
“She is just a little girl”
(Maddie said)

“Well I like little ones”
(The leader replied as he kicked Maddie and she screamed in pain)

(She tried to find her way to her mom but speedy and Kelly held her down)

Nathan:please tell me what you want I am willing to pay you
“How much do you have?”

(The leader laughed wickedly)

“You are so poor Robert… A poor man like you can’t pay us”

Nathan:please that’s all I made from my driving business and minor job yesterday

“Well I am not here for your money Robert”
(He collected a brown envelope from one of his guys and threw it to Nathan)

“I need you to sign these papers then I and my team will leave in peace”
(Nathan went through the are in the envelope)

“It the paper work to the inheritance your late father left for you..all you have to do is sign it”
(The paper contain the transfer of inheritance to someone)

Nathan:did Frederick send you guys?
“That none of your business just sign it!”

Nathan:no..no…I can’t
(Frederick Robert is Nathan’s step brother. He is a very rich man who own many companies in Idaho but very greedy. He is never contented with whatever he has)

“You have to Robert”

Nathan:no I won’t!..it my inheritance and I planned to use it to pay for my child’s surgery when the time comes

Madison:please sign it Natty..just do it and let them go
(She pleaded with her husband)

Nathan:no..Maddie Ria has waited for to long..Ria needs that money

Ria:just sign it dad…sign it..we will raise another money

Nathan:that will take more time to save up for such huge amount of money

Ria:we will dad
(She sobbed)

Nathan:No Ria!look Kill me…I’d rather die than give my inheritance to that b—–d!
(The leader pointed the gun at Maddie and pulled the trigger)

Robert: No Don’t!!!Maddie!

(She struggled to free herself)

“I hate stubborn people Robert”
(Nathan crawled to his wife’s bloody body.. She was shot in the heart)

Ria:mom..mom..mom..(she sobbed as she finally free herself and crawled blindly to her mom’s body)

Ria:mom..please.. talk.. to me..Dad do something!!

Madison:Ria..always..remember… that.. I lo..love..you..and..
(She coughed out blood)

Maddie:hold..on.. to..our dreams..if –
(Her hands dropped)

Nathan:no..no..Maddie..wake up..Am sorry Maddie!

(The leader screamed Ria and Nathan became silent suddenly)

“I hate sad dramas..Now are you ready to sign it Robert?.. I advise you sign it or she will be the next”
(Ria looked at her dad as if she could see him)

Ria:sign it dad and let them go..
(The leader threw a pen to Nathan and he signed it tearfully. All their dream crashed in one night. He had spend a lot on the inheritance process which was a huge sum of money his dad left him. He had planned to pay for Ria’s eye surgery and establish his wife’s sewing business but he won’t be able to do any of that anymore his whole dream of buying a better house and making his family happy is gone)

“Good of you Robert”
(He collected the paper and grinned wickedly)
“But you know we can’t just leave like that anymore Robert…I was willing to help if only you had signed the papers without me wasting my expensive bullet on your wife.. But am really sorry..”

Nathan:please don’t kill me
(He pointed the gun to Ria)

Nathan:no don’t kill her I beg of you..please leave I already signed the papers

“No..you might tell the cops that Frederick sent us”

Nathan:no I promise I won’t tell it to anyone…I will leave town as soon as you leave..before daybreak
(The leader laughed)

“So Smart Robert..but Frederick already paid for your lives”

Ria:please don’t kill him

“Oh sorry about that beauty..but don’t worry you will be fine without your dad…or maybe you will be with them soon too”

(Speedy and Kelly dragged Ria away from her dad)

Ria:let go off me..dad!

“Say your last prayers Robert”

Ria:no please don’t…dad!
(She pleaded hot tears burning down her cheeks)

Robert: I love you Ria –
(He pulled the trigger again and Ria screamed)

(Speedy placed his hands on her mouth)

Kelly:what do we do with her Boss?
(Ria struggled)

(He pointed the gun again at Ria but dropped it when they heard a distance siren)
“F–k! Someone called the cops!”
(Kelly was about shooting Ria)
“Don’t Kelly”

Kelly:why Boss?
(He pointed to his erected member)
“I want her”

Kelly:but you can’t take her here the cops are around
(Speedy hit Ria with the bottom of his gun and Ria passed out in his hands)

“Why speedy?!”

Speedy:We don’t have time to waste..she is fine”

“Move it!”
(The leader said as Speedy threw Ria on his shoulder and they all rushed out of Robert house)

Owen:young master
(He called out to Ian who pretended to be asleep in his bed)

Owen:young master Ian
(He didn’t respond)

Owen:sir Ian

Ian:shut the f–k up Owen! And get the hell out of my room!

(He threw a pillow at his bodyguard)
“Can’t you f—–g see that am sleeping?!”
(He threw his alarm at Owen but he dodged it)

Owen: forgive me Sir Ian – Mr Bryant wants to see you

Ian:go and tell that old man that am sleeping

Owen: he knows you are awake

Ian:tell him am sick and can’t come to see him

Owen:I can’t tell him that sir

Ian:you are such an idiot Owen!…you should do as I say you are my bodyguard you fool!

Owen:forgive me sir I know am your bodyguard but Mr Bryant pays me

Ian:you are so annoying Owen!
(He threw the blanket over his face)

Owen:Sir –
(The bedroom door opens Mr Jack Bryant walked in)

Jack:what are you still doing in bed by this time?

