Episode 1


‘Daniel you can’t do this to me, what have I done so wrong, do you you really want to break up with me? Pls Dan this is not worth breaking up with me Plsss here me out ‘ I pleaded.

I met Daniel 2 months ago, I really liked him alot. But he broke up with me earlier this evening. Well, do I really like him or he’s just tall and handsome? I don’t even know sef, guess I was too attached sha.

Daniel is not my first boyfriend, But none of my relationships has ever lasted up to 3 months. Looks like my longest relationship is with Daniel. I could hardly say no to guys especially the handsome ones. Sometimes I wonder if I ever loved any of them or was I just crushing on them. I really like handsome guys and they often come my way and boom.. The next thing is breakup!

I’ve been wondering why my relationships don’t ever last long, I really wanted Daniel to stay alas, it happened again.

Just then I heard a knock on my door which brought me back from the ocean of my thoughts, it must be Miguel! Am so glad he’s finally home cox I’ve been waiting for him. He’s just the perfect person to cheer me up right now.

Come in, I said from inside


Ella was only putting on pant and bra when I went inside. Don’t be surprised, am already used to it, she doesn’t like wearing clothes at home despite all the warnings given to her by Mom.

Ella wasn’t happy when I entered her room, she lay on her bed like a log of wood. I went closer to her, I hate seeing my sister like this, I swear. Ellie’….thats what I call her
What happened? I asked, Mike..she called out to me, tears was forming in her eyes eyes. Now this is driving me crazy!

I rubbed her tummy and said what? Menstrual pain?

I normally rub her tummy whenever she’s having menstrual pain till she dozes off. That’s how close I am with my sister. And she actually said that it do helps alot .
Daniel broke up with me this evening’ she replied with a faint voice, by now the tears were running down.

I’ve watched my sister’s heart broken by different guys and that’s why I had sternly warned Daniel at the beginning of this relationship to quit if he’s going to end up like the previous guys. I clearly remember his reply ‘Come on bro, don’t talk like that. I really love Ella alot I promise. You can always count on me OK’… But see he lied to me, he better don’t cross paths with me.


Mike didn’t say anything but I know he was hurt. He wasn’t really surprised either, as tho he was expecting it. He looked at his wrist watch, twas 7.32pm. He stood up and headed to my wardrobe, brought out a short jean and yellow top and threw them at me.

Dress up and come out’ he instructed on his way out.

I wonder why he’s so quiet but I do know that we are going to chill out.

I came out, he wasn’t in the living room. Guess he must be waiting at the veranda, oh yes, there he was!

He was already gisting me, his arms around my shoulder as we walked down the street. Yea, Mike is really good at gisting when it comes to me yunno.

He was busy making fun of people’s dresses, how some girls walk, guys toasting girls by the roadside. He be like ‘see as that one is drawing map of sokoto with her feet instead of just saying, yes I do’…OMG! Na marriage? By now I was laughing hysterically.

We went to Mama Tunde’s shop to chop Akara. One of the street boyz there came and started chiking me oh. He began with his sermon ‘bby you look so sweet, be my woman babe. Ah go buy you motor, everyday go be enjoyment. You need a man like me to take care of you…..I was just laughing. Girls don suffer abeg. A Guy that Iya tunde is telling to come and pay his previous debts is right here promising me heaven on earth. He was still busy talking when Mike was done buying the akara ‘bby talk to me nah, you fit give me your 11 digits make we mingle.. Just then Mike stuffed akara into his mouth. He turned around to see my Brother ‘Heeeee Snr Man! He hailed Mike.

Guys ehn, this guy should be about 4-5 older than Mike. But once they developed interest in your sister they will start calling you baba, senior man, boss.. Etc.

Guy Wetin you want from Ella nah, she’s a small girl compared to you. Abeg make you no disturb am again ohh’ Mike told him with respect. The Guy jokingly said ‘na touching body wey me ah want, Ella no small nah.
No go that side oh’ Mike said amidst laughter while he dragged my hand as we walked away.

We’re still going down the street by now I’ve eaten roasted corn, chocolate candy and now am licking yoghurt. I stopped to chat with friends at times but I noticed Miguel has been looking around as if he’s looking for someone. I bought boli (roasted plantain) to take home, Hmmm no mind me oh I can eat for Africa yet am not fat nii.

Just as we were buying suya Miguel said Excuse Me Ella I’m coming’ Then he crossed over to the other side of the road So my Eyes followed him, Just then I realize he was walking towards Daniel Gosh! My heart was beating fast. I looked at Miguel’s fist twas tightened up. That was when it dawned on me that the person who Mike has been searching for with his eyes all this while is DANIEL my ex?

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