Episode 1

I woke up late in the morning, and quickly
rushed to my phone to check if I have any
new message, but there was none. I flung it
on the bed beside me hanging my head down burying my face in my palm. “Quincy!
Quincy!!”I heard my mum calling, down
stairs. I let her called the third time before I
stood up from my bed and took my phone
along with me. I got down stair and sat on
the couch in the living room dropping my phone on the center table. My mum came
sitting beside me holding a glass cup. “You
woke up so late today”my mum said taking
the glass cup to her mouth. “Am not feeling
well”I told her looking at her as she took the
wine to her mouth. “Isn’t it too early for that?”I said looking at her. “Why dear? It’s
just a glass”she said placing the cup on the
table. I moved closer to my phone, resting
my shin on my hand, staring at my phone
seriously. “They’ve not called you”my mum said looking at me. I rested my head back on the couch, looking depressed. “It’s ok dear
everything will be good this time”she said
looking at me. I heard a notification sound on
my phone. I took my phone and checked the
message. I jumped up on my feet after
reading the message.”wow I did it”I said looking at my mum. “Congratulations, am so
happy for you”my mum said smiling brightly.
She was so happy, and am also very happy.
I have did so many audition but it all failed,
and finally I was picked in this audition I
went for. I love singing but all the audition I went for, I got rejected because of lack of
emotional feelings in my song but I love
singing. Finally I got to my dream.
I was chosen by Karen musical school. Where
good talented Singers and dancers attend.
My mum got me everything I will be needing even though we are not that rich, she loved
me and always support me in everything I
do because I was her only child. I don’t know
much about my father, since she doesn’t tell
me much about him. She only told me he died
before I was born, and I can’t find a single picture of him. She loves me dearly and cares
for me a lot as her only child.
I packed all things I will be needing, including
my wears. Everything was packed in a
traveling bag. My mum hugged me tight”I will miss you dear”she said patting my back.
She released me holding my shoulders I
noticed the tears in her eyes and I can’t hold
mine either too. Tears rolled down my
cheeks as I looked at her”I will miss you too
mum”I said sobbing. I hugged her tight. She escorted me to the bus station and went back
home. I carried my bag into the bus and
struggling with my guitar at my back.
Someone helped me carry the bag in. And I
manage to get in before the bus moved. I sat
down in the front seat beside the guy that helped me carry my bag. I raised my head
and thank him”thank you”I said looking at
him, he was putting on a black hoodie
cardigan, covering his face with a faze cap.
He didn’t say anything, he was just busy with
his phone. “What a wield guy”I thought to myself.

Two hours later we got to Karen school. I got
down from the bus, and wheeled the bag
along with me looking around the school, I
don’t know which way to go. The guy also
got down heading toward the school. I quickly walked up to him”hey”I called when I
got to him, But he didn’t stop or look at me. I
continue following him. to get his attention, I
tried to tap him, but I stepped on my shoe
lace and mistakenly pushed him forward. His
phone fell on the hard floor and the screen broke. He removed the Hood from his head
and looked at me angrily he has a bright eye
ball and a handsome face. He looks so scary
as he raised his eyebrows”what do you think
you’re doing”he said looking at me. I quickly turned my face down feeling sorry”please forgive me, I don’t mean to….”I didn’t finish
the statement before he left, picking his
phone on the ground. I looked at him as he
left feeling sorry”Quincy what have you
done”I said hitting my head with my hand.

“Ouch that hurts”i said patting my head. I bent down and tied my shoe lace very well. I
stood up still looking down at my shoe,
someone bumped into me again making me
fall back to the ground. I hit my butt on the
floor”ouch”i cried looking up at the
person,the sun was shining into my eyes as I looked up,I didn’t see the face clearly. “Oh
Am so sorry,please forgive me”the person
apologised. I stood up holding my butt. “You
should watch your way”I said still rubbing
my butt. I raised up my head to see that
person”oh my God, Noah”I said looking at him. “Quincy”he said also looking surprised.

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