Episode 1



” 1 2 …..The Dance mistress Mrs Smith counted as we moved With the music ….I twirled and my pa-rtner helped me out ….

The song ended and I heard the round of applause from the other students …

I walked over to pick my bag ….

” Miss morano …” I heard her call and I turned .

” Yes Ma’am ” I answered nervously , I knew it was time to pay of my tuition fees …But I still had a week before my pay check ..

I cursed under my breath as I rubbed my neck nervously .

” I promise ma’am ..by Monday I’d make sure I pay off everything I owe ” I said and she sighed softly .

” Grace darling …this is not a charity home , this is a private institution owned by someone and we can’t continue to let you attend cl@$$es when you’re unable to meet the bills …” She said strictly .

” I’m sorry ma’am I promise I’d pay up all I owe you” I said nervously .

She looked at me one more time ,sighed before walking out of the Court with cl@$$ .

” Are you okay ? ” Pablo ..my Dance pa-rtner asked as he walked towards me .

” Ya I’m fine …I’d see you around ” I said as I removed my Dancing shoes and put on my sandals .

” Grace ….! He called immediately I made to live and I turned .

” Can you go out with me for a drink …just 30 mins ” he said and I smiled .

” I’m sorry Pablo .. I have a boyfriend ” I said and his smile drop .

” It’s okay … thanks for being honest with me ” he said and I gave him a thumbs up as I walked out of school .

I was already stressed from my busy day at school ,but if I had to pay my bills , I have to get myself together and work .

” Good evening sir …” I greeted my boss immediately I Got into the restaurant .

‘” Grace …you told me your cl@$$es wouldn’t affect my work … and I let you keep this job … look at the time , its way p@$$ed your shift and you’re just arriving ” He spat Angrily.

” I’m sorry Sir ..I promise it won’t happen again ” I said immediately .

” Oh …dear that’s what you said last week …and the week before …” He said arms folded .

” It won’t happen again sir … please don’t fire me ,I really need this job …I have to pay for my cl@$$es and….” I trailed in pannick.

” Grace …I need a full time staff …just like everyone else here ” he said and my jaws dropped.

” How about I work extra hours ? I can start working on Sunday evenings too … please ” I said and he gave up .

” I’m only agreeing to this because you’re an h@rd working kid grace …” He said and I gave a nod excitedly .

” Thank you so much sir …! I said and left immediately to start my shift .

Which took on for more than three hours .

By the time I was done , it was already late in the night ..I bid my friends goodbye as I walked into the busy streets .

Home was just two streets Away and instead of paying for a cab when I obviously didn’t have enough , I figured it was best I walk home .

” Hey ….!

” Beautiful ” I heard voices behind me and I became alarmed .

My heart beat increased as I hastened my footsteps in pannick .

” Stop right there ! ” I heard another male voice and I pannicked h@rder ….I hung my bag pack properly as I took to my heels without stopping to breath .

” Get that br*t ! The leader yelled as I bolted in between different buildings …. and they where Hot on pursuit .

I stopped running when I realized I’d outrun them .

My eyes watered as I noticed I’d gotten a scratch from the running .

I was tired ….tired of everything happening in my fced up life


I strolled towards our house sluggishly …this wasn’t the first time I’ve been chased by criminals .

I’m Grace Morano twenty three years Old and I’m an Italian …My life …has been nothing but shit ever since childhood .

Mom owns a Bar and sleeps around with different men , she doesn’t care if I exists …and if she had her way , I’m sure she’d have have sold me off to the highest bidder….

I Walked into the compound and the smell of Weed and alcohol hit my nose .

” Yeah just like that ” I heard the voice of a man and I gr0@ned i frustration .

The sitting room was filled with men and some of my mother’s girls .

” Hey Grace ” one of them waved and I just for-ced a smile at her as I made my way upstairs .

” Hey Hector , I’d see you around ” mom said and hit the man’s bum pla-yfully.

” I’d see you around Lauren ” he said as he walked away ,she puffed out smoke from her mouth as she took another puff and began counting her money .

” Good evening mother ” I greeted and she stared at me …

” Oh…..grace …? ” She said frowning .

