Episode 1

Under a very beautiful sea kingdom, the
mermaids were and roaming about,
swimming and singing with their sweet
voices around the palace of their ruler. the
queen is sitting on her throne of pearl
beside her husband, she is pregnant and
her protruding bely show it. the princesses
are also chanting a beautiful song in their
room. the kingdom is a quiet and a peaceful
kingdom, filled with many beautiful fishes
and sea creatures.

  • everything seem right until the queen felt
    a sharp pain in her stomach which signifies
    the little mermaid is coming. every thing
    became dark and there was a little
    commotion, the princess rush out of their
    room, this only mean one thing a strange
    creature is about to be born. everything
    went back to normal after the birth of the
    human like tail less creature. “i can’t feed
    her to the octopus again, this is third time I
    won’t ” the queen cried. “ mom its okay, we
    will just give her to humans, they will raise
    her” Adriana the younger princess said. “ no
    its dangerous ana we can’t ” Andrea the
    older princess disagrees. “ why can’t you
    just keep quirt when the smart one talks?”
    Adriana said with a frown. “ you guys
    should shut up and dont start your silly fight
    again” a quiet princess Amelia said.
  • meanwhile on earth, a woman named Arie
    just gave birth to a mermaid. a loud scream
    can be heard in mr and mrs smith’s House
    “tell me Arie how can we cope with this
    mermaid, how? I swear this is not my child”
    Mr Smith said. “ how can i give birth to a
    mermaid when I’m not from marine
    kingdom? tell me” Arie cried. “ maybe we
    should just take her to her habitat5 and
    there someone will raise het” Mr Smith said.
    “ maybe we should” Arie almost cry.

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