(He replied)

Jack:get up Ian today is Lorna’s birthday and she is expecting you to be the first person to give her a present

Ian:I am not a kid amymore dad…I am sick and tired of giving gifts to Lorna every year for no specific reason

(He replied from under the blanket, Mr Jack walked closer to his bed and removed the blanket from his body)

Jack:get ready in five minutes

Ian:five minutes?

Jack:yes and look your best..I don’t want Mason to take your place in Lorna’s heart

Ian:well I hope he does…

Jack:then if Lorna falls in love with Mason instead of you be ready to –

Ian:leave the state and stay with Aunty Elise in Idaho or go into the military or lose your inheritance

(The eighteen years old boy completed his dads statement)

(Ian reluctantly walked into the bathroom)


Frederick:Lucas did you manage to get him to sign the documents?

(The gang leader replied with a grin on his face. A smile formed on Frederick lips when he saw Nathan’s signature)

Frederick:good job Lucas I knew you won’t fail me
(One of his men in suit dropped a black box on the table and passed it to Lucas)

Lucas:remember our deal Frederick..
(Speedy closed the box after examining it)

Lucas: aside this money I have to get 2% of that your brother inheritance

Frederick:yes Lucas…I will send my men to you next week as soon as I bury my stupid step brother
(Lucas nodded)

Frederick: he is dead right?

Lucas:I killed him and his wife

Frederick: what about his child?

Lucas:I had fun with her in my car before dropping her off a Cliff
(Frederick stood up and shakes Lucas)

Frederick: Thank you

Lucas:call me whenever you need me again

(He walked out with his men)

Speedy:why did you lie to him?

Lucas: he might insist on killing the girl himself

Speedy: don’t you plan to kill her?


Speedy: what if he finds out?

Lucas:he won’t speedy..I just want to have fun with that little angel
(He said rubbing his member that was coming up)

Speedy:it been a while boss

Lucas:yes…I don’t know why that girl turns me on
(They laughed)
“Where is she?”

Speedy:in your room


Speedy:yes boss

Lucas:take care of things while I toy with my Angel
(He gave speedy a wink before walking out of the office)

Note: this part contain some sexual contents if you are below this age back off!

Ria was curled up in a corner of the room hot tears dropping down her cheeks thinking of her parents. Ria wondered where she was when she regained consciousness. Ria knew this place wasn’t her home and she thought of what they would do to her. Lucas walked into his room but didn’t see Ria in his bed

(He screamed fear gripped Ria but she didn’t answer. Lucas only heard her soft sobs around his room. He figured where she was went to her and tried to touch her)

Ria:don’t touch me you monster!

Lucas:don’t be rude to me
(He carried her to the bed)

Ria:let me go! Lemme go!
(She struggled in his hands as Lucas dropped her on his bed before climbing on top of her. Ria fights him off but he was too strong)

Lucas:just stay clam so that you won’t get hurt
(He kissed Ria and a slap landed across his face)

Ria:you have no shame! You killed my parents you beast!
(Lucas hit Ria)

Lucas:I was thinking of going easy on you..
(He grabbed her hands and placed it over her Head)

Lucas:I love rough sex my love and it been a while since I’ve been with a woman
(He kissed her full on her lips Ria avoided him but he grabbed her jaw and gave her a rough Kiss)

Ria:please..don’t do..this to me

Lucas:don’t blame me Ria you affect me in a strong way
(He said amidst Kisses. Lucas removed his belt and tied Ria’s hands with it before pulling off his trouser)

Lucas:stay still blind one while I pleasure and satisfy you
(He tore off her top revealing her naked chest)

Lucas:you are so beautiful Ria
(He s—-d on her n—-e)

Ria:please don’t.. I beg you
(She pleaded more tears dropping down her cheeks. His touch only became more forceful,wanting more,demanding more. His mouth moved down to her neck and collarbone one hand toying with her n—-e. He pulled her hips tightly against him. Ria screamed loudly when she felt his hard member between her thighs. Ria kicked at him but it didn’t have any effect it on him)

Lucas:I want you Ria
(He whispered in a frenzied base of desire wanting more friction)

Lucas:you have no idea how much I want you Rai
(His tongue travelling methodically as he kissed her flesh,his tongue coming out in languidly lick. Immediately moisture gathered between her thighs. Lucas rubbed her wet member and grinned wickedly while Ria cursed her body for reacting to his touch. A deep growl reverberated from Lucas throat his hands moved to her pant ripping it off her as he gripped each cheek of her a-s tightly. He rocked Ria against his extremely stiff member he continued the motion. He m0aned satisfaction spiked through him)

Lucas:I’m going to f–k you Rai and no one is going to stopped me not even your dead parents
(He kissed Ria lips and she bite him hard on his lips causing him to groan in pain. Lucas hit her hard across the face again)

Lucas:stop fighting me you stupid blind girl! I am going to bury my c–k deep inside that amazing p—y of yours!
(He forcefully dipped a finger in her p—y causing Ria to scream)

Lucas:deeper than I’ve ever been in a woman
(He teased her entrance with his c–k..Lucas plunged deep into Ria ripping away her virginity)

Lucas:oh sweet Jesus… So good. Don’t blame me Ria..blame that greedy uncle of yours
(Ria gave up as she grew weak tears burned down her cheeks slowly as pain surge through her body. There was no point in fighting anymore Ria silently cursed the day she was born into this wicked world – killing her parents wasn’t enough for this monster…she promised that if she survive in Lucas hands she will definitely take revenge on Frederick for causing her pain)

(Tears!!!am crying ooo! What a sad tale! I so much hate sad stories but I needed to write one)

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