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Peggy was getting the groceries out of her car as her stepson, Steve, came out of the house. He ran out to give her a hand with unloading. It seemed like lately he was being extra attentive to her and helped whenever he could. It was nice to have someone pay her so much attention. He was a teenager and starting to develop facial hair and muscles. He was young but tall and physically well developed.

She still was not used to the idea that she was his stepmom. Before she got married to his dad, she never thought twice about strolling around the house topless. She loved being naked. But now she had to remember that there was a young man in the house who was at the age where his hormones were raging. She could tell that whenever she walked into a room, his eyes instantly zeroed in on her. When she bent over to pick up something, he would position himself to see down her blouse or up her skirt. She never wore a bra, so he often got a brief glimpse of her bare titties. She really enjoyed the idea of being a tease and a MILF. Peggy thought it was fun to innocently flash him, but one day she saw that Steve had a huge erection that he tried to conceal. She suddenly realized it was not so innocent for him. He was aroused by her. Even though Peggy was in her 40’s she was tall and slim and worked hard to keep her body in shape. It was quite a compliment that a young man would get a hard on by just looking at her. She knew a boy his age was exposed to lots of temptations. so for him to be so interested in Peggy was a turn on to her.

Peggy started to fantasize about him hiding in her closet when she changed clothes. She would imagine him watching her from the shadows, with his dick in his hand, as she disrobed. She would pretend she was on stage at a strip club, and he was the only patron, Peggy would slowly strip out of her clothes and take her time before hopping in the shower. She wanted to give him enough of a show that he could have a good jack off session in bed later that night. She started thinking about that bulge she saw in his shorts as she lightly touched herself in the shower. Peggy used the bar of soap as a pretend dick and rubbed it in to the wet slit of her crotch. The hot water beating her skin made her even more stimulated as she pictured her stepson’s erection. She needed more sexual relief than just from her finger, so she got out of the shower and dried off. She noticed that her bedroom door was open and there was a direct view from it to the glass shower door. She wondered to herself if Steve had been watching her. The thought of that sent a flush of wetness to her pussy.

She spread out a dry towel on the bed. She found her favorite She spread out a dry towel on the bed. She found her favorite penis shaped vibrator and some massage oil and got ready to give herself some pleasure. She decided to be daring and keep the bedroom door open, just as she found it. She was naked and laying with her legs spread apart, aimed right at the open doorway. She smeared a thin coat of oil on the vibrator and some on her damp pussy. It was already so wet that she really did not need the oil, but it felt very soothing against her skin.

She turned on the vibrator to its lowest setting. The steady hum it produced was almost enough to give her an orgasm, but she needed to have a real strong one today. She let the vibrating penis shaped toy caress her skin. She trailed it from her nipples to her belly button and down to her clit. She could not let it touch her clit just yet, she wanted to tease her body a bit before stuffing it in herself. Her eyes were almost closed as she imagined her stepson’s dick dancing around the opening to her pussy. She was lost in the dream world of imaging Steve in bed with her. She could almost feet the veins on his rock-hard penis as it throbbed in her delicate hand. She did not care if it was wrong to pretend to fuck her stepson. She was turned on and wanted to use the image of his virgin dick to get herself off

The lights were dim in the house, but she detected movement outside her doorway. She slowly realized that her stepson was standing there, peeking in on her from the edge of the opening. She could see movement and it was suddenly apparent that Steve was masturbating as he watched. Peggy was too far into this to suddenly stop. She kept her eyes nearly closed and continued using the vibrator. She raised her hips up and plunged the large toy In as far as she could reach. She held it inside her with one hand and frantically rubbed her clit with the other. It felt so wonderful to be filled up. She soon lost control and had a crushing orgasm. She squirted cum out of her cunt and lost the vibrator as it was ejected by her spasms.

She did not know how loudly she groaned when she came but she really did not care. She lay there for several minutes, legs spread, and cunt dripping with her juices as she recovered from her mind- numbing climax. When she got her senses back, she hopped off the bed to see if anyone was still at the doorway. All she found was a pair of her used thong panties, with what appeared to be jizz on them. She licked it to confirm, then slowly closed her bedroom door. She lay back on the bed and draped the sperm laden panties over her face to get the full aroma of the stepson’s fresh cum load. She started working the vibrator inside her loose pussy for another

much-needed orgasm. This was the moment when Peggy made much-needed orgasm. This was the moment when Peggy made the transition from just being a MILF to becoming a naughty stepmom.

