Episode 1

Sometimes being physically strong can’t
make one a brave man. You need to be
spiritually strong too. Zumga was a powerful
city with sanguine citizens due to the
physical and spiritual attack they had
experienced in the past. They had witches
and wizards too which was one of the
criteria that made them overcome several
spiritual forces. The city was also
regarded as one of the richest in town. It
has double roads with street light lining up
in between them. A car could be seen
coming speedily from the opposite side of
the road. It has no roof thereby exposing
the driver to the windy weather. The driver
had a cowboy hat on his head. He was a
young boy in his early twenties without a
single beard on his jaw which added to his
handsomeness. One could also see a big
golden ring in the smallest finger of his left
hand as he handled the stirring wheel. He
reached out to his ringing
phone and placed it on his ear.

“Hi, Jack” a female voice sounded from the
other side of the phone.
“Hey, Karina, I’m driving” Jack replied.
“Who cares?!”
“Guess where i am”
“Where are you? Hello..” the line went dead
then Jack dropped the phone smiling. He
knew Karina as one that always play trick on
Jack’s resident has tall trees that serves as
flowering plants. One could see it’s red
flowers falling down as Jack drove in and
packed his car under one of them. He
stepped down and hurried towards the
door after climbing three stairs. He wore a
pair of brown trouser, a longsleeve shirt
which he tucked in properly and a
voluminous shoes that matched with his
hat. He was totally looking like a cowboy. He
clutched the door knob but couldn’t believe
what he saw-the door was already opened!
So he took caution and slowly entered to
see his television broadcasting cartoon.
Therefore he brought out a knife from the
side of his trouser ready to slay. He heard
running water from the kitchen where a ray
of light was also coming out from. He slowly
moved towards
the kitchen, just as he wanted to enter, he
bumped on Karina who screamed coz Jack
placed the knife on her throat to cut it. A
plate of fried egg that was in her hand fell

“Karina!” Jack swiftly withdrew the knife
“What is wrong with you?!” Karina provoked
walking to the sittingroom while Jack
followed her.

“How did you get into my house?”
“Is that an apology for nearly cutting my

“Alright, I’m sorry. But.. but.. but..” Jack
stammered looking around the house. He
couldn’t figure out how Karina entered a
house he locked before going out.
“You left your door open” Karina began by
sliding her hair backward. She wore a jean
trouser and a black top that exposed her
abdomen. She also had a black beautiful
complexion. “When i came, i saw it open so i
decided to prepare something. That was when i called you” she added.

“I probably didn’t lock the door
properly” Jack said.
“Yes, you didn’t. Now go prepare
another egg for me!” Karina sat on the
couch angrily with hands folded and legs
“Oh, come on!” Jack exclaimed with spread

Jennifer, popularly known as Jane had
parents and a little sister, Lana, who was
just six year old. They weren’t rich neither
were they poor. They went for a family
vacation nearby a mountain. One could see a
large umbrella. Under it were Mr. and Mrs.
Fenado, Jane’s
parents, a food flask and water bottles.
“Where are Jane and Lana?” Mrs Fenado
looked back.
“I guess they are in the woods” the husband
also turned.
“The woods? No, that place might be
“Just let them be”
“I said no!” the wife stood up.
On the other hand, Jennifer had been
carried away by what she found in the
forest-a strange seed. The seed was as big
as a mango fruit having white colour all over
it. “What’s this?” she soliloquized.
However, Lana, her sister, had been staring
at every angle of the forest. She saw dead
grasses rattling and flinging up without the
force of a wind. “Jane?” she
called dragging her sister’s dress. Her voice
was as tender as a baby.
“Yes, what’s it?” Jennifer looked at her.
“I’m scared”
“Of what?”
“Look over there” Lana pointed at the
rattling grasses which stopped instantly
when Jennifer’s eyes were directed to them.

The forest became quiet. They could hear
the sound of a flowing water then Jennifer
also became scared. She put the seed in a
bag she hung on her shoulder and held her
sister’s hand.

“Let’s get out of here” she said.
The family returned from the vacation to
their home with their car. Yet, Jennifer had
not showed anybody the seed. She kept the
bag in her room, the first thing she did was
to call Jack on the phone-a video call.
“Hey, Jack”
“Hey, Jane. Where have you been?”
“We went for a family vacation. I wonna
show you something”
“What’s it?”
Jennifer reached her bag to bring out the
seed but it was nowhere to be found again.
She became confused..

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