Episode 1

I got admission into the
University to study pharmacy.

I had to stay off-camp cos I
wasn’t used to saying with
lots of people in the same
room. Due to the expensive
cost of getting an off-
campus room to stay, I felt
the need to find someone
who I can share with, so we
would split the rent.

I found someone. I found

Vera is a very nice girl. She
had the same bodyshape as
mine; even the height. We
related so well immediately
we met and became very
close as months went by.

Vera became my best friend.
My friends were her friends,
and my enemies, her
enemies. She hates seeing
me hurt. In fact, she was like
the sister I never had.

Months went by. We had good
neighbours we spend some
time with after lectures.

Some days, we would gist
about school, our love lives,
family, etc. Everyone showed
off their boyfriends.Except

Well, I wasn’t ready to be in
any relationship, so I just kept
to myself.

Oh, did I forget to tell you my
name?I’m Fifi.

One day, Vera and I were so
bored and we had to stroll
somewhere to help ourselves
out of the boredom. On our
way back, a car stopped
beside us and offered us a
lift. We agreed and entered
the car.

The guy, who drove the car
(possibly, the owner of the
car) was a cutie! He
introduced himself as

He asked for our
names and we told him

Funny, I noticed he was more
interested in Vera than he is
in me. He asked for Vera’s
number which she gave him
and he promised to call her
the next day. Then he
stopped us in front of our
logde and drove off his way.

Oh, I also forgot to tell you
that people loves Vera a lot.

Sometimes people just see
her and shower her with
either cash or gifts. I kept
asking what Vera did to get
this kind of likeness. Soon
enough, I put my mind off it.
Although, I withdraw from her
sometimes. She outshines
me when I’m with her, so I try
to stay away from her so I
would shine too.

What about her social media
handle? On Facebook, Vera
has thousands of followers.

On twitter, same. On
instagram same too. Yet, she
is not a celebrity.

Vera is from a poor home.

Her dad is a retired civil
servant, while her mum is a
small-scale businesswoman.

Still, I wonder what she posts
that gives her this kind of
attention. I just kept
questioning myself. I had to
start sending request to all
her friends which she wasn’t
against. Every passing day,
her followers increased. But
yet, I was just there. No one
looked my side like they do to

One good day, I wanted to
know how Vera met her
boyfriend and know
everything about him. His
name isCollins.

“How did you meet Collins?” I

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