The shower and masturbation combination became a daily event for Peggy. After she did some gardening, she would come inside and have a cool drink, then head to the shower. It was summer and her stepson was home all day except when he was mowing lawns to make a few bucks. Today he was home, and she knew that soon Steve would be watching her.

It had become a game for her to try and show him as much of her pussy as possible during her sessions. So, this time she lay on the foot of the bed, which was closer to the door. She spread her legs and let them dangle casually over the edge of the mattress. She lubed up with a drizzle of oil and began to caress herself carefully. This time, she was more vocal and as she plunged the fake penis into her swollen slit, and she called out his name. Peggy said, “oh, fuck me, Steve. Make me cum. She was hoping this would drive him mad with passion and force him to charge in. But he was too shy. She continued the assault on her vagina and a glorious orgasm was achieved. She caught a glimpse of his erection as he rapidly finished off his own climax. Then he was gone.

Peggy knew all this was wrong, but she could not help herself. Her husband was so consumed with work that he did not seem to have much time to fuck her like he did when they were first married. She would have to take matters, and Steve’s dick, into her own hands if she were to get the young man to fuck her.

The next day, Steve came home from a lawn job and was hot and sweaty. Peggy used that as an excuse to get him to cool off with her in the pool. She wore the tiniest bikini she owned and strutted in front of him. He could not resist and soon they were both lounging on the edge of their pool. Peggy told him he was developing into a real man with his muscles and trim body. He was visually very appealing and so, he must have a lot of girlfriends. Peggy started asking about his dating situation. Steve said that he was mowing lawns so that he could take out girls but did not have enough saved up for a real date. He did not have any special girl but had a few in mind to ask out.

Peggy asked if it was OK that she not get any tan lines from her

bikini top. Without waiting for an answer, she said she needed his

help to undo the knot in the back of her top. He was very eager to

assist. She shook her breasts loose from the confines of the thin

material and suddenly Steve was seeing those glorious breasts

right out in the open. Her nipples were hard and protruding from her cone shaped breasts. She had a few droplets of sweat on her and said she needed to dip in the water. She slowly sank down into the pool then turned to face him. Her face was crotch level to him, and she could see his erection in the gap of his shorts. Without thinking she reached and touched his thigh and said, “what a lovely dick you have.”

Steve’s response was to try and cover his protruding hard on, and he mumbled an apology. Peggy knew that there was no better time to break him from his shyness, so her hand slipped into his shorts and gave him a squeeze. He gasped and said “oh my gawd” as her hand continued to feel him. She asked if he had been with a girl before, and he sheepishly said “no”, as if that was a bad thing. Peggy told him there was plenty of time for him to experience sex, but that he needed to know what to do. “Would you like me to show you how to please a woman?”, she quietly asked. He was dumbstruck at the suggestion. He had been watching her masturbate for days now, and dreamed of being with her, but never Imagined it could really happen. “Let’s go inside, for privacy”, she said. “We don’t need the neighbors watching me play with you”. Peggy led her stepson into her bedroom, and he silently followed.

Peggy stepped out of her bikini bottom and asked him if he liked what he saw. He eagerly said “of course. You are the most beautiful lady know.” “Thank you”, she said, in a husky voice. “I’ve been hoping to get you to come into my room rather than just standing at the door, watching me use my dildo.” “You knew was watching this whole time?” “Yes, now let’s get you out of those shorts so I can use that dick of yours.”

She bent over and slowly slid his shorts off his hips and his hard, young prick sprang out right in her face. She quickly grabbed his hips and guided him into her open mouth. “There is nothing better than having a fresh, hard dick to suck on, as she paused a moment, before her tongue explored his length. His hands naturally grabbed her hair and he started to unconsciously fuck her mouth. As much as she wanted to taste his cum, she wanted him to slow down and savor the experience. She knew how young man could cum within seconds if not controlled. She pulled off him and laid back on the bed. “Now, am going to teach you how to please a woman with your tongue.”

