Episode 1

My graduation date was almost here, been on of the graduates from the university of nsukka was like a dream come true, have always dreamed of that, finally, it came to reality. My dad died wen i was still in secondary school (ss1), his death brought about hardship to the family to the extent that i almost dropped out of school. The intervention of my Brother who won 10 million naira from bet9ja brought a suddenchange to the family. ”Am a rich kid, who was bore into a middle class family” all thankz to bet9ja.
The day for the graduation was here, all graduating students was sitting quietly in the seat given to them, while me on the other side was still at home trying to look dope. (as a rich kid nah…) winks.

”Chuks” my mommy shouted my name from the sitting room.

Me:: mummy am coming, just give me a sec, am trying to look good.

Mommy: we gat no time on our side, so hurry.

Me:: shall we?

Mommy: sure.

Me:: wait a sec, i hope we re not going together?

Mommy: laugh nop, we re not. I just wanted to make sure u will leave this house early.

Me:: smiling (inwardly) Yes ,this is what have dreamed of. Lets go…
( i zoomed off)
”Drive carefully, that was mom’s voice.
”women of nowadays can fear for African lolzz” i said to maself.
After mins drive, i drove into the school car park wit my luxus 350, only too see that theevent has already started. ”oh yes, finally, am through with university life. Can’t wait to enter into the real world…….

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