” When are you paying off the rent ? You can’t stay here moping around when you don’t contribute to my life or earnings …with a body like yours …you can make me enough money to get us out this slumps …but you’ve Decided to act like a Queen …! Dancing around in those wothlss shoes like a little bu-tterfly “. She said and I just stared at her …

” I’m your daughter …Lauren ,you’re supposed to love me, you’re supposed to support my dreams …! ” I spat as my voice shook with hurt .

” What dreams ? You’ve been dancing since you knew how to work ,what have you archived ? You can’t even boast of a single Euro ? You’re just a povrty strinking in shmel*ss dancer !

” Nons£nse ” she spat .

” You can’t say that to me …..you know why I have nothing saved up , I pay the rent …I pay your bills and mine that’s why I haven’t done anything meaningful in life …I couldn’t even afford college …” I said as I burst into tears .

” College ? Who goes to school these days …grace …can’t you see you’re not Making me proud ? Get rid of those shoes , let me introduce you to one or two men ….

” I would never sleep with a man for money ….Lauren …I’m gonna keep my v!rg!nity fall in love get married …” I trailed .

” Awwwwwwwwn too bad I’d have thrown you out in the street by then …” She said as she smoked .

” Are you really my mother ? I asked hurt .

” You still ask such stupid questions after our striking resemblance ? She asked arms folded .

” Until you face the reality that this is your fate to take over the escort business and my place In this world and stop having those Cinderella dreams ….this is how you’d be treated in this house ” she spat Angrily and stormed upstairs .

I hugged myself close as I cried I could hear the sounds of mo*ns , coming from different rooms .

I pulled my backpack close and strolled over to my room .

” Grace ”

” Natalia ” I said as I for-ced a smile .

” Let me guess you had a fight with madam Lauren ? She asked with a chuckle.

” Sometimes I wonder if she’s my mom ….? It hurts so much to even face the reality ” I said as I sat next to her on the bed as she smoked .

Natalia is one of my mom’s escorts infact she’s so good at what she does and gets treated like an egg .

Many of mom’s girls are people she picked from the street …promise them of a better life and lead them into prostitution .

Mom can be considered a Queen in the line of prosttuton … because she pla-ys games as dirty as they come .

” If I where you girl , I’d run off without looking back ..” she said arms folded .

” I know ….but where do I go ? I have nothing and with the National competition coming up ,I see this as a big chance at fufiling my dreams and Making a name for my self ” I said and she smiled .

“And what has that broom stick boyfriend of yours done to help ? She asked as she took a sip of alcohol and threw me a stick of ciggerrate .

I lit it as I sat properly on the bed …I smoke but it’s not an habit ..

” Nat you know George is not working for now , he lost his job and is still trying to get on his feet ” I said and she raised her eyebrows.

” Then ditch the broke guy …btch …he doesn’t fcking deserve you …all he thinks of is a way to get on your pa-nts when he ain’t gat no money on him ” she said frustratedly .

” I’m not with him for money …Nat …I just love George so much .besides he told me he’s working on something with Pat hopefully …he won’t be jobless next season ” I smiled .

” Girl ….ditch that guy ..go pop your cherry somewhere with a rich a*s nigga ,for all you know …You might hit it big …it doesn’t have to be for love ….” She trailed .

” Nat …. that’s so disrespectful to George …”

” Bitch his broke ….like Capital letters B R O K E …..” She said and I rubbed my face .

” Before I forget Alex moved out , …she said I should let you know , B*tch …got a spot to work for the DE LUCA’S” she said and I frowned .

” The De LUCA’s ? I asked confused.

” Wait are you kidding me bitch ?she asked .

Trust Natalia to curse with every s£ntence she makes .

” I’m clueless …” I said and she laughed .

” The De LUCA’s are the Number one Crime family in Italy …,the head family of the Italian mafia ” she said and I su-ck ed on my breath .

” How the hell do you know such people ? I asked shocked .

” Everyone knows them ” she trailed.

” And the government ? What are they doing about these De LUCA family ? I asked .

“That’s a stupid question grace because they own the government …they are the government …” She said and I su-ck ed my lower l!p anxiously.

” Why does my mom’s girl have a connection with this crime family ? I asked .

” Well because your mother …has a connection with them especially the Don …

” M@$$imo DE LUCA …the Definition of Sin …” She said and for an unknown feeling I had a bad feeling about what I just heard .

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