She flipped over on her back and seductively spread her long. smooth thighs apart. Her freshly shaved crotch was begging for attention. Peggy motioned him to come closer, so he crawled up between her legs and laid on his belly. Peggy held his head with both hands and slowly guided him between her thighs. She told him to pretend her pussy lips were like an ice cream cone. Slowly him to pretend her pussy lips were like an ice cream cone. Slowly lick and suck the delicate skin as if it were the best ice cream in the world. He was a good student and soon had her breathing hard. She reached down and spread her pussy lips and exposed her clit for him. She told him this was the most sensitive part of a woman. “You must make sure she is very turned on before you start to work on it, or it will be too sensitive for comfort. Gently touch it with the tip of your tongue and pay attention to the woman’s reaction. Then you will know how hard and fast to lick her clit.”

When Steve tasted a woman’s vagina for the first time, it was like a lightning bolt went off in his head. He suddenly understood all the stories about eating pussy and pleasing a woman. Peggy’s cunt was a glorious feast of delicate flesh. Her salty juices and light scent prompted his tongue to penetrate as far as he could get inside her. He rubbed his whole face against her lady parts. He wanted to bury himself inside her. His hands each had a tight grip on her ass cheeks, and he spread her open for better access. Peggy used his hair to grip him as her pleasures were beyond des**ions. She felt that familiar buildup of tension as another climax was imminent. Then she exploded with a gush of squirt, all over Steve’s unsuspecting face. He instinctively lapped up her juice and relished the flavor.

Steve crawled forward and gently lay against her chest. She was breathing hard, and her entire body radiated heat. Peggy was drifting off into a stupor from the orgasm, until she felt the throb of Steve’s dick on her thigh. This brought her back to the moment. She traded places with him and straddled his waist. She looked into his eyes. She could see his look of wonderful satisfaction from giving a woman an orgasm. Peggy smugly knew she would be responsible for this young man’s technique, and she wanted to continue the lesson.

She scooted down to his crotch. His erection was now standing straight up against her. She carefully rocked herself into position and his veiny member pulsed against her bare pubic area. Peggy sensed his anxiety and bent down to kiss him. “Relax and enjoy this”, she said, in as calm a manner as she could manage. Her chest was beating hard to, as she knew she was about to step into taboo territory. She raised up a bit and guided his young, hard prick to the opening of her pussy. He could feel her delicate lips toy with the tip of his dick. Peggy asked him “are you ready to become a man?” Steve could not form words, he just stared up at her as she slowly lowered herself down on to his erect dick. He was now balls

deep into her. Peggy savored the moment and did not move or

speak. It was a bond they would share for a lifetime. There is no speak. It was a bond they would share for a lifetime. There is no more intimate moment than when one sex organ is snugly inserted inside the other for the first time.

Peggy leaned forward and placed her palms onto Steve’s chest. She gently pulled herself up and nearly slipped off him before easing back down. She repeated this action several more times as the two lovers became comfortable as one. She sped up the process and began to grind herself on him at the end of the down stroke. She rubbed her cilt on to his flat stomach as she sat on his crotch.

Steve was delirious with pleasure. Actual fucking was so much better than jacking off. He could not believe how good it felt. But suddenly, he realized he was about to cum and knew he should not cum inside his stepmother. Peggy could tell he was about to climax and understood his dilemma. She said “relax. Come inside. me. I want to feel you fill me with your cum.” Steve suddenly began a frenzied movement. He grabbed her waist and began forcing her up and down on his dick. She fucked him back just as hard and they both managed to climax together. Steve felt like his head was going to collapse from all those senses bombarding his brain right before he climaxed. Then, when he was finished, his mind was numb. He lay there in a state of semi-consciousness.

Peggy crumpled on his chest and nestled her face near his cheek. She could feel his throbbing penis still stirring inside her. Their combined juices were slowly draining from her slit and pooling up on his grain. Her spasms began to decline so she sat up halfway kissed him on the lips. She looked him in the face. She told him “Now you are a man, and a very good lover. We are going to have a great summer together.”

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